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Golden Key RMIT Future of Leadership Youth Forum

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Over the course of 2015 I have been undertaking a Masters in Marketing and have continued my involvement with Golden Key, a not-for-profit organisation that supports students who have achieved high academic merit in their studies. My involvement with Golden Key began during my undergraduate studies, with their skills assisting me in transitioning from a Financial career into professional Marketing Services.

Golden Key, through RMIT, is holding a forum on youth based leadership. This forum provides the opportunity for young people to build up their leadership skills with several industry experts, including Harold Mitchell (AC) and RMIT Vice Chancellor Martin Bean.

Please circulate this event to people that may be interested for this free event. Register through EventBrite. (link EventBrite to http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/future-of-leadership-youth-forum-tickets-18275064209

The original call to action

When a lack of strategy creates trouble – Woolworth’s Fresh in our Memories Campaign

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With ANZAC day just over a week away, Woolworth’s has found itself in an uncomfortable predicament. In an attempt to commemorate the upcoming centenary of ANZAC day, Woolworth’s commissioned Carrspace, an experiential marketing agency to create a campaign that would capture the ANZAC spirt and align it with the Woolworth’s brand.

What was delivered was a flawed concept that the Internet captured and transformed into a meme. The concept provided by Carrspace was a website that enabled users to upload images of their loved ones who have fought in wars, with stylised watermarked text that read “Least we forget ANZAC 1915-2015 Fresh In Our Memories Woolworths”. Users had the option of uploading any image they desired and then sharing via social media accounts.

The original call to action

The original call to action

This was the problem. It did not take long for users to start uploading other imagery, often associated with memes such as Grumpy Cat and the Fresh Price of Bell Air.


A meme version featuring Grumpy Cat

A meme version featuring Grumpy Cat

A meme version featuring the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air

A meme version featuring the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air

While Woolworths is currently reeling from the reputational damaged caused by this campaign, the agency Carrspace has also found itself in the spotlight with memes directly making fun of the agency and its lack of strategic direction.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

This campaign is yet another example of where a lack of strategy created poor outcomes. There were no discernible metrics and no effective assessment of the perception that would be created through attaching the Woolworths tagline to Anzac memories.

With the right strategy, marketing can be measured. Had Carrspace taken a strategic approach, it would have been able to assess the risks of the campaign and determine if it was viable. Carrspace is an experiential marketing agency that delivers campaigns to its clients through creative tactics. It is not a provider of strategic marketing services. This is a clear example of a campaign that appeared to have no discernible outcome, yet has caused potential risk to both the agency and the client.

Ultimately #freshinourmemories is an example of a retailer utilising an agency that focuses on tactics before thinking about the strategy and their strategic direction. Unfortunately such outcomes tarnish the wider perception of marketing and once again erode the fact that a sound marketing methodology would have fully understood the potential risks around such a campaign.

When you search for strategic marketing on Google you will see us on the front page

We have made it to the first page of Google

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We have made it to the first page of Google, when you search for strategic marketing agency Australia. We are the second result in the Google listing.

We strongly believe that success starts with strategy and it is great to see that we are being recognised for our strategic marketing services.

We began as a strategic marketing consultancy in 2009 and strategy remains a key focus of our business. From marketing plans to developing a brochure or website, we make sure that we think about things strategically.

Pitching for work is something we do well

Pitching for work – one of the realities of working in marketing

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In marketing there are four ways to get work:

  • From someone you know;
  • Through existing clients;
  • Direct sales and communications;
  • Pitching for work

Pitching for work has to be one of the most challenging aspects of being a Marketer. Developing a pitch requires a great deal of time and effort, and can sometimes be costly.  The risk with investing time in a pitch is that there is a possibility that you may not get the job.

However, pitching  is a natural part of marketing. Every marketer has to present pitches to be able to build up the capacity of their agency or to maintain healthy cash flow.

Prospective clients benefit from the pitching process by being able to test ideas and business relationships before committing themselves to a service.  The pitch process helps ensure a fit between the marketing agency and client.

Innovation and strategy have been two of the main reasons that Alex and I have been able to win jobs at Syneka Marketing. We also provide clients with a personalized approach and genuinely look after their needs.

Pitching for work  can also lead to improvements in sales processes and brand development. We have learned a lot about how others perceive our brand through the pitching process. It is great to see there is little disparity between how potential clients  perceive our brand and how we perceive it to be.

If you would like Syneka Marketing to pitch for your marketing work, then give us a call on 1300 965 989 or email us at info@synekamarketing.com.au.

Syneka Marketing

Welcome to 2013!

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Welcome to 2013! We hope you had a well deserved break and are ready for the upcoming year ahead.

The previous twelve months were a busy time for us, as we consolidated our position as market leaders in the not-for-profit sector. We were featured several times in Third Sector Magazine and maintained regular speaking commitments. Our expertise was also recognized by businesses, where we secured several local and international clients.

Many of our clients requested a full range of marketing services. As a result we have expanded our creative marketing division, providing a full range of print and digital design services. We are pleased to complement our strategic marketing approach with creativity and design flair.

Outsourced marketing and implementation is another area that has often been requested by our clients. We will be offering a range of outsourced marketing packages and details will be released in early 2013. These packages will assist businesses and community organisations with day-to-day marketing activities, underpinned by our focus on strategic direction.

Thank you for your support over the past twelve months, we look forward to working with you in 2013 and beyond.