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A Marketing Plan identifies how you can achieve your goals

Re-imagining Marketing – Our Second Workshop for 2015

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The definition of marketing is often misunderstood, with many businesses viewing marketing as a series of tactics, rather than the ability to achieve your business goals.

This morning we held our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, which aims to re-define marketing by demonstrating its value in ensuring long term success.

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Fundamentally marketing is about generating value. As marketers we develop strategies that reinforce the value that is created between businesses, organisations and their stakeholders. Our workshop guided participants through a strategic approach to marketing, which enables the evaluation of tactics and ongoing performance measurement.

We looked at the differences between marketing and tactics and provided insights into the best way to work with individuals within the marketing industry, including those who provide tactics such as web designers, graphic artists and social media consultants.

This is our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, and further sessions will be held throughout the year. The workshop is designed to be interactive and it is great to learn more about the participants and the visions they have for their businesses.

We would like to thank the attendees for their participation and for the positive feedback these sessions have received. Re-defining marketing is essential to ensuring that it delivers value and we look forward to our next workshop sessions.

Australian Marketing Institute

Australian Marketing Institute – End of Year Function

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak body representing marketing within Australia. Syneka Marketing is a corporate member of the AMI and this evening Natalia Perera and I went to their end of year function.

The Australian Marketing Institute has launched a new vision, which hopefully will streamline governance arrangements and better position the organisation as a peak body. As a membership based organisation, the Australian Marketing Institute needs to demonstrate value to members.

One of the challenges we see, is the need to demonstrate the value of marketing as a profession. There is a need to distinguish between professional marketers and those that diminish the word ‘marketing’ without providing a cohesive strategy or promoting quick wins without considering the long-term success of a business.

The Australian Marketing Institute should define marketing and utilize this to provide value in being part of the organisation. The AMI needs to represent the interests of marketing and advocate its value to policymakers, the media and the wider community.

I’m on the Communications Subcommittee for 2013 and am looking forward to promoting the Australian Marketing Institute and its objectives.