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Blackwood International Community College

Crowdfunding for Blackwood International Community College

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Blackwood International Community College

Blackwood International Community College

The outer suburbs of Melbourne consists of some of the fastest growing areas in Australia.  Urban growth requires infrastructure to support communities, including transport and education.

We’ve been working with parents in Melbourne’s north who have come together to form Blackwood International Community College, an independent P-12 school that will be located in Mernda.

The idea of Blackwood began when parents in Melbourne’s outer northern suburbs wanted a choice in education. Many of the parents and their children were deeply affected by the closure of Acacia College, which limited educational choice.

The committee and its directors have undertaken extensive work to determine the educational and governance models to deliver a sustainable educational facility.

We’re excited to publicly launch the crowdfunding campaign for Blackwood. Community is at the core of Blackwood and the crowdfunding campaign provides the potential to strengthen this involvement.

For details please visit www.blackwoodcollege.net.au.

Discussing marketing with the Inner North Cluster of Community and Neighbourhood Houses

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The Inner North Cluster (INC) is a collective of six neighbourhood and community houses located in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs.

This afternoon I was invited to discuss a collective marketing approach that the cluster could use to provide a regional identity for their services.  Community houses typically work collaboratively and a regional identity can strengthen the ability of the houses to collaborate with government, businesses and the wider community.

While a regional identity will assist in reaching a wider network, it is important that the branding of individual houses is not diminished.  Each house should identify its unique strengths and utilise these to develop a brand that complements the regional approach.

The community and neighbourhood sector is experiencing significant challenges, particularly due to reforms in accredited training.  The regional approach enables houses to work collaboratively, providing the ability to effectively engage other stakeholders while utilising their own individual strengths.