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Knowing When to Say No!

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One of the biggest challenges with any business is learning when to say No. This can be particularly true when delivering services, which tend to be less tangible than products.

Every business has its image of the ideal client or customer. Similarly, there should be a clear understanding of what makes a client unsustainable for a business.

Firstly, ensure that the client’s requirements are consistent with the strategic approach of your business. If the potential client will require additional resources or time in an area that is not your strength, then it may be detrimental to the direction of your business. The same also applies for partnerships, ensure that there is genuine mutual value, beyond a simple referral approach.

Secondly, ensure that the prospective client will value your services. Outcomes need to be recognized when delivering services. While you should be accountable, your client also needs to recognize the value that is delivered.

Thirdly, envisage whether there is an ongoing business relationship with the prospective client. If you are required to provide a service that delivers little return or prospect of an ongoing business relationship, then it may not be worthwhile undertaking.

Our core service is strategic marketing, to complement our marketing plans we provide marketing implementation and outsourcing services. We however, do not work with prospective clients that fail to value a strategic approach, or simply follow an adhoc approach to marketing, because it tarnishes our methodology.

When considering your clients or customers, always be mindful of clients that may be more trouble than they are worth.

Startup Grind

Startup Grind with Paul Bassat

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Paul Bassat at Startup Grind June 2014

Paul Bassat at Startup Grind June 2014

Seek is often regarded as being one of Australia’s most successful technology start ups. We attended Startup Grind June 2014 and heard Paul Bassat, one of the founders of Seek speak about his experiences with developing the job search platform.

Paul came from a legal background and conceptualized Seek with his brother in the mid 1990s after they found there was a gap in the market for an Internet based job search platform. At this time the internet was fairly new to the general public, and platforms were still in their infancy. The company is now regarded as one of the most successful online job search platforms and has offices around the world.

Paul spoke about how he worked to raise money to establish Seek, as this was required to market the platform. He spoke of the importance of partnerships and how to work with corporate.

Seek is a great example of how with the right marketing, a technology Start Up can enter a market and become a dominant player. Seek was innovative and bold in its marketing approach, and this was one of the main reasons they were able to remain and succeed in their industry.

Paul is a great example of an entrepreneur who was able to succeed by coming up with an idea that has transformed the way Australians find employment.

VECCI Fast Forward – May 2014

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We attended VECCI’s Fast Forward Networking Event, aimed at businesses seeking to extend their networks. Participants have a minute to provide an elevator pitch and discuss their business. Speed Networking is designed to initiate contact, with further discussions being required to facilitate outcomes.

As a strategic marketing agency, we find networking events are useful to introduce our methodology. Our point of difference is our strategic focus, we create strategies that remove the guesswork in implementing marketing. Our methodology avoids the hit or miss approach that is used far too often in marketing.

VECCI Speed Networking Events provide an opportunity to meet businesses across a range of industries, ranging from startups through to large corporates. The diverse mix of businesses, in terms of size and focus, it what makes this event unique and valuable.

We are regular attendees to VECCI events, and find Speed Networking to be valuable in fostering new discussions and potential partnerships.

Melbourne Entrepreneurs

Melbourne Entrepreneurs – March Speed Networking

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Today I attended a speed networking session organised by Melbourne Entrepreneurs and held at the Hub Melbourne. The event brought together a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs covering a range of industries.

The atmosphere was relaxed and participants had the opportunity to speak about what they did and exchange business cards.

Networking has always been important to us, in meeting not only new clients but also potential alliance partners.

Speed networking provides the opportunity to speak to more people, when compared to traditional events. A speed networking event enables participants to speak to each other within a strict time limit, meaning there is a need to be succinct and to find points of mutual beneift.

I enjoyed the discussions and meeting the participants. Many attendees had just started in business and are excited about developing new opportunities.

Strategic Marketing is important when you start a business as it provides you with a guide to achieve your objectives. We looked forward to meeting participants from Melbourne Entrepreneurs and fostering new partnerships.

#RotaryChat – International Projects with Rotaract and Interact

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#RotaryChat continues each week, looking at the role of Rotary Clubs around the world. Today’s topic considered international projects and the partnerships that can be formed to assist in delivering outcomes.

Rotary sponsor Rotaract, which caters for 18 to 30 year olds and Interact, which includes 12 to 18 year olds and often the clubs will work together to deliver common goals. Importantly, Rotary Clubs should be forming partnerships with other relevant organisations to assist in delivering projects.

The RotaryChat transcript is available via Storify at storify.com/RotaryChat/rotarychat-2-5-12-int-l-projects-and-rotaract-int

Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfast with Animal Aid

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The Eastern Volunteers Business Booster Breakfasts aim to connect businesses and community organisations by discussing topics that are relevant to each target group. Today’s guest speaker Dr Linda Martson the Acting CEO of Animal Aid to discuss the redevelopment plans for Animal Aid’s shelters and the support received from the community.

The business and community breakfast receives sponsorship from the Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank and it was great to see Animal Aid as another example of an organisation that receives support from the bank. Animal Aid has a long term vision to redevelop the shelters into a modern facility and education centre. This will assist in the rescue of neglected animals and increase adoption rates.

Animal Aid is another example of a community organisation that is able to deliver innovative programs through partnerships with businesses. The Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank was also instrumental in assisting Eastern Volunteers in being able to relocate to an accessible, ground floor premises.

The Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfasts recognise that businesses and community organisations share common interests and it is great to ongoing support for the event.