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Rail Futures end of year event

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Rail Futures is a public transport advocacy association with a focus on policy development. I have been involved in the group by providing marketing advice to complement the detailed research and insights that are used to influence policy discussion.

This afternoon Rail Futures launched its Future Proofing Melbourne Policy Paper. The paper advocates for an integrated metropolitan land use and transport strategy to ensure a sustainable, resilient, less car dependent city.

Rail Futures continues an ongoing interest in sustainable transport caused by spurred by the commute to Monash University from Ringwood. My involvement in the Public Transport Users Association led to my election on Maroondah City Council in 2005 and my desire to secure the redevelopment of Ringwood Station during my time as Mayor in 2010.

This successful advocacy led to the redevelopment of Ringwood Station, which unlocked over $500 million in private sector development through the revitalisation of Ringwood Town Square and Eastland Shopping Centre.

Advocacy relies on influencing discussion and policy direction, marketing is a key component in framing these conversations.

Details on Rail Futures can be found at www.railfutures.org.au