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Redefining marketing for Associations: Tuesday 5th July

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The Associations Forum aims to encourage best practice for associations to foster good governance within the sector. Last year I was invited to conduct a workshop for members of the Forum, exploring the role of marketing within associations.

This year I will be presenting a plenary session on the role of marketing at the 2016 Associations Forum National Conference. This session will explore the role of marketing within associations, identifying the need for good marketing governance and defined how outcomes can be measured through a strategic approach.

The Associations Forum National Conference will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Redefining Marketing: Metrics and Marketing Performance for Associations is a plenary session opening the conference on Tuesday the 5th of July.

For details visit afnc.associations.net.au

We are redefining marketing – hear us speak at two upcoming events

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Our vision is to redefine marketing and we do this by delivering measurable and accountable marketing outcomes through the Syneka Marketing Performance Methodology .
Throughout June we will be presenting at several key events to highlight the role of marketing and the need for marketing to step up and deliver outcomes that reinforce organisational goals.

Webinar: Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance

On Wednesday the 8th of June we will be hosting Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance, a feature webinar hosted by ProBono Australia.

Not-for-profit organisations are facing immense pressure to become market responsive and yet marketing remains widely misunderstood in the not-for-profit sector.
This one hour webinar will assist not-for-profit organisations in developing a strategic approach to marketing. We will explore the sequencing and touchpoints required to enhance the stakeholder experience and explore the framework required to instill effective marketing governance and accountabilities.

Attend this session to ensure an alignment between marketing outcomes and organisational goals and generate a positive return from marketing resources.

Register through EventBrite to attend this session for Wednesday the 8th of June at 2pm. Pricing is $55 for individuals and $300 for organisations (with unlimited staff access).

The Business Seesaw at the Melbourne Brekkie Club

On Thursday the 9th of June we will be presenting at the Very Melbourne Brekkie Club, through the Melbourne Business Network in a collaboration with Paul Ostaff, from our management consulting partner, Reignite Consulting.

Join us as we discuss the Business Seesaw, as we explore the infrastructure required for businesses to build their operational and marketing capacity. Many businesses struggle to balance the need for business growth through marketing and service. Reignite Consulting and Syneka Marketing will be outlining our framework for businesses to achieve operational and marketing excellence.

Details and registration is available via EventBrite and is open to members of the Melbourne Business Network.

2015 – the Year That Was

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Another year is quickly drawing to a close, with 2016 almost here.

Last year was a transformational journey for Syneka Marketing, largely due to our relocation to South Melbourne. This year we have built upon these foundations, strengthening our focus on strategic marketing, through partners who understand and value our insights and direction.

We have been fortunate to work with exceptional clients who have utilised our marketing plans and strategies to guide the development of their business or organisation. In fact, December is often a busy month for us, as we work with businesses and organisations that hadn’t had the time to undertake strategic marketing planning earlier in the year.

The work we have undertaken in 2015 will continue into the new year, as we exist to re-define marketing. Our Marketing Performance Framework ensures that our clients can evaluate marketing outcomes, assess new market opportunities and ensure alignment between business goals and marketing activities. Our approach is strategy led, ensuring that marketing execution delivers results that have a positive impact on business goals.

Throughout this year we have provided commentary on marketing, highlighting the good and the bad, through our Blog and our newsletter Syneka Snippets.

The top ten most read articles for 2015 include several that analyse topical marketing issues:

We have been conducting regular surveys to evaluate our content and it is fantastic to receive your feedback. Responses have been extremely positive and will be increasing our focus on live case studies so we can explore some topics in further detail.

Feedback on Syneka Snippets

Feedback on Syneka Snippets

Next year promises to be an exciting time, following one of our busiest Decembers. In early 2016 we will be strengthening the Syneka Marketing Performance Methodology , as well as launching our Partner Program, so we can further our mission in re-defining marketing.

Thank you for joining us in re-defining marketing and for the clients who was worked with us over the course of 2015 and throughout the past five years.

We looking forward to working with you in 2016.