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Being Strategic

Being Strategic Through Marketing

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In February, through our blogging and social media presence, we covered the need for businesses to be strategic.

We began by looking at the SWOT analysis. We discussed the importance of using this tool to draw insights about your business. We followed this by explaining some case studies that demonstrated where marketers have used insights to deliver campaigns that effectively reach their target market.

We ended the month by going back to the basics and discussed the need to redefine marketing. A professional marketer can provide you with the right strategies to grow your business and this drives our passion to redefine marketing.

In March we will be covering the topic of transforming plans into action. Stay tuned for more from our video series.

Viral Marketing - It's All About Context

Viral Marketing – It’s All About Context

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Over the weekend I was catching up on some YouTube only to be confronted with an odd and rather creepy advertisement from Sportsbet entitled “50 Shades of Greyhound”. Designed as a parody of the trailer for the movie “50 Shades of Grey” the ad parodied the original trailer with a twist, having the male protagonist depicted by a greyhound.

In the span of a week, this ad has already amassed over 300,000 views on YouTube. The video has over 10,000 likes on Facebook and has been shared just under 5,000 times.

A rather different looking Mr Grey

A rather different looking Mr Grey

Viral marketing has gained increased precedence amongst well known brands who want to connect with a younger audience. Brands such as Old Spice, Air New Zealand and Metro Trains have been able to gain world wide awareness and recognition through viral marketing. While the impact of some viral campaigns have been questionable, we believe that the most important thing for a viral campaign is its context.

Personally, I found the Sportsbet 50 Shades of Greyhound ad in bad taste. However I can see their context.

The betting market is a mature and competitive industry with many players. While many individuals who engage in betting and gambling are over 50, there is a growing demographic engaging in online gambling between the ages of 18 to 29. Viral videos and an active social media presence are an effective way of reaching this demographic.

Looking at the social media pages for Sportsbet, they have just under 500,000 likes on Facebook, 98,000 followers on Twitter and over 4,000 subscribers on YouTube. Their content is clearly cutting through to their target markets.

Past campaigns have included parodies of television shows such as Wife Swap and Game of Thrones. They have also taken to making fun of their own customers during the cricket and spring carnival seasons through advertisements depicting various customer segments as “bogan”, the “handholder” and the “International”.

In creating this “lad-like” content, Sportsbet has been able to personify itself as a mate to its younger demographic, breaking boundaries and creating engagement.

50 Shades of Greyhound has been designed for those young men, who may have been forced to watch 50 Shades of Grey with their partner. It also attracts the attention of those questioning the significance of this movie. It is an impossible situation that makes a cheeky link back to its offering.

While I clearly did not enjoy it, I can see young men around the country discussing this advertisement, looking at their phones and checking for the next greyhound race!

Know your Identity

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In the month of January we re-visited the fundamentals of any business or social enterprise – knowing your identity. Understanding your reason for being, enables you to understand your value proposition and how you can serve your target markets.

Our first video for 2015, further explores your identity and looks forward to the year ahead.

We hope you had a great start to the new year!

5000 Poppies to 100,000 – Crowdfunding Australia’s largest community arts tribute

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In 2013 a grassroots campaign was started to hand make 5000 poppies. By 2015 over 100,000 poppies have been created across Australia.

We’re supporting 5000 poppies, and asking the community to help crowdfund Australia’s largest community based tribute of respect and remembrance.

5000 poppies was created by local artists Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight, whose fathers had fought in WWII. Community interest, from individuals and groups such as the Country Women’s Association, RSLs, schools and libraries, has seen thousands of contributors donate their time.

The intent is to unveil the poppies at Federation Square this ANZAC Day to ensure that the tributes can be properly acknowledged. Funding is required for event management and regulatory compliance and a budget of $50,000 is required to meet these needs.

5000 Poppies is Australia’s largest community arts project and we are pleased to be able to support this tribute. To assist in the fundraising campaign we produced a video outlining the aims of the project and how people can get involved.

November In Review: Our Strategic Marketing Methodology

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Over the course of November we discussed our strategic marketing methodology, exploring the three phases we utilise to develop marketing plans. Each of these phases are required to develop a marketing plan that is based on accurate information, can identify the strategies that achieve your business goals, and is measurable through outcomes that can be measured.

Our latest YouTube video explores each of the three phases covered in our strategic marketing methodology.

We started at the Capture Phase, which ensures that a marketing plan is relevant to your context. This phase includes the relevant research to understand your target markets, competitive processes and the broader industry context. The Capture Phase sets the relevant foundations for your marketing plan, by ensuring accurate and relevant information.

The Strategy Phase consists of analysing this information to determine the strategic direction of your marketing activities. This phase develops your value proposition, as well as the key messages and marketing activities that are needed to engage your target markets. Engaging staff, customers and other stakeholders can be useful in clarify your strategic direction. The outcomes from this phase include the identified strategies that will achieve your business objectives.

The Delivery Phase is where you identify the actions that are required to achieve these strategies. Marketing needs to be measurable and this phase is where you can identify the expected outcomes from implementing these actions. The delivery phase requires implementation schedules, identifying the timeframes and resources that will be required. Proactive planning will enable you to measure the progress and effectiveness of these activities.

Combined these three phases provide a strategic marketing plan that is measurable and delivers results. We further explore our marketing methodology in our eBook, Marketing Methodology that Works, which is available for a free download from our website.

National Speakers Association of Australia

National Speakers Association of Australia – Victorian Chapter November 2014 Event

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We attended the National Speakers Association of Australia November Victorian Chapter event at Airlie House.

The National Speakers Association of Australia was set up to promote the public speaking profession. Alex Makin, our Managing Director is a member of the association.

Alex and I both undertake public speaking commitments as part our of role as Directors at Syneka Marketing. We have covered a range of topics particularly in regards to marketing and innovation.

The November event included a panel of experienced speakers who spoke candidly about how they entered and established a presence as a public speaker.

Finding a niche, developing personal connections through video content, networking and collaboration were areas that were highlighted.

The event was well organised and included a two course cocktail style dinner that provided plenty of opportunity to meet and network with other speakers.