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Syneka Marketing announced as sponsor for Club 3004

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Club 3004 is the premiere business network stretching from the Bay to the Boulevard, encompassing the Cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip and Stonington.

As a business in South Melbourne we are pleased to announce our sponsorship and support of Club 3004. We will be assisting Club 3004 in its strategic direction and marketing capabilities, through a marketing plan that facilities value and growth.

Club 3004 hosts regular events, covering professional development and networking. For details please visit Club 3004.

Significant Women's Network

Significant Women’s Network End of Year Cocktail Event

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The Significant Women’s Network held its annual end of year cocktail event this Monday. The Significant Women’s Network provides the opportunity for women in executive and senior level positions to meet and develop meaningful business, social and philanthropic relationships.

Significant Women's Network End of Year Cocktail Party

Significant Women’s Network End of Year Cocktail Party

The Charity Auction

The Charity Auction

The network attracts a diverse group of women from a range of industries and sectors. The end of year cocktail event had a great turnout, with activities including a champagne tasting, a pampering station and a charity auction. We donated a Marketing Audit for this auction providing over $2,500 in value.

We would like to congratulate Colleen May from The Victorian Homeless Fund for winning this award. We look forward to working with the Victorian Homeless Fund in 2015.

We would like to thank the Significant Women’s Network for inviting us to this event and for supporting our sponsorship of the Marketing Audit.

Webinar: Marketing – The Essential Element for Successful Events

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With so much planning going into the events that you hold, it makes sense to dedicate the same amount of time to marketing them, right? Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Join Natalia and Alex as we convene a webinar, hosted by Redback Conferencing, outlining how to ensure that your events are a success.


When: Tuesday, 16th July 2013
What Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST
Where: Register Online or visit www2.redbackconferencing.com.au/marketingessentials
Presenters: Alex Makin and Natalia Perera – Syneka Marketing


This webinar will help ensure that the marketing portion of your event takes a front seat. It will provide insights into the need for strategy, securing sponsors and communication tools (including media engagement, invitations and social media) and discuss the essential ingredients for any successful event!

Learn how to:

  • Ensure your event meets your organisation’s goals
  • Planning your event to ensure you meet required timeframes
  • Identify funding opportunities, including sponsorship and grants
  • Encourage effective media engagement to ensure event coverage
  • Engage your communities through social media and online promotion
  • Secure the attendance of VIP’s and other guests/li>

About the Presenters

Alex is the Managing Director and Principal of Syneka Marketing. He has been instrumental in delivering effective marketing solutions to a range of business and not-for-profit organisations for over 10 years.

Natalia has experience in delivering creative content to a diverse range of organisations, including those in the not-for-profit sector. She has strong business acumen and understands how to deliver creative content within budget.

Joining the Webinar:

When: Tuesday, 16th July 2013
What Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST
Where: Register Online or visit www2.redbackconferencing.com.au/marketingessentials
Presenters: Alex Makin and Natalia Perera – Syneka Marketing



Successfully Planning and Promoting Events – Training Workshop

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Eastern Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, which assists community organisations in recruiting and training volunteers.

This month I conducted a training session on planning and promoting events; following the success of a similar workshop that I held last year. The half-day workshop covered the following topics:

Developing a marketing approach

Events are a marketing activity and as such they need to align with organisational goals. All forms of interaction, such as attending an event, receiving promotional materials or customer service, results in an impression being formed. It is imperative that these impressions reinforce the key messages that an organisation wishes to communicate.

Events need a clearly defined purpose so that the organisation and participants are aware of the outcomes they wish to be achieve. Clear expectations also assist when evaluating the effectiveness of an event.

Do you wish to raise funds, or are you planning to raise awareness for your organisation? While there may be a crossover between purposes, there will typically be an overriding priority that defines the aim of the event.

Like any form of marketing, there is a need to understand the target market for your event. Who do you wish to attract to the event and why is it is important to reach this target market? Knowing the target market will assist in understanding the best communication tools that can be used to reach these attendees.

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Ensure that there is sufficient time to consider media releases and promotion for your event.

Training Workshop: Marketing for Media and Events

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Many not-for-profit organisations conduct events to raise awareness or as fundraisers to provide support to their core services. We conducted a half-day workshop on events and media in conjunction with Eastern Volunteers.

There are considerable challenges in managing events, particularly in ensuring that the activities support the aims of the organisation and provide a positive return. Many not-for-profit organisations do not have the resources available for a dedicated events team. Subcommittees can be useful in overcoming these constraints by encouraging staff and volunteer participation, while also enabling a range of people and skills to become involved in planning and conducting an event.

Events should be evaluated against objectives to justify the commitment and resources. For example, it may be useful to evaluate the effectiveness of an event in regard to fundraising, staff resources, financial return and awareness.

Ensure that there is sufficient time to consider media releases and promotion for your event.

Ensure that there is sufficient time to consider media releases and promotion for your event.

Business Sponsorship is often required to support community events and it is critical that an organisation is able to demonstrate tangible benefits for this support. Not-for-profit organisations should prepare information packages that outline the benefits of sponsorship, including the audience reach and ongoing coverage. It is often useful to determine whether an event attracts a particular demographic and to target businesses who wish to reach a similar target market.

Several levels of sponsorship should be provided, with clear differences in value between each package. Providing a range of sponsorship packages, enables several businesses to become involved and encourages the potential to upgrade support in future years.

Businesses should be encouraged to be present during the event and to see first-hand the results of their investment. Providing photographs and videos also enables businesses with ongoing materials from the event and can support discussions for support in future years.

Events also need to be sufficiently promoted and it is often useful to plan backwards when organising an event. This approach will help ensure that invitations, media releases and other promotional tools are dispatched in time.

Media releases should be relevant to the audience of the media outlet to assist in coverage. Often it useful to speak to a journalist directly to reiterate key points from the media release. Journalists will not be able to cover every aspect of an event so ensure that the essential information is conveyed in the media release and during conversation.

The Workshop received extremely positive feedback and will hopefully assist organisations in planning and conducting their events.

Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfast with Animal Aid

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The Eastern Volunteers Business Booster Breakfasts aim to connect businesses and community organisations by discussing topics that are relevant to each target group. Today’s guest speaker Dr Linda Martson the Acting CEO of Animal Aid to discuss the redevelopment plans for Animal Aid’s shelters and the support received from the community.

The business and community breakfast receives sponsorship from the Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank and it was great to see Animal Aid as another example of an organisation that receives support from the bank. Animal Aid has a long term vision to redevelop the shelters into a modern facility and education centre. This will assist in the rescue of neglected animals and increase adoption rates.

Animal Aid is another example of a community organisation that is able to deliver innovative programs through partnerships with businesses. The Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank was also instrumental in assisting Eastern Volunteers in being able to relocate to an accessible, ground floor premises.

The Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfasts recognise that businesses and community organisations share common interests and it is great to ongoing support for the event.