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Not-for-profit Social Media Map

A social media map for not-for-profits

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Alex was recently asked at a workshop, by a participant, if there was a map for not-for-profits to navigate social media.

After much research, we discovered that no such map exists!

The appropriate use of social media is becoming increasingly important in the not-for-profit sector.

We work with many not-for-profit clients on meeting their social media needs. One of the most common questions we get asked, is what platforms would be most appropriate for the organisation.

Not-for-profit Social Media Map

Not-for-profit Social Media Map

As a full service marketing agency with an interest in the not-for-profit sector and social media, we thought it would be great to design a map that would help not-for-profits make the most of social media.

Devising this map was quite a challenge!

We initially thought about outcomes, and drawing arrows to different social media platforms. However, as many social media platforms can do more than one thing, we found that this just overcomplicated things.

What we ultimately produced is a Venn diagram inspired social media map. This social media map works around outcomes, for example, if a not-for-profit organisation wanted to only showcase their pictures, Pinterest would be a suitable platform. If they were looking for a platform that was multi-functional, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter would be the way to go.

We believe that this social media map will provide the not-for-profit sector with a simple tool to not only determine what social media tools would be appropriate for their organisation, but also figure out what content would be appropriate for these platforms.


VECCI Fast Forward – August 2013 Speed Networking

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VECCI is the Victorian Employers Chamber of Commerce, representing businesses in Victoria. Syneka Marketing has been a corporate member of VECCI for several years, due to benefits such as networking opportunities, factsheets and policy templates.

This evening myself and Natalia Perera attended VECCI Fast Forward, a speed networking event designed to enable two people to discuss their businesses in 60 seconds each. The aim of speed networking is not to provide in-depth discussion, but to enable people to quickly introduce their business and potential opportunities for cooperation.

Myself and Natalia met over 60 people over the course of the speed networking session, providing a great opportunity to meet businesses located across Melbourne. Syneka Marketing is a unique marketing agency, because of our focus on strategy, which ensures we can deliver tangible results for businesses.

We look forward to working with several of the businesses we met to assist them in their strategic, creative and digital marketing needs.

Natalia Perera is the Creative Director of Syneka Marketing

What is a Creative Director?

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As the Creative Director of Syneka Marketing, I would like to discuss what the role entails and how I work with our other teams.

I officially became the Creative Director of Syneka in 2012. As a result of our clients asking us for Creative services, we transitioned into a full service marketing agency.

I have always had a strong eye for detail, an understanding of design and creative concepts, as well as a passion for the arts.

Creative Directors generally exist in advertising, marketing, graphic design, film and media agencies. A Creative Director is someone who will make decisions about the creative content produced by an agency. In my role, I undertake a lot of research before I make decisions on print and digital layouts, copywriting and the production of events.

Creative Directors usually provide direction to other staff or contractors in an agency. I provide this direction through a creative brief. I also develop presentations to support the Creative Brief, as I have found that Graphic Designers tend to be visual people. I also lead meetings and workshops to ensure that my team produce high quality work.

I also have the opportunity to undertake some of the Graphic design work. I believe that this keeps me grounded and enables me to understand the programs designers work with and the ability to turn ideas into reality. It also enables me to effectively manage my expectations when I manage others who use these programs.

My role at Syneka Marketing also incorporates pitching for new work with our prospective clients. I find that my creativity enables me to think outside the square to provide innovative solutions that solve our client’s needs.

Being a Creative Director is a very rewarding career, as I have the ability to use my creativity every day during work.