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HUB St Kilda – Birthday celebrations

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The HUB St Kilda celebrated its birthday on the 16th October. This co-location workspace is based in the centre of St Kilda and brings together an eclectic mix of business owners, with a particular focus on creativity.

We attended the birthday celebrations through the Port Phillip Business Network, which holds events across the municipality.

Port Phillip Business Network

Port Phillip Business Network – After Work Drinks

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We attended the Port Phillip Business Network after work drinks event at the Pier Hotel in Port Melbourne.

The Port Phillip Business network holds weekly networking events that seek to bring together businesses within the City of Port Phillip. A diverse range of businesses attend the events and it is a great opportunity to meet businesses within the municipality.

Details on the Port Phillip Business Network can be found at:https://www.linkedin.com/company/port-phillip-business-network

Port Phillip Business Network – Networking Drinks

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The Port Phillip Business Network connects businesses within the City of Port Phillip, providing a combination of networking and professional development. This evening we attended a networking session designed to connect businesses across the municipality.

While there are many business groups available, the Port Phillip Business Network has a particular focus on collaboration. As a result, there is an emphasis on exploring how complementary businesses can work together to achieve a greater impact. We’re looking forward to becoming further involved with the Port Phillip Business Network and developing collaboration between our core services of strategic marketing and complementary providers.

The Port Phillip Business Networks meets on a regular basis, details are available at www.ppbn.com.au.

City of Yarra

City of Yarra Business Networking Breakfast with KeepCup

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The City of Yarra holds regular business events, which encourage networking and discussion around business activities within the municipality. This morning myself and Natalia attended the July Breakfast, which focused on sustainability.

The keynote speaker was Abigail Forsyth from KeepCup, who discussed the history of her business and its focus on sustainability. KeepCup, as a re-usable plastic coffee cup, reduces the number of disposable coffee cups in circulation.

The session was followed by presenters from VECCI, CitySwitch and the Yarra Energy Foundation, who discussed practical steps that businesses can undertake to improve their sustainability. The breakfast enabled businesses to see how sustainability can be incorporated into their ongoing operations and strategic direction.

The original plan for the 'Town of Richmond'

The original plan for the ‘Town of Richmond’

I was also fortunate to have won the business card draw, winning a selection of premium glassware, courtesy of The Weekly Review. The glassware will certainly be of use in our offices!

Business breakfasts provide an opportunity to connect with other local businesses and we will be participating in future events hosted by the City of Yarra.

Maroondah Business Week Breakfast with David Schwarz

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Maroondah Business Week is an annual Council initiated program that aims to promote and enhance businesses within the municipality. The Week consists of workshops, tours and networking events offering a range of activities to cater to the business sectors within Maroondah.

One of these events is the Maroondah Business Week Breakfast, which featured David Schwarz as the speaker. David was a former footballer and Vice-Captain for Melbourne Football Club and discussed the challenges he faced during this career, including a gambling addiction, which he spoke about candidly during the breakfast session.

Alex with David Schwarz and Cr Rob Steane at the 2010 Maroondah Business Week Breakfast

Alex with David Schwarz and Cr Rob Steane at the 2010 Maroondah Business Week Breakfast

David’s openness set him apart from some of the speakers of other years and he spoke candidly about the difficulties in establishing a post football career. David’s comments reflect the need for ongoing perseverance and the advantages of networking within businesses and provided a number of parallels between his experiences and the challenges facing business.

The Footmen Club – Footy Luncheon with Peter Schwab

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The Footmen Club is a service based club supported through the local Maroondah business community, which provides assistance to individuals and groups throughout the municipality.

This afternoon the Footmen Club held a Foot Luncheon, featuring AFL Victoria CEO and former Hawthorn Player, Peter Schwab. Peter spoke about his football career and his experiences as CEO of AFL Victoria. Peter discussed the challenges that were facing Hawthorn at the time and how his abilities in football complemented the team.

The Footmen Club holds regular luncheons through the year featuring a variety of guest speakers while also helping people in need. For further information please visit www.footmen.org.au