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Welcome to 2016 – The year we want to stop saying ‘we told you so’

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Welcome to 2016! February is almost here and we have said hello to one of our busiest and most productive starts to the year.

Each year we set a narrative that guides the ongoing direction of Syneka Marketing. Our narrative is designed to be ambitious as we strive to re-define marketing into a measurable and accountable profession.

It is unfortunate that far too many businesses and not-for-profit organisations are fixated on tactics, rather than undertaking a strategic approach to marketing. In these situations, people become so fixated on a shiny bauble (the tactic that makes someone look busy but fails to have any depth) that they invariably run off, commit their budgets, only to run back to us when outcomes were not achieved.

A tactics led approach benefits no one. The client fails to gain traction and while execution based agencies may secure a sale, they often struggle to retain clients because the marketing mix was inconsistent and metrics were poorly defined.

This is why we want 2016 to be the year that we stop saying ‘we told you so’.

A strategic led approach leads to measurable marketing outcomes that deliver value to clients and the agencies that work with them. Our Syneka Marketing Performance Methodology , through the process of Audits, Forecasts and Strategic Marketing Plans, ensures a systematic, consistent, measurable and independent approach that delivers value and builds business capacity.

We continue to maintain our professional accreditation, with our leadership team being Certified Practising Marketers (CPMs) and being recognised through the Australian Marketing Institute’s Awards for Marketing Excellence.

We are working with execution based agencies to embed our strategic approach, ensuring that their tactics can be measured across marketing channels and throughout the decision making process. We are continuing our focus on education, with workshops and conference presentations to discuss the role of marketing, based on its core definition of delivering value and building business capacity.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you throughout the months ahead. Welcome to 2016 and may you achieve your business goals throughout this year.

What is Integrated Marketing?

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Integrated marketing ensures that a business or organisation is able to deliver a consistent message, when undertaking various marketing and communication initiatives.

The marketing and communications mix can comprise of various components, such as a website, print media, social media and events. In addition there may be different individuals or departments working across these activities.

The Humanities 21 provides a consistent brand and message

The Humanities 21 provides a consistent brand and message

For example, you may have a graphic designer who undertakes design work for print advertising and a dedicated team that supports and plans events. Various departments may also have their own communication channels, such as email newsletters or specific events.

Each of these activities leaves an impression on your target markets. Inconsistent branding or messages distorts the ability to create a consistent image, eroding the potential to reinforce key messages.

Integrated marketing prevents inconsistency by adopting a strategic approach.

Start by considering the right strategy for your organisation and identifying your key target markets. Once the strategy has been identified, you can consider the communication tools that should be used to reach the target markets and the messages you want to promote.

Existing marketing activities need to be aligned with this strategy. Ensure that existing tools have a consistent branding and reinforce the key messages that will promote your organisation.

The same branding is utilised for newsletters

Integrated marketing ensures that the same branding is utilised for communication tools, like newsletters to reinforce key messages.

An important component of integrated marketing is evaluation. Knowing what you want to achieve enables you to measure those results. Marketing channels should be evaluated to consider their effectiveness and to ensure that your messages are reaching your target markets.

You will often need several contact points to motivate a potential customer, volunteer or other stakeholders. Integrated marketing enables you to reinforce your key messages, creating a consistent approach that helps prompt action.

Integrated marketing ensures consistency across all communication channels, including Social Media.

Integrated marketing ensures consistency across all communication channels, including social media.