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White Ribbon Day Luncheon

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Today I volunteered for the White Ribbon Day Luncheon that was held at the Melbourne Town Hall. White Ribbon is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up to advocate for the eradication of violence against women. The organisation is unique in that it focuses on what men can do to prevent violence against women.

White Ribbon Luncheon at the Melbourne Town Hall

White Ribbon Luncheon at the Melbourne Town Hall

Violence against women remains a serious problem in Australia.

As a volunteer I took part in various aspects of the event, including setting up the venue, as well as ushering and speaking with guests about the organisation.

Volunteering at White Ribbon Day

Volunteering at White Ribbon Day

The event had a mix of corporate and not-for-profit speakers. Family violence was an issue that was heavily discussed at the event, both in terms of impact and prevention.

Upon the conclusion of the luncheon, myself and other volunteers were invited by White Ribbon to carry a banner and take part in the Walk Against Family Violence. The Walk is a march that has been organised by a collection of organisations to raise awareness of family violence which is a leading cause of homelessness for women in Australia. The march was very moving and it was great to see so many people, from different walks of life take part.

I would like to thank White Ribbon for providing me with this opportunity.

Speaking about Presentation Skills to the Darfur Australia Network (DAN)

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The Darfur Australia Network (DAN) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising awareness about the plight of Sudanese people living in the Darfur region of Sudan and build dialogue between Australians and the people of Darfur.

On Sunday, Alex and I delivered a presentation to the Darfur Australia Network on presentation skills.

The network is planning on collecting signatures at Flinders Street Station this Friday during Refugee week. Our presentation was developed to assist volunteers to collect these signatures by approaching people walking through Flinders Street Station.

Much of the presentation focused on confidence and speaking with passion and purpose, which are essential when speaking about causes.

We believe that while many people develop presentation skills over time through programs such as Toastmasters, it is passion, purpose and confidence that really sells a message and enables a speaker to remain authentic to who they are.

Topics covered during the session included structure, body language, tone and volume.

We made the workshop interactive, and participants were encouraged to ask questions as we worked through the content. There were role plays and questions that all the participants were encouraged to answer.

It was great to see the participants at the workshop speak with confidence and passion about Darfur and their role in the community.

We wish volunteers from the Darfur Australia Network the best with collecting signatures on Friday. If you are at Flinders Street Station between 12-6pm please visit the Darfur Action Network, they will be situated at the centre of the station.

Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors – now seeking organisations

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Governance Mentors is an innovative not-for-profit social enterprise that builds community through governance mentoring. The social enterprise was formed by Volunteering Western Victoria and is delivered in partnership with Eastern Volunteers and Volunteer West.

Governance Mentors involves the matching voluntary mentor with a community organisation over a twelve month time frame. During this time the mentor will support the committee of management by providing advice on good governance practices.

Mentor training has commenced, and Governance Mentors is currently seeking organisations that would like to participate in the program with the aim of strengthening governance.

A mentor will not take the place of a committee member, but instead will provide advice in an advisory capacity on good governance practices. Similarly, rather than providing one-off training, Governance Mentors aims to foster ongoing learning and development through mentoring.

The program is available for both staffed and unstaffed organisations. A Program Coordinator will match mentors with complementary skills to the identified needs of a community organisation.

Further information on Governance Mentors can be found at www.governancementors.org.au or email info@governancementors.org.au.

Loyalty stages – moving members forward

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Members become (and remain) loyal one step at a time. Here are the key loyalty stages you will need to understand as you ‘move’ your members forward and build that loyalty … and trust.

  1. Who are your suspects, where are they, how will you approach them?
  2. What do you do to qualify suspects and turn them into genuine prospects – what value and benefits do they see? How innovative are you in attracting …
  3. First time members. How do you treat them? New member value package? New member event? Mentoring plan for new members? Or – do you count their membership fees and smile? If you don’t plan to build new member loyalty, you won’t be smiling for long.
  4. Members. This is the person who belongs to your organisation, pays their fees, attends meetings, attends games, contributes something to your organisation. They spend a fair and reasonable amount of their money (and their time) with you.
  5. Valued Members. These people tend to spend more, and more often. They are loyal and generally enjoy being a member of your organisation. This is not to imply that the (d) Member is not of value – simply, an (e) Member contributes more in terms of revenue, time and effort to your organisation.
  6. Advocates. These Members are your volunteers, leaders in the recruitment of new members, ‘cheerleaders’ at every event and major revenue contributors. They take their turn on the board, serve on committees and are generous and selfless with their time (and their money).

Do you know who your members are and in which classification they belong? The ideal situation is to move first year members to ongoing members, then to valued members. Ensure that your
incorporate moving your members forward.

Eastern Volunteers

Training Workshop – Online Marketing and Social Media

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This morning I hosted an online marketing workshop in partnership with Eastern Volunteers, providing advice on using online forms of marketing for not-for-profit organisations.

The workshop covered the theory and practical elements of online marketing, discussing the fundamentals for successful engagement, while guiding participants through the use of several tools, including Facebook, Twitter and HootSuite.

Websites, and social marketing tools, need to be considered as a form of marketing. Organisations need to understand who they want to reach and why. Unfortunately many organisations jump into social media, without a marketing strategy that considers how their online presence supports their brand.

Websites need to be maintained and kept up-to-date to show that your organisation is relevant. Similarly a social media presence with very little activity, will provide a detrimental effect and will fail to encourage wider engagement. Integrating social media tools with a website can assist in reducing the time required to add content, meaning there is more time to curate and foster communities.

Furthermore, it is important that organisations have robust media and communication policies that incorporate the usage of social media. These policies should be readily available, so that all stakeholders are aware of what is considered as acceptable use for social media. Organisations should attempt to engage people with negative comments and resolve difficulties offline, while offensive items should be removed immediately.

Online marketing, supported by the effective use social media, has the potential to increase the reach of an organisation, but it needs to be supported with the right strategies.

Thank you to the participants who attended the workshop and for discussing your online marketing needs.

Looking back through 2013

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Welcome to our final entry for 2013 and a chance to reflect on the past year. Despite the broader climate of economic uncertainty, we have expanded over the past year to deliver a range of strategic marketing planning and implementation services.

We have worked with a range of businesses and not-for-profit organisations over the course of this year, to deliver innovative and effective marketing solutions. Our strategies have enabled businesses to reach new segments and establish ongoing customer loyalty. The work we have undertaken for not-for-profit organisations has resulted in new opportunities and visions for the future.

In particular, our work was recognised through the Australian Marketing Institute. We were a finalist in the Excellence in Marketing Awards in recognition of the marketing plan and subsequent rebranding that was undertaken by Wimmera Volunteers. The recognition received through the Australian Marketing Institute enabled us to demonstrate the positive impact that can be created through marketing.

The strategy transformed Wimmera Volunteers into Volunteering Western Victoria, enabling new connections and programs. A particular highlight was the Inaugural Volunteer Recognition Awards, which recognised the contributions provided by volunteers within Western Victoria.

We also spoke at a number of conferences and held workshops throughout the year. We are planning to expand our workshop program in 2014, providing courses on marketing, membership and social media.

We will also be launching a series of eBooks in 2014, discussing the fundamentals of marketing, membership retention and recruitment, social media and creative design. We are looking forward to the launch and introducing these eBooks to you.

Our blog and Syneka Snippets continues to be well received and we thank our readers for their thoughts and interests. We have compiled a list of our top ten blog posts to revisit some of the more commonly accessed materials:

  1. Advice when sending invitations via email
  2. Higher education should inspire why doesn’t their advertising?
  3. What is Marketing?
  4. Follow up to the state of higher education
  5. Guide to planning events
  6. Measuring and implementing marketing activities
  7. Activate your community through social media
  8. Ten ideas for welcoming new members to your organisation
  9. Case study turn challenges into opportunities with a marketing plan
  10. How to blog for businesses and organisations

We would like to thank our clients who have grown with us over the course of this year. As a marketing agency we exist to serve your needs. It is a wonderful experience to work with you in achieving your goals.

We wish you well over the festive season and we’re excited about the working with you in 2014!