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Jera International

Justice Equity Rights Access (JERA) – Working Together: Moving Forward on Beijing + 20 National Issues

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I attended a publication launch event that was organised by Justice Equity Rights Access. This event served to launch their publication on gender equality – “Working Together for Equality: NGO Beijing + 20 Review.”

The event brought together a diverse group of participants who understand the importance of gender equality.

Listening to Michaelia Cash the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women

Listening to Michaelia Cash the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women

Michaelia Cash the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women spoke at the event. She discussed issues regarding women both at a national and international level, and also spoke about the need to support initiatives that facilitated the promotion of gender equality.

I met many women who work and volunteer within the women’s sector. It was great to hear their input about how we can work towards achieving gender equality.

I would like to thank JERA for inviting us to their event.

White Ribbon Day Luncheon

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Today I volunteered for the White Ribbon Day Luncheon that was held at the Melbourne Town Hall. White Ribbon is a not-for-profit organisation that was set up to advocate for the eradication of violence against women. The organisation is unique in that it focuses on what men can do to prevent violence against women.

White Ribbon Luncheon at the Melbourne Town Hall

White Ribbon Luncheon at the Melbourne Town Hall

Violence against women remains a serious problem in Australia.

As a volunteer I took part in various aspects of the event, including setting up the venue, as well as ushering and speaking with guests about the organisation.

Volunteering at White Ribbon Day

Volunteering at White Ribbon Day

The event had a mix of corporate and not-for-profit speakers. Family violence was an issue that was heavily discussed at the event, both in terms of impact and prevention.

Upon the conclusion of the luncheon, myself and other volunteers were invited by White Ribbon to carry a banner and take part in the Walk Against Family Violence. The Walk is a march that has been organised by a collection of organisations to raise awareness of family violence which is a leading cause of homelessness for women in Australia. The march was very moving and it was great to see so many people, from different walks of life take part.

I would like to thank White Ribbon for providing me with this opportunity.

Significant Women's Network

Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Lunchtime Workshop

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Today I attended the Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Lunchtime Workshop.

The Significant Women’s Network is a movement that brings women of influence together. The Savvy Giving workshop was aimed at philanthropists and women who work with, or a part of the not-for-profit sector. The workshop was held at the offices of Logie-Smith Lanyon.

Genevieve Timmons who is a Philanthropic Executive at the Portland House Foundation and is on a range of not-for-profit boards was the keynote speaker at the event. In 2013, she published a book entitled Savvy Giving which was aimed at individuals interested in becoming philanthropists.

A large turnout at the Significant Women's Network Savvy Giving Workshop

A large turnout at the Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Workshop

Savvy Giving served as the main point of reference during the workshop where Genevieve took the group through the art and science of what it is like to be a philanthropist in the twenty first century. Issues covered included the fact that giving to not-for-profit organisations depends on an individual’s philosophy, creativity and practicality. She also spoke about the strong link that now exists between delivering tangible outcomes and funding. Now more than ever, not-for-profit organisations are having to demonstrate how they can solve societal problems.

The Savvy Giving Workshop provided me with the opportunity to network with other women who are passionate about the not-for-profit sector. Our Horsham based client, Julie Pettett who is the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria and Governance Mentors attended the event and was surprised to learn that Genevieve grew up in Horsham.

Overall the event was well delivered and covered content that would be of value to both philanthropists and women working with not-for-profit organisations. We would like to thank the Significant Women’s Network for inviting us to this event.

Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors Update

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We developed a marketing plan for Governance Mentors in 2013, and this year we have been implementing this plan.

Governance Mentors is a not-for-profit social enterprise that builds community through governance. The program was developed by Volunteering Western Victoria, a volunteer resource centre based in Horsham.

Governance Mentors is currently being tested in Melbourne and piloted in Horsham.

2014 marked an exciting start to Governance Mentors. As a part of the program, mentors are provided with training on governance and mentoring. Three training sessions have been held so far, and we have been able to document video testimonials from mentors, to build the narrative of the program.

Mentor interest in Governance Mentors has been high. In Melbourne, there is currently a waiting list of ten mentors, who will be taking part in a future training session.

In Horsham, a breakfast was held for regional mentors. Mentors were provided with an update of the program, and had the ability to network and meet their peers.

Alex Makin at the mentor breakfast in Horsham

Alex Makin at the mentor breakfast in Horsham

Governance Mentors has attracted mentors who are passionate about the not-for-profit sector, and have a genuine interest in governance.

Interest from organisations has also been strong. The types of organisations that have expressed interest has been broad, including community centres, NGOs, disability providers, as well as organisations that support culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Areas of interest identified by organisations include time management, financial management, risk management, committee process and collective decision making, stakeholder engagement and planning for the future. Four matches have been made so far.

Governance Mentors now has a dynamic new website www.governancementors.org.au where you can learn more about the program.

If you are based in Melbourne or Horsham and are interested in nominating your organisation for the Governance Mentors program please send an email to: natalia@governancementors.org.au or visit www.governancementors.org.au.

Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors Horsham Breakfast

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We attended the first Governance Mentors breakfast for Mentors in Horsham.

The first Governance Mentors Breakfast in Horsham

The first Governance Mentors Breakfast in Horsham

Governance Mentors is an innovative not-for-profit enterprise that has been developed by Volunteering Western Victoria to build community through governance mentoring.

Mentors have been recruited in both the Wimmera and Melbourne. The first Governance Mentors breakfast provided an opportunity for regional mentors to learn more about the Governance Mentor website and also provided an opportunity for networking.

As a part of our engagement with the social enterprise, we developed a website that provides mentors with resources and a discussion forum they can use while mentoring community organisations. This enables mentors to connect with one another, forming a network built around fostering good governance.

Introducing the new Governance Mentors website

Introducing the new Governance Mentors website

Alex gave a presentation on this website during the breakfast to the group and we also took photographs of the event.

The event was well received with mentors learning about new developments and gaining insight into the new website.

Speaking about Presentation Skills to the Darfur Australia Network (DAN)

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The Darfur Australia Network (DAN) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to raising awareness about the plight of Sudanese people living in the Darfur region of Sudan and build dialogue between Australians and the people of Darfur.

On Sunday, Alex and I delivered a presentation to the Darfur Australia Network on presentation skills.

The network is planning on collecting signatures at Flinders Street Station this Friday during Refugee week. Our presentation was developed to assist volunteers to collect these signatures by approaching people walking through Flinders Street Station.

Much of the presentation focused on confidence and speaking with passion and purpose, which are essential when speaking about causes.

We believe that while many people develop presentation skills over time through programs such as Toastmasters, it is passion, purpose and confidence that really sells a message and enables a speaker to remain authentic to who they are.

Topics covered during the session included structure, body language, tone and volume.

We made the workshop interactive, and participants were encouraged to ask questions as we worked through the content. There were role plays and questions that all the participants were encouraged to answer.

It was great to see the participants at the workshop speak with confidence and passion about Darfur and their role in the community.

We wish volunteers from the Darfur Australia Network the best with collecting signatures on Friday. If you are at Flinders Street Station between 12-6pm please visit the Darfur Action Network, they will be situated at the centre of the station.