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Mentoring Marketers through the 2015 Emerging Marketers Mentor Program

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The Emerging Marketers Mentoring Program is one of the highlights of the Australian Marketing Institute’s annual program. Experienced marketers are matched with emerging marketers, providing mentoring and advice to assist with the transition from studies into a career, or how to progress as they develop their marketing expertise.

This evening the Australian Marketing Institute held the launch of the Emerging Marketers Program for 2015, where we announced the matching of mentors with mentees. Interest in the program for both mentors and mentees continues to grow, reinforcing the importance of continual development. Both Natalia and I are mentors through the Emerging Marketers program and we have begun to discuss an action plan for our mentees.

As professional marketers we need to expand the capacity of the profession so the sector can demonstrate its impact. The emerging marketers mentoring program is an evident example of how the sector can strengthen the marketing profession.

A Marketing Plan identifies how you can achieve your goals

Re-imagining Marketing – Our Second Workshop for 2015

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The definition of marketing is often misunderstood, with many businesses viewing marketing as a series of tactics, rather than the ability to achieve your business goals.

This morning we held our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, which aims to re-define marketing by demonstrating its value in ensuring long term success.

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Participants at Re-Imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Alex Makin presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Natalia Perera presenting at Re-imagining Marketing

Fundamentally marketing is about generating value. As marketers we develop strategies that reinforce the value that is created between businesses, organisations and their stakeholders. Our workshop guided participants through a strategic approach to marketing, which enables the evaluation of tactics and ongoing performance measurement.

We looked at the differences between marketing and tactics and provided insights into the best way to work with individuals within the marketing industry, including those who provide tactics such as web designers, graphic artists and social media consultants.

This is our second Re-imaging Marketing Workshop, and further sessions will be held throughout the year. The workshop is designed to be interactive and it is great to learn more about the participants and the visions they have for their businesses.

We would like to thank the attendees for their participation and for the positive feedback these sessions have received. Re-defining marketing is essential to ensuring that it delivers value and we look forward to our next workshop sessions.

Australian Marketing Institute’s Beers with Peers

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Beers with Peers is the Australian Marketing Institute’s networking event series. Our inaugural networking session was held in conjunction with Emerging Marketers Victoria, bringing together both professional and emerging marketers.

There was the opportunity to network and build connections with other marketers. As a marketing agency, events such as Beers with Peers, enables us to foster relationships with collaboration partners.

Alex Makin speaking at Beers with Peers

Alex Makin speaking at Beers with Peers



Beers with Peers draws in a large crowd

Beers with Peers draws in a large crowd

Beers with Peers has established itself as a highlight in Victoria’s event calendar and provided a fantastic opportunity to introduce the Australian Marketing Institute’s Mentoring program. Natalia and I have been mentored emerging marketers through the program, providing an opportunity for graduates and entry-level marketers to connect with established marketing professionals.

Towards the end of the night

Towards the end of the night

The Australian Marketing profession needs to strengthen and foster collaboration. Events like Beers with Peers enables marketers to connect with each other and foster further discussions. Stay tuned for the continuation of Beers with Peers throughout 2015.

How to create a plan that works

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In business, as in life, sometimes things do not go according to plan.

If you are finding that things are not going to plan, the first thing to do is not to panic. Marketing Plans are designed to deliver ongoing results and you should have metrics that enable you to evaluate results.

Creating a plan that works can be challenging, and this is why as marketers we have the established credentials and expertise to create informed plans that deliver results.

The following five factors are important in ensuring that a marketing plan is effective.

Take into account your changing environment – when constructing a plan, take into account factors that may be subject to change. If there are emerging trends, or changing competitive pressures, consider how to turn these into opportunities.

Do your research – a plan is based on the information that is researched and analysed. Almost half of the content in our plans includes research into the current and future context to create a responsive and proactive marketing approach. Without the right research, you can reach the wrong conclusions. Make sure you take an objective and analytical approach when conducting research.

Be realistic – develop a plan that works with you rather than against you. There is no point developing a series of actions if you do not have the time or budget to implement them. Work to your strengths and ensure you create a plan that fits your business, in terms of skills, time and budgetary requirements.

Plans are only effective if you implement them – once you have a plan, start implementing it. Our comprehensive marketing plans are broken down on a week by week basis. By breaking down your plan, it becomes less daunting and easier for you to implement.

Measure your results – a marketing plan should have metrics built into it, so that you can track your progress. Set performance indicators and evaluate these results. Be proactive and respond to changes before they become problematic and impact you over the long term.

By developing and implementing a plan you will achieve ongoing success. A plan is developed to enable you to achieve your goals, so make sure it is built on solid foundations.

Recognising our Professional Expertise

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the professional association for marketers across Australia. Since its formation in 1933 the Australian Marketing Institute has been responsible for advancing the marketing profession.

Alex is a recognised Certified Practising Marketer (CPM) which is the accredited standard for the industry. The CPM recognises formal qualifications and experience to recognise professional marketers and the outcomes they provide.

In addition, Alex has now become an Associate Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute, reinforcing ongoing service to the marketing profession.

Professional expertise is one of our strengths at Syneka Marketing and our professional recognition reinforces this aspect.

AMI Event: Break Out of the Box with Cyriel Kortleven

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The Australian Marketing Institute as Australia’s peak marketing association holds regular events to provide new skills to the marketers and the profession. Last week, we held our first event for 2015, Big Data: Beyond the Buzzwords, where we explored how big data has led to better business decisions.

Big data itself, is a relatively simple concept, where disparate but interrelated data is combined to deliver new insights. At one stage, Big Data as a concept, was considered the forefront of innovation and it is important that marketers continue to explore new methods of delivering greater insight.

Today’s session explored innovation and the need for marketers to remain innovative. International speaker, Cyriel Kortleven led participants through a framework that they can use to remain connected to innovation and to always explore new possibilities. Cyriel worked interactively with attendees to help harness creativity and utilised the excellent facilities provided through the NAB Arena.

Feedback for both Break out of the Box and Big Data: beyond the buzzwords, was extremely positive and it is fantastic to see professional marketers engaging in Australia’s peak marketing association.