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Discussing experiences as a Councillor for the MAV Stand for Council Campaign

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Being an elected Councillor requires an ongoing time commitment coupled with an understanding of good governance and the ability to respond to community feedback. Victorian council elections will be held at the end of October in all local councils with the exception of Brimbank City Council.

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) provides introductory sessions for prospective council candidates to assist in understanding the role and responsibilities of local government. The sessions include an overview from a neighbouring Council Chief Executive Officer and Councillor to discuss the role of council officers and elected representatives.

This evening I was invited to speak at the information session held at Knox City Council to provide an overview of my experiences in local government and advice on conducting council campaigns. The session provided an opportunity for candidates to discuss the operations of a Council and the role that Councillors undertake within the community. In particular I was able to provide an overview of governance structures for Council to assist candidates in understanding how Councillors can deliver results for the community.

I attended a similar information session in 2005 when I first stood for local government in Maroondah and found that the discussion was useful in gaining an insight into councils.   Candidates should be advised to learn about local government and its decision making processes to ensure that they can become effective representatives for their community.

Marketing Workshop with Wimmera Volunteers

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Wimmera Volunteers is a Volunteer Resource Centre based in Horsham, which covers five local government municipalities within Western Victoria. Core services include the recruitment of volunteers and community assisted transport services.

Wimmera Volunteers provides a number of transport programs, including community assisted transport for the frail aged and people with disabilities, as well as social outings to reduce isolation.

Significant changes are anticipated for volunteer resource centes, with the National Volunteering Strategy identifying the need for organisations to better target services.

This means that volunteer resource centres need to consider new methods to encourage volunteering. Likewise, there are ongoing changes in the provision of community assisted transport, which is a significant component of services offered by the organisation.

Syneka Marketing has been commissioned by Wimmera Volunteers to develop a marketing plan and create a future vision for the organisation.

A half-day workshop was held with the staff of Wimmera Volunteers to discuss the current organisation and a vision for the future. The feedback received from the workshop will assist in the development of the marketing plan and ensure that the strategy reflects the organisation.

While there is uncertainty in regard to the future role of Volunteer Resource Centres, there are significant opportunities available to strengthen the role and capacity of volunteering within the community.

We look forward to working with Wimmera Volunteers and developing a marketing strategy that creates a compelling future vision for the organisation.