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We’re Award Finalists by Showing the Positive Impact of Marketing

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We’re delighted to announce that Syneka Marketing is a finalist in the Australian Marketing Institute’s (AMI) Awards for Marketing Excellence.

Our submission, which was entered in the ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’ category, outlined our work with Volunteering Western Victoria in developing their new marketing plan and brand. We wanted to demonstrate the positive impact that can be created through marketing, utilising the transformation of Wimmera Volunteers into Volunteering Western Victoria.

We also wanted to highlight that effective marketing does not need to be costly, since our strategic foundation enables actions to be identified and outcomes that can be measured. Our marketing plan for Volunteering Western Victoria demonstrated how they could achieve the vision presented in their business plan.

We outlined actions within six key strategies:

  • Becoming an effective regional peak organisation
  • Growing access to resources
  • Building the capacity of the volunteer and the not-for-profit sector
  • Organisational development
  • Diversifying and sustaining income support
  • Rebranding the organisation

The end result transformed Wimmera Volunteers into Volunteering Western Victoria, an organisation that is Empowering Communities and Supporting Volunteers.  The new identity conveys the role Volunteering Western Victoria has as a peak organisation in encouraging volunteering, while also demonstrating its local impact.

Alex and Natalia receiving the Excellence in Marketing Award for State Finalists on behalf of Syneka Marketing and Volunteering Western Victoria

Alex and Natalia receiving the Excellence in Marketing Award for State Finalists on behalf of Syneka Marketing and Volunteering Western Victoria

Our work with Volunteering Western Victoria showcases how marketing can be used for good.  As marketers, we can and should, create positive change and work to reconnect communities.

Volunteering Western Victoria’s Inaugural Volunteering Recognition Awards is an example of this new vision.  Over 200 guests attended these awards, which also received significant corporate support.  The enclosed video demonstrates the positive impact created through this vision.

We are honoured to have developed an ongoing involvement with Volunteering Western Victoria, in working their board, staff and volunteers to implement this new vision.

We exist as an agency to create positive change, our work across businesses and not-for-profit organisations demonstrates this approach.

We are change makers and we show how marketing success begins with strategy.


Rebranding Workshop with Wimmera Volunteers

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Wimmera Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre, providing volunteer recruitment and community assisted transport across the Wimmera region in northwestern Victoria. Syneka Marketing is developing a marketing plan for Wimmera Volunteers, which includes the possibility of rebranding the organisation to better reflect its potential as a peak organisation.

Wimmera Volunteers, like other volunteer resource centres across Australia, is facing significant challenges with funding reforms from the Commonwealth Government. Volunteer Resource Centres need to position themselves to remain relevant by addressing key funding criteria. In addition, there is considerable scope to expand the services offered by volunteer resource centres to support the development of other community organisations.

The rebranding workshop explored the attributes that would be associated with the new identity and the key marketing recommendations. We’re looking forward to further discussion as we finalise the marketing plan for Wimmera Volunteers.