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Australian Marketing Institute Breakfast Workshop – Is Content the Game Changer?

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak association for professional marketers in Australia, with a particular focus on building the professional development of its members. This morning we hosted a breakfast and panel discussion exploring content and its role in marketing.

The session discussed the role of content, particularly in the use of B2B purchase decisions, where the demonstration of expertise can provide a significant advantage. In addition, prospective clients will often undertake an extensive information search using the Internet, rather than discussions with potential vendors.

The workshop highlighted the need to understand the decision making processes, where many individuals can be involved. Content, like other marketing activities, needs to provide a consistent experience that understands the processes undertaken by prospective clients.

Victoria has hosted several prominent events, promoting the role of connecting business acumen with marketing outcomes. Our next event will be the Awards for Marketing Excellence Gala Dinner to be held on the 22nd of October.

Knowing When to Say No!

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One of the biggest challenges with any business is learning when to say No. This can be particularly true when delivering services, which tend to be less tangible than products.

Every business has its image of the ideal client or customer. Similarly, there should be a clear understanding of what makes a client unsustainable for a business.

Firstly, ensure that the client’s requirements are consistent with the strategic approach of your business. If the potential client will require additional resources or time in an area that is not your strength, then it may be detrimental to the direction of your business. The same also applies for partnerships, ensure that there is genuine mutual value, beyond a simple referral approach.

Secondly, ensure that the prospective client will value your services. Outcomes need to be recognized when delivering services. While you should be accountable, your client also needs to recognize the value that is delivered.

Thirdly, envisage whether there is an ongoing business relationship with the prospective client. If you are required to provide a service that delivers little return or prospect of an ongoing business relationship, then it may not be worthwhile undertaking.

Our core service is strategic marketing, to complement our marketing plans we provide marketing implementation and outsourcing services. We however, do not work with prospective clients that fail to value a strategic approach, or simply follow an adhoc approach to marketing, because it tarnishes our methodology.

When considering your clients or customers, always be mindful of clients that may be more trouble than they are worth.

Natalia Perera is the Creative Director of Syneka Marketing

What is a Creative Director?

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As the Creative Director of Syneka Marketing, I would like to discuss what the role entails and how I work with our other teams.

I officially became the Creative Director of Syneka in 2012. As a result of our clients asking us for Creative services, we transitioned into a full service marketing agency.

I have always had a strong eye for detail, an understanding of design and creative concepts, as well as a passion for the arts.

Creative Directors generally exist in advertising, marketing, graphic design, film and media agencies. A Creative Director is someone who will make decisions about the creative content produced by an agency. In my role, I undertake a lot of research before I make decisions on print and digital layouts, copywriting and the production of events.

Creative Directors usually provide direction to other staff or contractors in an agency. I provide this direction through a creative brief. I also develop presentations to support the Creative Brief, as I have found that Graphic Designers tend to be visual people. I also lead meetings and workshops to ensure that my team produce high quality work.

I also have the opportunity to undertake some of the Graphic design work. I believe that this keeps me grounded and enables me to understand the programs designers work with and the ability to turn ideas into reality. It also enables me to effectively manage my expectations when I manage others who use these programs.

My role at Syneka Marketing also incorporates pitching for new work with our prospective clients. I find that my creativity enables me to think outside the square to provide innovative solutions that solve our client’s needs.

Being a Creative Director is a very rewarding career, as I have the ability to use my creativity every day during work.