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Early Childhood Management Services Annual General Meeting

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Early Childhood Management Services (ECMS) is a not-for-profit organisation and Victoria’s largest provider of early education and care for children. ECMS is one of our valued clients and we have worked closely with them in developing their marketing presence.

Tonight we attended the ECMS Annual General Meeting, providing a reflection on their achievements over 2014 and a focus on their future direction. Every not-for-profit organisation needs to hold an AGM and to produce an Annual Report. Rather than being considered as a regulatory requirement, these activities should be seen as key marketing tools.

This year ECMS produced an online Annual Report, providing insights into the reach of their services, as well as the impact they create through their work in early education and care. The Annual Report was supported through their Annual General Meeting, which involved key partners to further reinforce the strategic direction of the organisation.

Collaborative partners, funding bodies and other stakeholders will often request copies of an Annual Report. Utilising the report as an opportunity to convey your narrative and impact provides the ability to better engage with these stakeholders.

The work undertaken by ECMS in creating their online Annual Report platform demonstrates how a not-for-profit organisation can reinforce their impact in the community.

The ECMS Annual Report for 2014 is available from www.ecms.org.au/annualreport2014

Membership and Marketing Workshop with the National Seniors Association

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The National Seniors Association is a peak organisation representing the interests of Senior Australians. Advocacy is undertaken at a national level, with local branches providing activities and events to encourage social interaction, recognize skills and reduce isolation.

Like most membership based organisations, the National Seniors Association needs to strengthen the ability to recruit and retain its members. This morning we conducted a workshop with the National Seniors Association to discuss strategies to assist local branches with membership recruitment and retention.

Membership needs to be seen as a key marketing function for both the National Seniors Association and its local branches. The workshop explored the need for consistency, ensuring that local branches understood their strengths and the reasons that someone would like to join. Furthermore, we discussed techniques to ensure that prospective members were being reached and converted into active membership.

Being responsive is critical to keeping members. There is a need to develop formalized feedback channels, such as surveys to ensure that member feedback is being considered. The use of surveys enables a consistent methodology to ensure that changes can be evaluated and compared against previous results.

Members are stakeholders of an organisation and need to develop a sense of ownership over their organisation. Fostering this level of engagement will assist with maintaining membership numbers and keeping them actively engaged.

Annual Reports should be considered a key marketing tool for your organisation

Annual General Meetings and Annual Reports – Key Marketing Tools for Your Organisation

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Annual General Meetings are a requirement under State Legislation for Incorporated Associations and have traditionally been held three months after the end of the reporting year.

As a result, AGMs have typically been held around March for groups that use a calendar financial year or September/October for organisations that utilize the financial year.

Holding an Engaging Annual General Meeting

While there is a formal reporting component to an Annual General Meeting, the event should be seen as an opportunity to engage stakeholders and strengthen support. Engaging speakers can assist in strengthening attendance, as can recognition events, to commemorate the dedication and achievements of people supporting your organisation.

Annual General Meetings need to reflect the tone and vision of your organisation. Ensure that invitations are sent in advance, and extend an opportunity for all relevant stakeholders to attend. Even if they are unable to participate, the AGM invitation can be used to re-establish contact with key supporters.

Media participation can be useful for an Annual General Meeting, but make sure there is content that is considered newsworthy. For example, focus the media involvement on the launch of new initiatives, or on the recognition component of your event. The Annual General Meeting should provide an opportunity to celebrate outcomes over the past twelve months and to position your organisation for the upcoming year.

Office-bearers will be elected at an Annual General Meeting and proceedings of this component should be overseen by an independent Chair. Ensure that processes are correctly followed to deliver a fair and valid result.

Annual Reports should be considered a key marketing tool for your organisation

Annual Reports should be considered a key marketing tool for your organisation

An Annual Report – make it a key marketing tool

An Annual Report, including financial data, discusses outcomes over the past year, and provides a written report to accompany the Annual General Meeting.

Annual Reports, need to be seen as more than just a legislative requirement, and should be considered as a key marketing tool for an organisation. For example, funding partners, such as Government and Trusts, will often require a copy of an Annual Report to support a funding submission.

This provides an opportunity to utilise your Annual Report to communicate outcomes, not only for the previous twelve months, but also into the future. Aligning an annual report with strategies identified in your business plan, can assist in communicating this vision, while also demonstrating the progress that is being made to achieve these outcomes.

Annual Reports and Annual General Meetings provide an opportunity to reinforce and strengthen support for your organisation. These requirements can strengthen the support and profile of your organisation.

Member Renewals: Make it Clear… and Interesting

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Achieving a high rate of membership renewals should be a goal for any membership organisation. Membership renewal letters should be considered a key marketing tool and not just a tax invoice.

The following advice led to an organisation being able to increase its membership renewals to 98%:

  • An attention grabbing headline stating a clear benefit for renewing now.
  • An opening paragraph which instilled a sense of urgency and interest in renewing.
  • A series of benefit statements, listed in bullet point format, that gave compelling reasons why the member should renew.
  • An offer for early renewal (not a huge offer, but something of value to ‘early birds’). This was in the form of a ‘PS’ at the bottom of the page.
  • A call to action at the end of the letter, making it easy for the person to renew.
  • A brochure outlining a member-get-member program, and a reward for introducing a new member (leverage word of mouth marketing and encourage members to recruit their peers)

The result? The organisation gained more renewals before their deadline than ever before. They gained a huge number of new member applications.

Rebranding Workshop with Wimmera Volunteers

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Wimmera Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre, providing volunteer recruitment and community assisted transport across the Wimmera region in northwestern Victoria. Syneka Marketing is developing a marketing plan for Wimmera Volunteers, which includes the possibility of rebranding the organisation to better reflect its potential as a peak organisation.

Wimmera Volunteers, like other volunteer resource centres across Australia, is facing significant challenges with funding reforms from the Commonwealth Government. Volunteer Resource Centres need to position themselves to remain relevant by addressing key funding criteria. In addition, there is considerable scope to expand the services offered by volunteer resource centres to support the development of other community organisations.

The rebranding workshop explored the attributes that would be associated with the new identity and the key marketing recommendations. We’re looking forward to further discussion as we finalise the marketing plan for Wimmera Volunteers.