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We are redefining marketing – hear us speak at two upcoming events

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Our vision is to redefine marketing and we do this by delivering measurable and accountable marketing outcomes through the Syneka Marketing Performance Methodology .
Throughout June we will be presenting at several key events to highlight the role of marketing and the need for marketing to step up and deliver outcomes that reinforce organisational goals.

Webinar: Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance

On Wednesday the 8th of June we will be hosting Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance, a feature webinar hosted by ProBono Australia.

Not-for-profit organisations are facing immense pressure to become market responsive and yet marketing remains widely misunderstood in the not-for-profit sector.
This one hour webinar will assist not-for-profit organisations in developing a strategic approach to marketing. We will explore the sequencing and touchpoints required to enhance the stakeholder experience and explore the framework required to instill effective marketing governance and accountabilities.

Attend this session to ensure an alignment between marketing outcomes and organisational goals and generate a positive return from marketing resources.

Register through EventBrite to attend this session for Wednesday the 8th of June at 2pm. Pricing is $55 for individuals and $300 for organisations (with unlimited staff access).

The Business Seesaw at the Melbourne Brekkie Club

On Thursday the 9th of June we will be presenting at the Very Melbourne Brekkie Club, through the Melbourne Business Network in a collaboration with Paul Ostaff, from our management consulting partner, Reignite Consulting.

Join us as we discuss the Business Seesaw, as we explore the infrastructure required for businesses to build their operational and marketing capacity. Many businesses struggle to balance the need for business growth through marketing and service. Reignite Consulting and Syneka Marketing will be outlining our framework for businesses to achieve operational and marketing excellence.

Details and registration is available via EventBrite and is open to members of the Melbourne Business Network.

RMIT MaCa – Marketing Careers Expo

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As the Victorian Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute, I was invited to speak to second year students studying Marketing at RMIT to discuss their future professional careers.

Despite marketing’s role in growing business capacity, it remains one of the first areas to experience downsizing during economic uncertainty. As a result, it can be difficult for graduates to find a suitable role to commence their marketing career.

This is further compounded by the lack of definition over marketing. A search on seek.com.au for the term ‘marketing’ will identify jobs ranging from telesales, through to administration and then finally actual marketing roles. It is not uncommon for marketing graduates to commence in a role that is not related to their field of study.

Today’s session at RMIT provided an opportunity to assist second year graduates in identifying how they can become job ready and secure a position following their studies. I explored the importance of networking in finding positions and the need to build practical experience that complements their studies.



Internships are one opportunity to develop and demonstrate skills, but it is important that the intern chooses the right experience. Unfortunately there are far too many examples of interns being given roles that do not enable them to refine and develop their skills.  The marketing sector needs to step up its support for interns and ensure there is the ability to provide career building skills through these programs.

Voluntary roles provide another option to develop marketing skills. Many not-for-profit organisations would welcome students that could provide a marketing perspective. These roles provide the ability to not only assist causes, but also to further develop career building skills. There is a role for education providers in facilitating platforms for students to develop their skills and in forging links with relevant sectors.

Graduating is the first step in a marketing career and I would like to thank RMIT for the opportunity to speak to second year students to help shape their future careers.

NAB Village First Birthday

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We attended the first birthday celebrations of the NAB Village located in the Docklands. The NAB Village is a unique space on the ground floor of NAB Docklands that provides a co-working environment for NAB customers. This space has attracted start-ups, small and medium enterprises as well as a diverse range of not-for-profit organisations.

The concept provides the opportunity for the bank to connect with its customers by assisting businesss and organisations who may not have commercial office space.

Birthday celebrations included the opportunity to connect with other Village members and NAB staff.

Syneka Marketing will be launching a new initiative in 2015 and will be taking an active role in supporting businesses and not-for-profit organisations in The Village.

The Difference Incubator Christmas Party

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Creating social impact is something that we aim to do with every marketing plan we develop for our clients.

The Difference Incubator held its first Christmas Party at the HUB Melbourne. The Difference Incubator aims to create a community where social enterprises can meet and learn from one another. Having undertaken a diverse amount of work within the social enterprise space we were invited to attend this event.

The Christmas Party provided us with the opportunity to meet and network with individual within the social enterprise space.

Peter Allen the CEO of Ethical Properties Australia spoke at the event. Peter spoke of the importance of having innovative, accessible spaces for all businesses including social enterprises. Co-working environments such as the HUB Melbourne provide an alternative to signing a long term commercial lease.

We are dedicated to helping not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises with their marketing and look forward to future events within this space in 2015.

Significant Women's Network

Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Lunchtime Workshop

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Today I attended the Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Lunchtime Workshop.

The Significant Women’s Network is a movement that brings women of influence together. The Savvy Giving workshop was aimed at philanthropists and women who work with, or a part of the not-for-profit sector. The workshop was held at the offices of Logie-Smith Lanyon.

Genevieve Timmons who is a Philanthropic Executive at the Portland House Foundation and is on a range of not-for-profit boards was the keynote speaker at the event. In 2013, she published a book entitled Savvy Giving which was aimed at individuals interested in becoming philanthropists.

A large turnout at the Significant Women's Network Savvy Giving Workshop

A large turnout at the Significant Women’s Network Savvy Giving Workshop

Savvy Giving served as the main point of reference during the workshop where Genevieve took the group through the art and science of what it is like to be a philanthropist in the twenty first century. Issues covered included the fact that giving to not-for-profit organisations depends on an individual’s philosophy, creativity and practicality. She also spoke about the strong link that now exists between delivering tangible outcomes and funding. Now more than ever, not-for-profit organisations are having to demonstrate how they can solve societal problems.

The Savvy Giving Workshop provided me with the opportunity to network with other women who are passionate about the not-for-profit sector. Our Horsham based client, Julie Pettett who is the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria and Governance Mentors attended the event and was surprised to learn that Genevieve grew up in Horsham.

Overall the event was well delivered and covered content that would be of value to both philanthropists and women working with not-for-profit organisations. We would like to thank the Significant Women’s Network for inviting us to this event.

Significant Women's Network

Significant Women’s Network Meeting

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This morning we were invited to attend the Significant Women’s Network to share our expertise in marketing and our work in creating partnerships between businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

The Significant Women’s Network has been developed to bring together women who hold senior level management positions. The group aims to foster partnerships and shared learnings between not-for-profit organisations and the corporate sector. Topics included innovation, funding sustainability, and how to encourage career progression for women.

Participants were actively engaged in discussion, providing an opportunity to share experiences and viewpoints, while enhancing collaboration between corporates and not-for-profit organisations.