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Membership Growth

Strengthen your membership programs for 2015 and beyond

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The most significant challenge facing the not-for-profit sector is the need to diversify income beyond a reliance on government grants. Membership is often is an area that can be developed to increase engagement and provide a sustainable revenue stream.

Syneka Marketing in partnership with Membership Growth has developed the Membership Growth Toolkit. The Complete Toolkit includes nine chapters, covering all aspects of developing membership programs, recruiting members and member retention.

The Membership Growth Toolkit explores the following topics, across nine chapters:

  • Marketing Planning Strategies
  • Member Recruitment Strategies
  • Member Retention Strategies
  • Member Renewal/Reactivation
  • Revenue Earning
  • Recession Busting Strategies for Sustainable Growth
  • Design and Copywriting
  • Online Marketing

Each chapter includes worksheets to help you develop your membership strategies. The Membership Growth Toolkit is available for purchase at www.membershipgrowthtoolkit.com.

Introducing the Membership Growth Toolkit – Grow your membership and revenue

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Every association, community organisation, sporting/leisure club and educational institution worldwide – needs to grow their membership and their member revenue. Membership Growth in conjunction with Syneka Marketing, has just launched the most powerful member building program ever produced.

THE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH TOOLKIT –the only membership program you will ever need!

Membership Growth Together

The ideas, guidelines, templates and exercises in The Membership Growth Toolkit (complete with worksheets, case studies and practical examples) will give you the most dynamic, step-by-step plan to dramatically increase your membership this year and for the future. It is a program that you can tailor to your unique membership building requirements – it is simple to use and will allow you to achieve your membership goals effectively, efficiently and with ease.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is divided into nine chapters – each one detailing ways to increase your membership. After a solid overview, with tips and hints to get the most from your program (chapter 1) we move into marketing strategies for recruitment and retention (chapter 2) followed by a complete guide to member recruitment in chapter 3. Once you have solid recruitment plans in place, we move to chapter 4 – member retention – and cover first year member management, how to communicate and engage with your members and how to give and receive quality member feedback.

Chapter 5 covers the vital areas of developing your renewals campaign as well as key ways to win back lost or late paying members. We then move to chapter 6 on building your member revenue – through diverse ways to sell membership upgrades, products, services (such as professional development) and using your member data base to gain more revenue, more often from your members. Chapter 7 will take you through a number of key methods to ensure that you will stabilise your membership and continue to recruit new members, even when times get tough. Never mind what the market is doing, it is what you are doing that counts, in order to ensure future sustainability.

The membership growth tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

The Membership Growth Tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

First impressions matter, and in Chapter 8 you will discover ways to develop and implement creative concepts and materials to ensure members and prospects alike are fully aware of your organisation and your brand. The final chapter 9 will assist you in getting the absolute best with your on-line strategies including your website, social media and other internet tools to build member relationships and loyalty.
The Membership Growth Toolkit is easy to order, is packed with value adding extras and is the only resource you will ever need to build your membership and your membership revenue.

View the Membership Growth Toolkit at www.membershipgrowthtoolkit.com.au

Webinar: 12 Key Steps to Growing Your Membership

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Join us for a Redback Conferencing webinar hosted by Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth.

What could be severely impacting your organisation’s current membership growth? What is one crucial strategy that will build your membership, more than any other in 2014 and beyond?

Don’t know the answers? Well, you will have to join this webinar to find out!


  • How you can attract new and engaged members
  • How you can retain your current members
  • How you can turn your members into raving fans
  • How to immensely build your revenue streams

Kevin will guide you through a 12 stage program that will give you great ideas, as well as some vital guidelines that you can use right now to have your best year yet!

When: Tuesday, 15th April 2014
What Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm Sydney Time (Australian Eastern Time)
Your Host: Kevin Cahalane – Membership Growth
Learning Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Register through Redback Conferencing for this free webinar.

Becoming a Membership Master

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Membership Mastery for Professionals, is a workshop organised in partnership between Membership Growth and Syneka Marketing. Natalia and I, joined Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth, to deliver the full-day workshop.

Membership Mastery for Professionals, guides participants through marketing principles, to develop strategies that improve the retention and recruitment of members. The session includes a workbook, enabling attendees to identify their key objectives, as well as articulate the value that their organisation can offer members.

Alex discussing marketing strategies for not-for-profit organisations

Alex discussing marketing strategies for not-for-profit organisations

Identifying your organisation’s value proposition is required to develop key messages that appeal to prospective members. These key messages need to be consistent across all forms of communication

Furthermore, it is important to use the right communication tools to reach prospective and current members. A combination of approaches will often be required to encourage results, hence each communication method should reinforce the call to action and key messages.

An organisation needs to not only recruit members, but also retain them to ensure ongoing growth. First year members are often at the highest risk of non-renewals, followed by those in their second year. Specific processes should be developed to foster connections with these members, such as highlighting upcoming events and other initiatives. The workshop outlined a number of actions that organisations should develop to foster these connections and to encourage ongoing renewals.

Today’s workshop also included a new session on creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations. Natalia guided participants on the marketing and communications tools that are available, as well as the design and textual elements that should be considered.

Organisations are increasingly introducing memberships to establish ongoing support and to create independent sources of income. Fostering a strong and active membership, requires strategies and actions that deliver value and foster ongoing engagement.

Natalia discussing creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations

Natalia discussing creative design and copywriting for not-for-profit organisations

Announcing Membership Mastery for Professionals – October 2013

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Do you seriously want to grow your membership, and your member revenue, in 2013 and beyond? Do you want to recession-proof your organisation and ensure long term membership loyalty?

If you are looking to build your membership and your member revenue, by participating in a professionally conducted, value for money training program exclusively for the Not-for-Profit Sector – then please consider … Membership Mastery for Professionals.

A comprehensive training program covering every aspect of membership and revenue growth for membership managers and anyone who is accountable for growing their membership and their member revenue in 2013 … and beyond.

A one-day (8.30am – 4.30pm) workshop will be held in the following cities:

  • Melbourne, Victoria on Tuesday the 22nd of October 2013
  • Sydney, New South Wales on Thursday the 24th of October 2013

All participants will receive a tailored workbook and a copy of the Membership Growth Toolkit and resources (valued at $197) – the best membership building program currently available in Australia

Full fee for the day is only $595 (GST inclusive) but ACT TODAY to secure your place for an early bird special of just $495 per person (GST inclusive).  Be quick!  The early bird special expires on the 13th of September.

Find out more and register

The Membership Growth Toolkit is the ultimate resource for successful Member Recruitment, Retention, Renewals/Reactivation and Revenue earning, designed specifically for anyone in the not-for-profit sector.

Membership Mastery Melbourne 2013 Workshop

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Membership Mastery is a joint workshop organised by Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth and Syneka Marketing. Kevin outlined processes for membership retention and recruitment, including the need for comprehensive database membership and customer service.

Kevin Cahalane presenting at the Membership Mastery Workshop

Kevin Cahalane presenting at the Membership Mastery Workshop

I discussed membership marketing and the need to adopt a consistent approach that is reinforced through key messages:

The recruitment and retention of members should be considered an important marketing goal for any membership based organisation. Membership provides an independent revenue stream and opportunities for ongoing growth.

A marketing plan should articulate the strengths of your organisation and the key messages that will appeal to potential members. An organisation’s strengths provides a competitive advantage and should be adapted as tangible membership benefits.

Every organisation competitors, whether through competing causes or other alternatives to the expense or time required for membership. Understanding tangible benefits creates a value proposition to prospective members.

The value proposition should be articulated as key messages that are reflected across all communication tools. Prospective and current members need consistent messages to reinforce the value of their membership. The importance of membership should be conveyed to existing members to encourage renewals. Prospective members should be encouraged to realise the value and benefits they would receive from membership.

Alex Makin discussing marketing and membership at the Membership Mastery 2013 Workshop

Alex Makin discussing marketing and membership at the Membership Mastery 2013 Workshop

Websites provide the potential for a comprehensive and instantaneous membership resource, but need to be updated to demonstrate their importance. If access to a membership section is considered a benefit, then it needs to include ongoing value added content.

Websites are often the first point of entry for prospective members and someone will question whether the organisation still exists if there is only outdated content. Similarly, social media needs to be maintained to foster online communities. Content can be integrated between and a website and social media, providing a base level of communications and freeing up time to engage communities.

Social media can be an effective tool in membership engagement, but there is a need for policies and clear guidelines. Social media guidelines should be published on your website and in areas such as the about section on Facebook to ensure that members are clear on acceptable usage.

You should designate spokespeople who make official announcements, but board members, staff, members and volunteers should be encouraged to interact and respond to conversations. The authorised spokespeople should be empowered to manage difficult situations and encourage offline discussions to manage negativity.

Online engagement enables the ability to strengthen membership retention. Stronger levels of engagement increases the likelihood of word of mouth recommendations and extend the organisation’s reach.

Ongoing communication with consistent messages will reinforce the organisation’s value proposition and the ability to appeal to current and prospective members.