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Swinburne Student Assessment: Class based Expo

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This afternoon I was invited back to Swinburne to assist in the assessment of a student trade show event involving students studying the Certificate IV in Marketing and a Certificate IV in Business.  Students were required to create a trade show exhibition to explore business to business marketing.

The assessment explored the first four elements of the marketing mix, specifically a product that students devised, the communication channels, pricing signals and distribution channels. Students explained their marketing approach, linking practical outcomes with core marketing theory.

As part of the proceedings I awarded several prizes to participants, including mentoring sessions through Syneka Marketing. We exist to re-define marketing and educating the next generation of marketers is how we help shape the future of the procession.

Congratulations to the students who participated in the expo and are nearing the completion of their assessments.

Launch of the 2015 Small Business Festival

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The Victorian Small Business Festival is a major fixture in the State Government’s business event series.  The Festival, which is held throughout August, features a range of workshops and sessions aimed at fostering business growth.

This afternoon I was invited to the launch, through my role in the Australian Marketing Institute, providing an opportunity meet the participants in the festival, and to gain a broader insight into the program.

Business failure remains an ongoing concern within Australia and Business Victoria has a role in building the capacity of business to stimulate growth and development. Details on the Small Business Festival are available at www.business.vic.gov.au

Beyond the Business Card Breakfast – Significant Women’s Network Event

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The Significant Women’s Network holds a series of events each year called Beyond The Business Card. The aim of these events is to bring together 10-12 participants in a private setting so that meaningful connections can be formed.

I attended a Beyond The Business Card Breakfast that was held at The Deli Counter. The event provides women who currently hold senior or executive level roles with the opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and learn more about one another.

The event was complemented by a diverse and unique spread of breakfast items. The Significant Women’s Network will be holding further Beyond The Business Card sessions over the coming months, events are held either over breakfast or lunch. If you are interested in attending a Beyond the Business Card event please visit www.significantwomensnetwork.com

A Marketing Plan identifies how you can achieve your goals

Re-imagining Marketing – Our Second Workshop for 2015

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The definition of marketing is often misunderstood, with many businesses viewing marketing as a series of tactics, rather than the ability to achieve your business goals.

This morning we held our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, which aims to re-define marketing by demonstrating its value in ensuring long term success.

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Fundamentally marketing is about generating value. As marketers we develop strategies that reinforce the value that is created between businesses, organisations and their stakeholders. Our workshop guided participants through a strategic approach to marketing, which enables the evaluation of tactics and ongoing performance measurement.

We looked at the differences between marketing and tactics and provided insights into the best way to work with individuals within the marketing industry, including those who provide tactics such as web designers, graphic artists and social media consultants.

This is our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, and further sessions will be held throughout the year. The workshop is designed to be interactive and it is great to learn more about the participants and the visions they have for their businesses.

We would like to thank the attendees for their participation and for the positive feedback these sessions have received. Re-defining marketing is essential to ensuring that it delivers value and we look forward to our next workshop sessions.

Business over Breakfast fortnightly meeting May 2015

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Business over Breakfast is a fortnightly business networking group that meets in the Docklands, with a particular emphasis on fostering collaboration. Each meeting features a presentation from a member, with today’s session being conducted by Frank from Collins and Co, an accounting firm based in Footscray.

Frank provided an overview of Australia’s current taxation requirements and explained the services provided by Collins and Co. These sessions provide an opportunity to gain a further insight in the members of Business over Breakfast and their respective skill sets.

Business over Breakfast meets each Wednesday fortnight at the NABVillage.