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Whitehorse Community Health – Community Advisory Group

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Whitehorse Community Health Service originated in 1985 as the Box Hill Community Health Service.  The organisation provides a range of health services, including dentistry, counselling and preventive health programs.

This morning I was invited to speak to the organisation’s Community Advisory Group, to discuss marketing and social media.  The Community Advisory Group consists of nominated members who provide advice to the organisation with a wider community perspective.

One of the focal areas for the service is preventative health.  This model of health focuses prevention, rather than treating health concerns once they occur. Social media can be useful in promoting preventative health messages, particularly in using peer based marketing to help reach target groups.

Like all health services, it is important that its messages reach a wide community demographic and social media should form part of this approach.   A preventative health model reduces absenteeism, improves wellbeing and is more cost efficient than a traditional model.

Preventative health, however, is only effective when it reaches its target demographics and marketing forms a critical component in ensuring the success of this approach.