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Syneka Marketing recognised twice at the Australian Marketing Institute’s Awards for Marketing Excellence

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As the peak body representing the marketing industry in Australia, the Australian Marketing Institute hosts the annual Awards for Marketing Excellence.

Last year, Syneka Marketing was a finalist for its work in the rebranding of Volunteering Western Victoria. This year we were awarded as finalists for two separate projects, the formation of HomeGround Real Estate, as well as the marketing and development of Governance Mentors.

Both projects are social enterprises that enable organisations to diversify income and create new opportunities for growth. These projects highlight the role of marketing in fostering innovation and leveraging strengths.

Alex and Natalia with Chirstine Walker, the State Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute

Alex and Natalia with Chirstine Walker, the State Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute

Our proven marketing methodology delivers comprehensive marketing plans, that understand the existing content and recognise potential. Both plans were supported by detailed implementation schedules to evaluate results.

We are again delighted at the ongoing recognition we have received through the Australian Marketing Institute and in seeing the ongoing results of our work as a marketing agency.

The Not-For-Profit Sector and Marketing

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As a strategic marketing agency, we have been advocating to the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), as the peak body representing marketing in Australia, on the importance of marketing within the not-for-profit sector.

With few exceptions, the marketing industry has been largely absent from the not-for-profit sector. We are aiming to change this by raising the level of discussion.

Our thoughts were recently published in the Australian Marketing Institute’s Marketing Matters Journal:

Australia’s not-for-profit industry is at a crossroad. Government funding, the most substantial contributor to the sector, is decreasing, yet demand for services continues unabated. Not-for-profit organisations need to take control of their future direction and marketing is essential as part of this strategy.

Why have marketers ignored the not-for-profit sector?

There is a need for marketing agencies to understand the not-for-profit sector and the value it provides our community. The not-for-profit sector contributes $48 billion in GDP and delivers essential community services.

Similarly, there is a low level of understanding in the not-for-profit sector about marketing and what it can achieve. Most not-for-profit organisations are not in the business of marketing and, as such, the function is often relegated to administrative staff rather than specialists. This view is changing due to funding reforms and an increased understanding that not-for-profit organisations need to be outwardly focused.

How do Marketers add value to the sector?

Marketing is undertaken to achieve outcomes, and we need to demonstrate the positive impact that is created through this transformation. We have been fortunate to work with not-for-profit organisations and charities where we have seen the positive social impact from reconnecting organisations with their communities.

Marketing lets us conceptualise products that create new industries, or disrupt established concepts. Internal marketing can lead to higher morale and reinvigorate processes to provide a higher level of customer service and direction.

There is value for marketers in the not-for-profit sector

There are many examples of how marketing has created sustainable change in the not-for-profit sector.

Programs, such as Governance Mentors, is an example of a not-for-profit organisation creating new enterprises and opportunities. Marketing also enables organisations to leverage their strengths, the Inner North Cluster of six neighbourhood and community houses, has fostered collaboration and shared resources, providing not only efficiency savings, but also the creation of new revenue streams.

We have a $43 billion market that needs innovation and marketing to ensure its ongoing success.

Increasing the level of interest in the not-for-profit sector will raise the profile of marketing and the discussion of how our profession can offer value. There are opportunities for both marketers and the not-for-profit sector, which also leads to improved social outcomes.

We’re mentors through the Australian Marketing Institute’s Emerging Marketers Program

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Alex and Natalia are mentors for the Australian Marketing Institute's Emerging Marketers Program

Alex and Natalia are mentors for the Australian Marketing Institute’s Emerging Marketers Program

Mentoring is a definite focus here at Syneka Marketing. In addition to our work on Governance Mentors, myself and Natalia are also mentors through the Australian Marketing Institute’s Emerging Marketers Program.

The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak body representing the marketing profession in Australia, with Emerging Marketers focused specifically on the development of new marketing professionals.

One of the prominent activities for Emerging Marketers Victoria is an annual mentoring program, matching experienced marketing professionals with someone new to the profession. This is my second year as a mentor and Natalia will also be participating in this year’s program.

As I’ve often commented, there is unfortunately a high level of misconception around marketing and the functions it provides. Mentoring provides the opportunity to not only provide guidance to an emerging marketer, but also to shape the broader perceptions of marketing as an industry.

Just as marketing should begin with a strategy, mentoring enables the participant to establish their foundations within the industry, as well as planning career and professional development. The Emerging Marketers Program is a definite highlight for the Australian Marketing Institute and one that draws together the diverse skills of its members.

The Mentors program is conducted over the course of 2014, with a graduation held towards the end of the year. We’re excited to be mentors this year, and to help shape the future of marketing.

The 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

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The National Conference on Volunteering is a peak annual event for volunteer involving organisations across Australia. The event was organised by Volunteering Australia and hosted by Volunteering SA&NT.

Our Managing Director Alex prepares for his presentation at the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

Our Managing Director Alex prepares for his presentation at the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

The Conference had four key themes:

  • Lead – to encourage inspirational leadership
  • Partner – collaboration to achieve results
  • Build – creating innovation
  • Sustain – strengthening foundations

During the conference I co-presented a presentation with Julie Pettett, the CEO Of Volunteering Western Victoria. Putting Research into Practice – the Marketing and Rebranding of Wimmera Volunteers. The presentation discussed the importance of marketing and the experiences of Volunteering Western Victoria in re-engaging with its communities.

Volunteering Western Victoria, was formerly known as Wimmera Volunteers and had remained a static organisation, despite the changing nature of volunteering. There was a need to re-engage the community and to broaden its presence outside of Horsham in Western Victoria.

Alex co-presented with Julie Pettett the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria

Alex co-presented with Julie Pettett the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria

Syneka Marketing assisted Volunteering Western Victoria by developing a marketing plan that identified a future direction for the organisation. The marketing plan identified four goals supported in the businesses plan:

  • Be an effective peak organisation
  • Grow access to resources
  • Build capacity in the volunteer and community sector
  • Organisation development

These goals were supported by two further priorities identified in the marketing plan:

  • Diversify and Sustain Funding Support
  • Rebrand Wimmera Volunteers

A business plan identifies what an organisation wants to achieve and a marketing plan looks how to achieve this vision.  A marketing plan then considers the key messages and marketing tools that can reach the required stakeholders.

Diversifying income became a priority, due to the need to decrease dependence on government revenue.  The marketing plan identified business partnerships, the introduction of membership, fundraising and philanthropic programs that could add new income sources. These strategies supported the business plan, with membership complementing the desire to be a peak organisation and partnerships, enabling the development of new programs.

The rebranding of Wimmera Volunteers arose due to the need to position the organisation as a peak body and to re-engage with its community.  A new name, visual identity, logo and marketing materials were developed in six weeks, to launch the new brand at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Volunteering Western Victoria

Volunteering Western Victoria

The name Volunteering Western Victoria was selected, since it clearly defined the purpose of the organisation and the role it has in supporting volunteering across Western Victoria.  The tagline  Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers, reinforced the impact that the organisation has a local and individual level.

Not-for-profit organisations have limited marketing budgets and a result names should be clearly identifiable to avoid the need to explain the purpose of the organisation.

The new visual identity and brand for Volunteering Western Victoria

The new visual identity and brand for Volunteering Western Victoria

Marketing within not-for-profit organisations requires the ability to reach numerous stakeholders. There is a need for marketing messages that provide a consistent narrative, while being tailored to the needs of individual stakeholders. A not-for-profit organisation needs to not only reach its clients, but also government, business partners, volunteers, other organisations, board members and internal staff.

The aim of the rebrand was to utilise the new name and tagline, as well as modernising the image of the organisation. The rebranding was accompanied by the design of new marketing materials, including brochures, factsheets, posters and website.

The presentation was extremely well received and I would like to thank the many attendees for their interest in the journey undertaken by Volunteering Western Victoria.

Alex and Julie answering questions during the presentation

Alex and Julie answering questions during the presentation

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Australian Marketing Institute – Networking Event

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak body representing the marketers and the industry across Australia.

As a corporate member, Syneka Marketing through its Directors Alex Makin and Natalia, are regular attendees of Australian Marketing Institute functions.

Tonight’s function was held in Richmond and provided a general networking opportunity to meet other members.

The AMI membership comprises of a mix of marketers, business coaches, advertising agencies and other consultants. One of the surprises we have with their members is the ongoing failure to actively engage the not-for-profit sector.

Syneka Marketing stands alone as the the only agency that engages the not-for-profit sector. We’re proud of our work in the not-for-profit sector, which has led to higher marketing standards and ongoing growth for organisations.

We hope to encourage the Australian Marketing Institute and its members to better understand the sector and initiate ongoing discussions around the importance of marketing for not-for-profit organisations.

The more discussion we can generate about the marketing needs of not-for-profit organisations, the more we can ensure that the sector actively engages marketing and sees its value.

Case Study: Turn challenges into opportunities with a marketing plan

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Third Sector Magazine is a quarterly publication designed for not-for-profit organisations. The February edition featured content relevant to marketing and communications and we included our recent case study on the rebranding of Wimmera Volunteers into Volunteering Western Victoria.

Syneka Marketing explains how it helped Wimmera Volunteers to identify new opportunities by developing a marketing plan that better positioned the organisation as a regional peak body.

Successful marketing begins with finding the right strategy. A marketing plan sets your organisation up for ongoing success by considering the context of the organisation, identifying goals and suggesting actions to achieve these outcomes.

The former logo of Wimmera Volunteers

The former logo and identity of Wimmera Volunteers

Case Study: Wimmera Volunteers

Wimmera Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre that works with other organisations to promote and recruit volunteers, creating opportunities and social inclusion. Wimmera Volunteers also offers transport services, including programs for learner drivers and mobility for older residents, promoting social inclusion across a diverse region.

The problem

The organisation was at the crossroads. The Federal Government was proposing significant funding changes, which was making the future of volunteer resource centres uncertain.

The organisation aimed to service the entire Wimmera region but its services were heavily concentrated within the town of Horsham and its slogan of ‘helping communities help themselves’ was seen as patronising despite its good intent.

The opportunity

Wimmera Volunteers was rebranded into Volunteering Western Victoria, supported by the tagline Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers

Wimmera Volunteers was rebranded into Volunteering Western Victoria, supported by the tagline Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers

Rather than cave to challenges, Wimmera Volunteers commissioned Syneka Marketing to work with board members, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders to develop a marketing plan that reflected the needs of the organisation.

One new opportunity related to the region’s distance from Melbourne. Many of the organisations serviced by Wimmera Volunteers indicated that they wanted professional development but were unable to devote the time required for travelling or lacked the resources to deliver their own internal training.

It was important to align the marketing plan with the Government’s national volunteering strategy and ensure that Wimmera Volunteers could demonstrate the ability to implement the priorities outlined by the Federal Government.

There was also the need to better connect across the Wimmera and Mallee regions and to foster relationships with the business community.

The marketing plan identified the need to rebrand Wimmera Volunteers to better position the organisation as a regional peak body and to reflect its commitment across a diverse region. Rebranding workshops identified that Wimmera Volunteers wanted a new name that was functional and retained its commitment to volunteering.


Syneka Marketing successfully rebranded Wimmera Volunteers in just six weeks, coordinating new style guides, logos, design templates, websites and social media. The new brand was successfully unveiled at the organisation’s annual general meeting, resulting in strong attendance from stakeholders and the wider community.

The new name, Volunteering Western Victoria, enabled the organisation to develop comprehensive membership packages, including training and mentoring to other organisations. In addition, the organisation is no longer bound by geography and is able to work with a number of councils and organisations within the Wimmera and Mallee regions.

The new tagline ‘Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers’ identifies the purpose of Volunteering Western Victoria through a positive and forward-looking statement, reinforcing its role within communities and encouraging volunteering.

The organisation is now positioned to become a regional peak body, complementing its traditional services with new offerings. In addition, the new name enables Volunteering Western Victoria to implement further actions from the marketing plan, including regional offices, workplace volunteering and the development of comprehensive community advocacy and training services.

Many sectors are experiencing uncertainty over government funding and a marketing plan can provide the vision and actions required to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Third Sector Magazine is released on a quarterly basis. Our article can be seen at www.thirdsectormagazine.com.au.