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City of Yarra

City of Yarra Business Networking Breakfast with KeepCup

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The City of Yarra holds regular business events, which encourage networking and discussion around business activities within the municipality. This morning myself and Natalia attended the July Breakfast, which focused on sustainability.

The keynote speaker was Abigail Forsyth from KeepCup, who discussed the history of her business and its focus on sustainability. KeepCup, as a re-usable plastic coffee cup, reduces the number of disposable coffee cups in circulation.

The session was followed by presenters from VECCI, CitySwitch and the Yarra Energy Foundation, who discussed practical steps that businesses can undertake to improve their sustainability. The breakfast enabled businesses to see how sustainability can be incorporated into their ongoing operations and strategic direction.

The original plan for the 'Town of Richmond'

The original plan for the ‘Town of Richmond’

I was also fortunate to have won the business card draw, winning a selection of premium glassware, courtesy of The Weekly Review. The glassware will certainly be of use in our offices!

Business breakfasts provide an opportunity to connect with other local businesses and we will be participating in future events hosted by the City of Yarra.

Business Networking International – Richmond Chapter

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Business Networking International is a global network of business based networking groups.

This morning we attended the Richmond Chapter of Business Networking International, providing an opportunity to meet local businesses and their representatives.

BNI exists to encourage business and referral networks with its memberships. The structure of the meeting holds many similarities with other Clubs, such as Rotary or Toastmasters, but in this case BNI is focused on business outcomes.

The relocation of our Head Office to Richmond has provided an opportunity to network with new businesses and we’re looking forward to getting involved with networking opportunities.