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Social Enterprise: Not for Profit Real Estate Agency opens in Melbourne

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One of Melbourne’s largest housing and homelessness providers, HomeGround Services, is about to enter the real estate industry.

HomeGround Real Estate is a social enterprise that will provide expert property and tenancy management services to investors and socially minded property owners in Melbourne.

The proceeds of the venture will be reinvested into assisting a growing number of individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and rely on HomeGround for housing and support services.

A team of dedicated property and tenancy staff, based in Collingwood, are ready to provide a high level of service to landlords and tenants throughout Melbourne.

HomeGround CEO Dr Heather Holst said the agency had 15 years’ experience in property and tenancy management and a desire to boost capacity in response to a growing demand for housing and support services.

“Our tenancy and property management team has around 15 years’ experience in managing hundreds of properties for the Department of Human Services in addition to many properties in the private rental market under head lease arrangements.”

Dr Holst said the decision to take on the real estate market was also driven by the need to increase HomeGround’s capacity to meet the needs of people seeking housing and support services.

“We have seen a steady increase in the number of people who need assistance with services that can help prevent them becoming homeless and assist those who are already experiencing homelessness,” she said.

“While we continue to predominantly rely on funding bodies to provide these essential services we also realise the vulnerability and uncertainty of this income stream. The real estate agency will allow us to reinvest in our core business of ending homelessness.”

Managing Director and founder of Wilderness Wear, Philip Endersbee, a key supporter of the initiative has listed two apartments in Kew with HomeGround Real Estate at below market rent.

“I have been fortunate enough to acquire some investment property and I am encouraged by the work HomeGround does in working to prevent homelessness. I had the capacity to forego a percentage of rental income in order to help a family in need and would strongly urge others who are in this position to do the same.”

Philippe Batters, a successful real estate agent with his own business in South Yarra, is supporting the agency by acting as the Principal on a pro-bono basis.

“I think this is a wonderful initiative and I’m keen to assist HomeGround Real Estate to grow and develop into a successful, competitive player in the market. If you have a rental property and want to see a return on your investment in financial and social terms I hope you will be contacting HomeGround Real Estate.”

What: Launch of HomeGround Real Estate
When: 8am, Tuesday 25 March
Where: Deakin Edge, Federation Square

Media contact: HomeGround Communications Manager Catherine Beadnell: 0450 165 545

Every business can benefit from a plan

Why every business needs a business plan

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Every business needs a plan. A business plan is a comprehensive document that can show you what you need to do to achieve your vision.

A business plan is a future facing document, generally written to cover a five year period. Planning five years into the future can seem daunting. Fortunately, a well developed business plan can help you break down the steps you need to succeed, providing you with a methodical approach on what you can do to work towards achieving your vision.

More often than not, business plans are associated with business Start-Ups. However, any business, no matter where they are in the business cycle, can benefit from having a business plan. If you are part of an established business that is finding it hard to remain profitable, a business plan can offer you solutions on how you can make efficiency gains and streamline processes. A business plan also works well for businesses who want to expand a product line, have changed their structure, or are servicing new markets.

Generally a business plan will enable you to determine your mission and vision. This can be done collaboratively with your staff and stakeholders or your management team. Having a set mission and vision makes it easy for outsiders to see what you are working towards.

Business planning is all about strategy and objectivity. To develop an effective business plan, requires looking at a business from all angles. As a Strategic Marketing agency, we like to not only look at costs, but also revenue raising activities that are achievable over the timeframe of the plan.

If implemented correctly, a business plan can provide certainty around your future success. Success starts with strategy, and a business plan can show you what it takes to succeed.

Leadership Excellence: Attributes of High Achievers

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Whatever your chosen profession, detailed below is a checklist of key attributes displayed by those who are at the top of their profession – as leaders of their people and a credit to themselves and their organisation.

LEADERSHIP. Develop and communicate clearly a vision of the future that is in line with the corporate vision, mission and goals. Top leaders challenge the status quo within their span of control and field of influence and seek innovative ways to move forward toward making the vision a reality. They take risks and inspire and empower others to be a part of making that vision a reality.

MANAGEMENT IDENTIFICATION. See themselves as a part of the management team. Work to establish and develop relationships with other managers. Use personal pronouns (we, us, your) in their communications. Show support for the management team’s decisions and dedicate themselves to making the decisions work. They avoid the use of other personal pronouns such as ‘I, me’.

COMMITTED TO THE GROWTH OF OTHERS. Identifies the skills and experiences subordinates need to further their professional development. Seeks out and uses training and educational opportunities, and guides the people through appropriate experiences to reinforce the learning. Uses counselling and coaching skills to assist his/her team to achieve the highest levels of self-motivated performance.

ACHIEVEMENT ORIENTED. Goal driven attitudes and behaviours that are self-motivating and create a motivational environment for their team.

PLAN AND ORGANISE. Sets goals and achievable objectives. Establishes measurable milestones, organises resources and develops a plan of action.

OPTIMISM. Recognises and focuses on strengths in both self and others. Promotes an enthusiastic and contagious ‘can do’ attitude.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Holds self and others accountable for achieving objectives. Maintains tracking methods to ensure milestones are reached. Understand the skills and knowledge required of others to reach objectives and does not set others up for failure, while constantly acknowledging the successes of others.

LISTENING COMPREHENSION. Concentrates and listens with intensity and respect. Gains a comprehensive understanding (not necessarily agreement) of what is being communicated. Maintains a constant dialogue with others to keep them informed, as well as to get feedback. Demonstrates willingness to take action on feedback gained.

PROFESSIONAL IMAGE. Holds his/her chosen profession in high-esteem. Affiliates with professional organisations. Models exemplary professional attitudes and conduct.

SELF-CONFIDENT. Know themselves well, knows their direction, and knows how they will achieve their mission.