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VECCI Women in business end of year celebration

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I attended the VECCI Women in Business end of year celebration at Crown Palladium.

A large turnout at VECCI Women in Business

A large turnout at VECCI Women in Business

VECCI hosts a series of Women in Business events every year, giving members,  guests and the general public the opportunity to network, and hear from a range of inspirational speakers discuss the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in business.   This event had a panel of speakers: Kate Langbroek, Jane Kennedy and Rhys Muldoon who provided commentary on a range of issues that impact women in Australia. Topics covered included finding a balance between work and raising children, challenges they have faced in their careers, and if they thought there would be another female prime minister in the near future.

Giaan Rooney was the MC at the event. Giaan, a former swimmer, has been someone I have admired for a long time, it was great to be able to see her at the event too.

VECCI events are always well managed and presented. The provided an excellent example of a not-for-profit organisation who is able to conduct events in a manner that is similar to a corporate organisation. I enjoyed being part of the celebration and representing Syneka Marketing.

Hearing Nene King Speak at the VECCI Women in Business Lunch

VECCI Women in Business Lunch

By Advice for Businesses, Advice for Not-for-profit Organisations and Charities 2 Comments

As a business owner, I enjoy hearing about the successes of other women in business.

Today I attended the Women in Business Lunch organised by VECCI at Crown Palladium. The keynote speaker was Nene King, the former Editor of Women’s Day, who revolutionised the direction of the magazine during the mid 1980-1990s.

Prior to this event, I knew very little about the personal drive of Nene King.

With the recent release of the mini-series Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, Nene has yet again found herself in the spotlight.

I was surprised by her honesty, wit and ability to talk openly about her accomplishments and failures.

During the mid 1980-1990s Nene was one of the most powerful women in Australian media. Nene discussed how she attributed much of her success to her instinct in knowing what the Australian public, and women in particular, wanted.

Mandy McElhinney who portrayed Nene in Paper Giants was also a speaker. Mandy achieved much of her success after appearing as ‘Rhonda’ in advertisements for AAMI. She is an example of a woman, who, with perseverance and resilience, has managed to achieve her goals after turning forty.

It was interesting to hear Mandy speak about portraying Nene, who was someone that she had little contact with in the past.

One of the main things I learned, is that Nene did not regard gender as an issue whist she built up her career. She focused more on achieving outcomes and working towards her vision, of becoming a leading force in media and communications.

The event was well organised and attracted a large audience, including quite a few men! I had the opportunity to network with many people at this event and to discuss their business experiences.