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Membership Growth

Strengthen your membership programs for 2015 and beyond

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The most significant challenge facing the not-for-profit sector is the need to diversify income beyond a reliance on government grants. Membership is often is an area that can be developed to increase engagement and provide a sustainable revenue stream.

Syneka Marketing in partnership with Membership Growth has developed the Membership Growth Toolkit. The Complete Toolkit includes nine chapters, covering all aspects of developing membership programs, recruiting members and member retention.

The Membership Growth Toolkit explores the following topics, across nine chapters:

  • Marketing Planning Strategies
  • Member Recruitment Strategies
  • Member Retention Strategies
  • Member Renewal/Reactivation
  • Revenue Earning
  • Recession Busting Strategies for Sustainable Growth
  • Design and Copywriting
  • Online Marketing

Each chapter includes worksheets to help you develop your membership strategies. The Membership Growth Toolkit is available for purchase at www.membershipgrowthtoolkit.com.

Introducing the Membership Growth Toolkit – Grow your membership and revenue

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Every association, community organisation, sporting/leisure club and educational institution worldwide – needs to grow their membership and their member revenue. Membership Growth in conjunction with Syneka Marketing, has just launched the most powerful member building program ever produced.

THE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH TOOLKIT –the only membership program you will ever need!

Membership Growth Together

The ideas, guidelines, templates and exercises in The Membership Growth Toolkit (complete with worksheets, case studies and practical examples) will give you the most dynamic, step-by-step plan to dramatically increase your membership this year and for the future. It is a program that you can tailor to your unique membership building requirements – it is simple to use and will allow you to achieve your membership goals effectively, efficiently and with ease.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is divided into nine chapters – each one detailing ways to increase your membership. After a solid overview, with tips and hints to get the most from your program (chapter 1) we move into marketing strategies for recruitment and retention (chapter 2) followed by a complete guide to member recruitment in chapter 3. Once you have solid recruitment plans in place, we move to chapter 4 – member retention – and cover first year member management, how to communicate and engage with your members and how to give and receive quality member feedback.

Chapter 5 covers the vital areas of developing your renewals campaign as well as key ways to win back lost or late paying members. We then move to chapter 6 on building your member revenue – through diverse ways to sell membership upgrades, products, services (such as professional development) and using your member data base to gain more revenue, more often from your members. Chapter 7 will take you through a number of key methods to ensure that you will stabilise your membership and continue to recruit new members, even when times get tough. Never mind what the market is doing, it is what you are doing that counts, in order to ensure future sustainability.

The membership growth tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

The Membership Growth Tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

First impressions matter, and in Chapter 8 you will discover ways to develop and implement creative concepts and materials to ensure members and prospects alike are fully aware of your organisation and your brand. The final chapter 9 will assist you in getting the absolute best with your on-line strategies including your website, social media and other internet tools to build member relationships and loyalty.
The Membership Growth Toolkit is easy to order, is packed with value adding extras and is the only resource you will ever need to build your membership and your membership revenue.

View the Membership Growth Toolkit at www.membershipgrowthtoolkit.com.au

The Three Steps to Membership Success

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Are you serious about gaining more members? Are you serious about earning more revenue from your members? I constantly hear the words ‘of course we are’, yet, the reality is often different.

Building a strong, loyal membership in your organisation takes time; it is a systematic process; it needs total commitment from all of those on your team and your executive committee; it takes money – a wisely spent investment will gain you explosive membership growth.

This is what causes the problem … few people have the time; many people haven’t got a clue how to create a sustainable, dynamic system; membership development is often buried deeply (and sometimes irretrievably) in a committee’s agenda and, as for investing some money in a worthwhile member development program … it is easier to take the ‘safe’ option – bury ones’ head in the sand and do nothing.

Here is an example of a campaign I conducted for a non profit organisation, part of a larger group. I worked with this organisation’s manager and developed a recruitment, retention, renewal / reactivation membership program.

We developed a system for each of the above steps, worked with his staff to actively encourage visitors to join, conducted a targeted direct mail (and some telemarketing) campaign, actively sought out new members in the community and … grew their membership by 47% in one year. Also, we achieved a 98% renewals rate amongst their current membership.

We worked well together. It was a great outcome. The Manager won a ‘highest category membership growth’ award.

Did that bring other organisations within this group knocking at my door? Yes, there was a lot of interest shown and I gained a further … one assignment.

But the interest shown was huge!!

I was asked to write two reports for the main groups executive committee, meet the committee and make a presentation, meet the CEO, meet with a number of different executives and managers and so forth. Yet no one else hired me. And this is a group where membership is falling and new members are hard to find.

Was I too expensive? Hardly, if people choose to deal with commercial reality, my fees are very reasonable … and the rate of financial return to the Club I worked with would be around 1,000%.

No, it was the usual excuses … financial, time, committee procrastination and the unwillingness to put in the effort.

If you really, seriously want to grow your members and earn more revenue, here are three steps to follow:

1. Develop a Proactive Member Recruitment Campaign

  • Define exactly what it is you wish to achieve e.g. new members from new target markets, a 10% increase in membership, a 15% increase in revenue … if you don’t set realistic objectives – don’t commence the campaign.
  • Develop a series of strategies all designed to achieve your objectives such as appointing a dedicated membership person, appointing at least one dedicated membership committee member, seeking volunteers to assist you, a ‘member-get-member’ program or …?
  • Create a culture of member recruitment (and retention) – everyone talks membership (e.g. collects business cards, recommends the organisation to others at every opportunity), every phone call is from a potential member, every visitor is a potential member. Live and breathe membership.
  • Create a prospect (potential member) data base. If you haven’t got a good data base … obtain a good data base! You cannot succeed without a good data base. Full stop.
  • Gain as much publicity and promotion for your organisation as you can. It can be surprisingly inexpensive.
  • Develop a great membership kit for prospects – follow through with every prospect you gain. Ask them to join (or find out why they don’t join) your Organisation, offering them benefits and value.

2. Develop a Member Retention Strategy, to build loyalty and relationships

  • Acknowledge every new member – write to them, phone them, invite them to a new member’s night. Appoint a mentor for new members. Many current members will volunteer, if they are asked.
  • Be aware of the fact that your first year member is your biggest potential loss. More members fail to renew after their first year than at any other membership stage. Keep in touch with all of your members, but especially your first year members.
  • Build your data base, record member likes and needs and use it to keep in touch with members. Create a retention system.
  • Consider your ‘Member Only’ benefits – are you meeting their needs / expectations?
  • Survey your members, or at least a reasonable cross section of them. Find out what you are doing well, not so well and how you can do things better.
  • Your staff should treat your members as the number one reason they are employed. Excellent service is every member’s right. If staff cannot give 100% excellent service … employ staff who can (and, yes, I have some horror stories!).

3. Develop an Effective Renewals Campaign

  • Establish realistic objectives for renewal e.g. how many or what percent of your members did you renew last year? How can you improve on this figure next year?
  • One organisation who utilised my services over a three year period in their renewals, achieved a 42% renewals increase over that timeframe – simply by developing and following a system …
  • Your renewals system should include:
    • timelines – the earlier you commence, the better;
    • offers (if applicable) – what is in it for them if they renew with you? Members want innovation and value;
    • promotion – your direct mail campaign, an email campaign and (dragging in the more reluctant ones) a telemarketing campaign.Together, these are dynamite.
  • If they don’t renew, find out why not. At least their feedback will help you to improve your member benefits.
  • Conduct a lost member win back campaign for members who have not renewed over the last 1 – 2 years (any further back is a waste of time). Results will amaze you – if it is conducted professionally.
  • Measure what you have accomplished, benchmark your renewals with previous years. Strive for improvement with detailed, systematic feedback, and apply what you have learned to the next renewals campaign.

If you apply basic business and marketing principles; put in the time and effort; develop systems for measurement / monitoring / review, work with quality, dedicated people within your organisation, you will build your membership and earn extra revenue.