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Seek’s new marketing campaign – an example of a brand becoming too comfortable and losing its focus

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A few years ago I wrote a post about the state of University advertising and how at the time it failed to inspire. Recently, I was quite surprised to see that Seek was following a similar style to these advertisements.

Seek was one of the first businesses in Australia to succeed as a disruptive start up. The impact of Seek has been prolific, it has been able to transform the job market and in doing so, it has demonstrated how technology adds value for both job seekers and employers.

Against many odds, including the international players in the market, Seek has become the market leader as source for finding jobs and recruiting positions.

In the past, Seek undertook a cheeky and innovative approach to advertising, creating campaigns that were witty and clever. Now it appears as Seek has grown, it has changed this approach.

A past campaign

A past campaign

A play on words Source: Smart

A play on words Source: Smart

Seek in its latest campaign, has decided have focused on photographing a series of people, both young and old, who want change in their lives. The tag line “make it count” has been used to reinforce the change. While advocating for Australians to go out there and change their lives, the implementation of this campaign has been poor.

The subjects used in the photography all have serious and unhappy looks on their faces, almost analogous to individuals in not-for-profit advertising, portraying that they have been hard-done-by. These advertisements do not connect with those of us who may be unhappy in our jobs and are looking for a change. Instead the people in these advertisements seem stuck and unable to escape the situations that they are in, reinforcing that sometimes life isn’t fair.

One of the advertisement at a tram stop

One of the advertisement at a tram stop


Seek's Make it Count campaign

Seek’s Make it Count campaign

Universities in this country have the advantage of being in a market where there is strong demand. They also do not have an extensive number of competitors and can sometimes, unfortunately make do with poorly implemented marketing campaigns. Seek on the other hand cannot.

With the technology sector consistently building on its innovations, Seek cannot afford to become comfortable. Seek was able to become a market leader because it took risks, focused on being innovative and demonstrated its value to the Australian public. It seems to have forgotten this strategic approach.

We would encourage Seek to revisit their strategy to ensure they continue to position themselves as a market leader and innovator.

Third Sector Magazine – Developing a Successful Marketing Plan

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Third Sector Magazine is a publication designed specifically for Australia’s not-for-profit sector. Syneka Marketing as market leader in providing solutions for the not-for-profit sector has been offered editorial content in the Third Sector Magazine.

This edition we covered the steps required to develop a successful marketing plan, utilising the Rotary Club of Ringwood as a case study, through the formation of its corporate membership program.

An edited version of the article is available from Third Sector Magazine and was included in the August edition of the magazine.

The complete edition of the article Developing a Successful Marketing Plan is available for registered members of the Syneka Marketing website. Registration is free and provides exclusive access to presentations, articles and papers.

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Membership Growth

Membership Mastery Workshop – Melbourne

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Membership Mastery is a full-day workshop held in conjunction with Kevin Cahalane from Membership Growth. Kevin outlined strategies for membership recruitment and retention. I discussed need for cohesive marketing messages and use of social media to engage members.

As a workshop there was opportunity for discussion, with participants expressing interest in creating cohesive marketing campaigns and emerging social media tools.Through the workshop I covered how social media tools, such as Facebook and Twitter can be integrated with a website to provide a base level of communications.

It is important to consider the role of an organisation’s website and how it can be positioned to deliver key marketing messages. A website will often be the first destination for prospective members and it is important that the key marketing messages resonate with the target demographic.

A member will often need to receive a message multiple times before they respond, it is important to use a combination of marketing tools that will reach the target demographic.

There were several questions around the formation of media releases with media engagement often being a useful tool to increase the reach of an organisation. Media releases can often be useful in generating media coverage but should appeal to the media outlets that are being targeted. For example, local media will often require a local news angle to make it relevant to its readership.

Like the media, targeted marketing messages are critical to reaching prospective members and to encourage them to act.  Messages should have a clear call to action, such as becoming a member.

Membership Mastery provided significant insight into marketing, recruitment and retention for membership based organisations. A second workshop will be held in Sydney on the 7th of August.

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