Marketing is an essential element within any customer-centric transformation. Our in-house training programs build the capability and capacity of marketing teams by instilling effective marketing governance.

Our training modules services are delivered in accordance with our acclaimed Marketing Governance Framework, focusing on instilling strategic rigour and insights into marketing across an organisation.

Our training specialists are recognised lecturers in higher education, as well as accredited Certified Practising Marketers (CPM) through the Australian Marketing Institute. We have Fellowships at the Australian Marketing Institute and Governance Institute of Australia.

We deliver training and workshop programs to leading enterprises, not-for-profit organisations and government authorities to build marketing capability and capacity across boardrooms, executive teams, management and operations.

Organise your training session

Training and workshop format

Training modules are tailored to suit the needs of specific learning styles and formats. Options include half-day or full-day sessions encompassing discussion and interaction to reinforce key learnings. Online training delivery is also available including interactive course content to support remote or external team members.

All sessions include presentation notes and workbooks to reinforce key learning outcomes.

Key learning outcomes

Course content explores the positioning of marketing and its influence within an organisation. Modules explore how to embed strategic rigour into marketing functions, consider and manage marketing risks, determine appropriate resource allocation, the creation of suitable structures and cross-functional teams, as well as accountability through an outcomes-based approach to marketing metrics.

Key learning outcomes build marketing capability and capacity strengthening marketing performance and accountability.

Our trainers are Certified Practising Marketers, Fellows of the Australian Marketing Institute and Governance Institute of Australia.