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Good customer service should be a priority for any business or organisation

Show you Genuinely Care with Customer Service

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Excellent customer service is something that we value highly at Syneka Marketing. We find that great customer service is the key to establishing long term relationships and rapport.

There have been many times, where I personally, have experienced poor customer service. My experiences include being ignored by a sales representative at a department store, only being provided with friendly service at a highly regarded St Kilda restaurant when the waitress realized the amount on the bill, or when I had to deal with the call centre of my former telecommunications provider.

While all of these experiences have been different, there have been overriding themes that have resulted in the delivery of poor customer service.

We believe that there are five crucial elements when providing customer service:

  1. Ability to listen – listening to your customers enables you to discover exactly what they need, and therefore provide you with the opportunity to service their needs
  2. Have empathy – being able to place yourself in the position of the customer and see things from their point of view, enables you to develop rapport and can assist in solving problems. Regardless of the size of the organisation you are dealing with individuals and you need empathy to understand their situations.
  3. Offer advice – a good way to win the respect of a customer is to offer solutions to problems that relate to your expertise and their needs.
  4. Remain positive – being positive enables you to demonstrate that you understand what you are selling and are passionate about it. It is important to remain positive even when things are not going according to plan.
  5. Follow up – making regular contact with your customer provides reassurance that they are valued and that you are servicing their needs. Following up also provides the opportunity to on sell further services.

Providing good customer services enables the creation of relationships that can lead to positive outcomes for both the customer and the business or organisation.

Good customer service should underpin the activities of all organisations. These customer service fundamentals should be reflected in all correspondence, whether via telephone, email or in-person to create a positive response.