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Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfast with Animal Aid

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The Eastern Volunteers Business Booster Breakfasts aim to connect businesses and community organisations by discussing topics that are relevant to each target group. Today’s guest speaker Dr Linda Martson the Acting CEO of Animal Aid to discuss the redevelopment plans for Animal Aid’s shelters and the support received from the community.

The business and community breakfast receives sponsorship from the Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank and it was great to see Animal Aid as another example of an organisation that receives support from the bank. Animal Aid has a long term vision to redevelop the shelters into a modern facility and education centre. This will assist in the rescue of neglected animals and increase adoption rates.

Animal Aid is another example of a community organisation that is able to deliver innovative programs through partnerships with businesses. The Mt Evelyn Branch of the Bendigo Community Bank was also instrumental in assisting Eastern Volunteers in being able to relocate to an accessible, ground floor premises.

The Eastern Volunteers Business and Community Breakfasts recognise that businesses and community organisations share common interests and it is great to ongoing support for the event.