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Mentoring Marketers through the 2015 Emerging Marketers Mentor Program

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The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program is one of the highlights of the Australian Marketing Institute’s annual program. Experienced marketers are matched with emerging marketers, providing mentoring and advice to assist with the transition from studies into a career, or how to progress as they develop their marketing expertise.

This evening the Australian Marketing Institute held the launch of the Emerging Marketers Program for 2015, where we announced the matching of mentors with mentees. Interest in the program for both mentors and mentees continues to grow, reinforcing the importance of continual development. Both Natalia and I are mentors through the Emerging Marketers program and we have begun to discuss an action plan for our mentees.

As professional marketers we need to expand the capacity of the profession so the sector can demonstrate its impact. The emerging marketers mentoring program is an evident example of how the sector can strengthen the marketing profession.

Emerging Marketers Victoria – Mentoring Program Launch

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Emerging Marketers Victoria is a subsidiary of the Australian Marketing Institute, and is focused on the needs of new marketers and students undertaking marketing qualifications.

This year I am participating in the Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program, as a mentor to a participant in the program.

Tonight’s launch provided an opportunity to meet my mentee and to discuss what they would like out of the program. My mentee is seeking guidance on her career as she completes her marketing qualifications. She already has several years of marketing experience so she’s looking forward to career possibilities once her studies are completed at the end of this year.

I’m looking forward to the mentoring program. It’s fantastic to be able to share my experiences and to assist someone who is embarking on their marketing career.

Congratulations on Emerging Marketers Victoria for conducting the program. Exchanging knowledge and strengthening marketing as a profession should be encouraged and it is fantastic that the Emerging Marketers program enables these outcomes.