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Putting Plans into Action

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In March we covered the topic of putting plans into action.Sound planning is essential, but so is implementation as you need to achieve the results you have identified.

  • Firstly you need to undertake your research. Without research it is difficult to determine your position in the market and identify your value proposition.
  • Secondly, a plan requires resources. It is important to determine your requirements to implement the plan effectively and to consider how you can leverage personnel across your business effectively.
  • Lastly, make sure you commence implementing your plan. Results will only be seen if you turn your plan into action.

In March we explored some case studies that identified how plans were put into action. The Salvation Army South Africa and its domestic violence awareness campaign, through #thedress, is an example of sound campaign planning and implementation. While Seek’s #makeitcount campaign was an example of a great idea – inspiring Australians to go out there and find their dream job, it fell short in terms of implementation. Ultimately this campaign was off message and lacked the innovation that is often seen in Seek’s campaigns.

During March we also conducted our first Re-imaging Marketing workshop at the NAB Village. This workshop attracted a diverse range of participants and explored how business goals need to link to marketing outcomes. Planning should be undertaken prior to any tactical components.

In April we will be covering the topic of assessing marketing implementation. Stay tuned to our social media platforms, newsletter and blog to stay informed.

Seek’s new marketing campaign – an example of a brand becoming too comfortable and losing its focus

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A few years ago I wrote a post about the state of University advertising and how at the time it failed to inspire. Recently, I was quite surprised to see that Seek was following a similar style to these advertisements.

Seek was one of the first businesses in Australia to succeed as a disruptive start up. The impact of Seek has been prolific, it has been able to transform the job market and in doing so, it has demonstrated how technology adds value for both job seekers and employers.

Against many odds, including the international players in the market, Seek has become the market leader as source for finding jobs and recruiting positions.

In the past, Seek undertook a cheeky and innovative approach to advertising, creating campaigns that were witty and clever. Now it appears as Seek has grown, it has changed this approach.

A past campaign

A past campaign

A play on words Source: Smart

A play on words Source: Smart

Seek in its latest campaign, has decided have focused on photographing a series of people, both young and old, who want change in their lives. The tag line “make it count” has been used to reinforce the change. While advocating for Australians to go out there and change their lives, the implementation of this campaign has been poor.

The subjects used in the photography all have serious and unhappy looks on their faces, almost analogous to individuals in not-for-profit advertising, portraying that they have been hard-done-by. These advertisements do not connect with those of us who may be unhappy in our jobs and are looking for a change. Instead the people in these advertisements seem stuck and unable to escape the situations that they are in, reinforcing that sometimes life isn’t fair.

One of the advertisement at a tram stop

One of the advertisement at a tram stop


Seek's Make it Count campaign

Seek’s Make it Count campaign

Universities in this country have the advantage of being in a market where there is strong demand. They also do not have an extensive number of competitors and can sometimes, unfortunately make do with poorly implemented marketing campaigns. Seek on the other hand cannot.

With the technology sector consistently building on its innovations, Seek cannot afford to become comfortable. Seek was able to become a market leader because it took risks, focused on being innovative and demonstrated its value to the Australian public. It seems to have forgotten this strategic approach.

We would encourage Seek to revisit their strategy to ensure they continue to position themselves as a market leader and innovator.

What’s in a name? The Story behind Syneka Marketing

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Welcome to 2015, let’s aim to make this year the point in which we re-visit our visions and ensure that our actions reflect and strengthen our strategic direction. Far too many decisions in business and politics, have been undertaken on a whim, without enough thought on whether these actions strengthen your direction and vision.

With 2015 underway, we thought it was timely to re-visit the story behind Syneka Marketing, beginning with our origins, through to our present context and to where we aim to be into the future.

The name Syneka is an amalgam between Synergy and Capacity building.

Syneka - an amalgam between Synergy and Capacity Building

Our mission is to reinforce the value of marketing when defining your strategic direction. Unfortunately it is far too common to see marketing operating in a silo, both in relation marketing relative to other functions, such as sales, HR or IT, but also in regard to marketing execution. Many campaigns fail because tactical actions, such as social media content has not been integrated with other forms of copy, or where campaign objectives get overtaken by a focus on tools, rather than the overall impact.

Hence the word Synergy, Syneka Marketing exists to inject strategic thought into marketing.

We have often commented on the need to re-define marketing and there is a need to ensure that Synergy remains true to its focus on the sums of the whole being greater than its parts.

Effective marketing creates synergy. A marketing campaign that reflects your strategic direction and is supported by the various functions in your business will achieve a positive impact on profitability and your sustainability.

Capacity is the other element within the Syneka Marketing name. Strategic Marketing ensures that you are able to grow the capacity of your business and achieve your aims. Ultimately, strategic marketing is about understanding where you want to be in the future and utilising your current context to build the capacity to achieve this vision. Strong and effective marketing strengthens your capacity to deliver on your mission.

Capacity is obviously spelt with a C, the switch to a K is due to phonetics. A hard C, which is pronounced a K, is more memorable and stronger than a soft C.

We’re looking forward to sharing your journey in 2015 and ensuring that marketing delivers synergy and expands the capacity of your business.

Why business partnerships are important

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Meaningful business partnerships can lead to ongoing growth. A well functioning business partnership should be one that is built on mutual trust, where both parties benefit.

The best partners are those who have complementary skills. A business partner needs to add value to your business. There is no point setting up a partnership with a business that simply acts as a supplier. Focusing on building partnerships that expand your offering may mean that you are able to take on projects that require a wider skills base.

The best part about finding business partners is that you can focus on what you do best and use your partners to deliver what they do best. Being able to do what you do best means you can focus on building your business around your core offering and demonstrated expertise.

It is important to be on the same page as your business partners. Working collaboratively to align goals ensures you are heading in the same direction.

Business partners can also be used to pool capital around projects that offer mutual benefit. For example, if you both wanted to target new customers through a direct telemarketing campaign, you and your partner can share costs around administering a campaign that would provide mutual benefits.

It can sometimes be hard to look objectively at your business, a good business partner will generally want you to succeed. They can often serve as a valuable conduit to share ideas and be used to crystallise the dynamics behind your internal processes and policies.

Business partnerships can build the capacity of your business and lead to new opportunities. Partnerships are well worth considering when looking at ways to grow your business.

Managing Volunteers - Take the Next Step

Managing Volunteers – Take the Next Step

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Many not-for-profit organisations rely on volunteers for service delivery and to assist with administration and other functions.

Managing Volunteers – Take the Next Step, was a full day conference hosted by the Shire of Yarra Ranges and Eastern Volunteers. The conference discussed several topics relevant to volunteer management national standards, the steps required to prepare an organisation for volunteers, as well as marketing and promoting an organisation.

I presented a session for the afternoon workshop, discussing the Essentials of Social Media and Marketing.  The presentation discussed the need for a strategic marketing approach, to identify aims and to understand what would attract volunteers to assist with the organisation.

Organisations need consistent messages to demonstrate the volunteer experiences that are created through their involvement.  Messages need to be communicated using a range of marketing tools to reach prospective volunteers through multiple communication channels.

Social media is one of the tools that can be used to reach prospective volunteers and should be considered as a part of a cohesive marketing campaign.  Social media should be integrated with website content, providing the seamless ability to update websites, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites

It is important to utilise the strengths of each tool and one advantage of social media is the ability to share content.  The intent should not necessarily be to develop viral content, but to ensure your target audience is able to distribute content and share their views on being involved with the organisation.  Stories can be very effective and assist in providing content that can be shared.  The sharing of content is the online equivalent of word of mouth recommendations and can help reach the connections of people already involved with the organisation.

Successful volunteer recruitment will use a mix of tools to reach prospective volunteers, supported by consistent messages and a cohesive marketing approach. Marketing encompasses more than promotional tools, such as brochures or flyers, but every form of interaction that someone has with an organisation.

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Third Sector Magazine – Developing a Successful Marketing Plan

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Third Sector Magazine is a publication designed specifically for Australia’s not-for-profit sector. Syneka Marketing as market leader in providing solutions for the not-for-profit sector has been offered editorial content in the Third Sector Magazine.

This edition we covered the steps required to develop a successful marketing plan, utilising the Rotary Club of Ringwood as a case study, through the formation of its corporate membership program.

An edited version of the article is available from Third Sector Magazine and was included in the August edition of the magazine.

The complete edition of the article Developing a Successful Marketing Plan is available for registered members of the Syneka Marketing website. Registration is free and provides exclusive access to presentations, articles and papers.

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