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Australian Marketing Institute Breakfast Workshop – Is Content the Game Changer?

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak association for professional marketers in Australia, with a particular focus on building the professional development of its members. This morning we hosted a breakfast and panel discussion exploring content and its role in marketing.

The session discussed the role of content, particularly in the use of B2B purchase decisions, where the demonstration of expertise can provide a significant advantage. In addition, prospective clients will often undertake an extensive information search using the Internet, rather than discussions with potential vendors.

The workshop highlighted the need to understand the decision making processes, where many individuals can be involved. Content, like other marketing activities, needs to provide a consistent experience that understands the processes undertaken by prospective clients.

Victoria has hosted several prominent events, promoting the role of connecting business acumen with marketing outcomes. Our next event will be the Awards for Marketing Excellence Gala Dinner to be held on the 22nd of October.

The original call to action

When a lack of strategy creates trouble – Woolworth’s Fresh in our Memories Campaign

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With ANZAC day just over a week away, Woolworth’s has found itself in an uncomfortable predicament. In an attempt to commemorate the upcoming centenary of ANZAC day, Woolworth’s commissioned Carrspace, an experiential marketing agency to create a campaign that would capture the ANZAC spirt and align it with the Woolworth’s brand.

What was delivered was a flawed concept that the Internet captured and transformed into a meme. The concept provided by Carrspace was a website that enabled users to upload images of their loved ones who have fought in wars, with stylised watermarked text that read “Least we forget ANZAC 1915-2015 Fresh In Our Memories Woolworths”. Users had the option of uploading any image they desired and then sharing via social media accounts.

The original call to action

The original call to action

This was the problem. It did not take long for users to start uploading other imagery, often associated with memes such as Grumpy Cat and the Fresh Price of Bell Air.


A meme version featuring Grumpy Cat

A meme version featuring Grumpy Cat

A meme version featuring the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air

A meme version featuring the Fresh Prince of Bell-Air

While Woolworths is currently reeling from the reputational damaged caused by this campaign, the agency Carrspace has also found itself in the spotlight with memes directly making fun of the agency and its lack of strategic direction.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

This campaign is yet another example of where a lack of strategy created poor outcomes. There were no discernible metrics and no effective assessment of the perception that would be created through attaching the Woolworths tagline to Anzac memories.

With the right strategy, marketing can be measured. Had Carrspace taken a strategic approach, it would have been able to assess the risks of the campaign and determine if it was viable. Carrspace is an experiential marketing agency that delivers campaigns to its clients through creative tactics. It is not a provider of strategic marketing services. This is a clear example of a campaign that appeared to have no discernible outcome, yet has caused potential risk to both the agency and the client.

Ultimately #freshinourmemories is an example of a retailer utilising an agency that focuses on tactics before thinking about the strategy and their strategic direction. Unfortunately such outcomes tarnish the wider perception of marketing and once again erode the fact that a sound marketing methodology would have fully understood the potential risks around such a campaign.

Melbourne Silicon Beach: Redefining Marketing for Melbourne’s StartUp Community

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Silicon Beach is Australia’s leading startup community, providing networking opportunities and support in developing local StartUps. We’re pleased to announce that we are the official marketing sponsor of Melbourne Silicon Beach and we’ll be working with the co-hosts to develop the capacity of the organisation and the businesses it supports.

Our interest in StartUps stems from our desire to redefine marketing. Unfortunately the StartUp space has been heavily romanticised, painting the illusion that tech giants, such as Facebook or Google were overnight sensations. The reality could not be further from the truth, developing the product, whether it be the next breakthrough App or Internet focused disruption, is one element. The positioning and marketing of these developments, is what separates success from failure.

Betamax vs VHS - technology innovations from the 1980s and a case study in how marketing needs to be strategic

Betamax vs VHS – technology innovations from the 1980s and a case study in how marketing needs to be strategic

Many technically superior products have failed to gain traction, due to an inadequate marketing approach. In the 1980s we had the VHS vs Betamax format wars, and this was repeated recently with the battle over Blu-Ray and HD DVD. The key to Blu-Ray’s success was in the support it garnered through studios and distributors, key channels that needed to be leveraged to reach end-customer interest.

Similarly, the whole of experience approach led to the ultimate dominance of VHS, against the strong foothold that Betamax had in the 1980s. VHS had a focus on reaching consumers through multiple channels, which outweighed the technical advantages of the Betamax format.

A lack of suitable marketing is cited as one of the top ten causes of business failure within Australia. Our support of Melbourne Silicon Beach is designed to re-define marketing; so StartUps and other businesses, understand the scope of marketing in the context of their vision.

AMI Event: Big data – Turning buzzwords into business outcomes

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This morning we attended the Australian Marketing Institutes’ first event for 2015: Big Data Beyond the Buzzwords, held at the Hotel Windsor.

The Australian Marketing Institute aims to educate marketers on topics relating to the profession and Big Data is an area that has receiving increasing attention. Big Data is essentially the collation and analysis of various sources of information to gain new insights. The topic itself is not new, but there is a need to identify the business outcomes that can be achieved through marketing.

Speakers at the breakfast sought to demystify the topic and spoke about its implication for marketers, through utilising Big Data to make better business decisions.

Kieran Hagan, IBM Big Data Sales Manager

Kieran Hagan, IBM Big Data Sales Manager

Con Menictas, Senior Statistician at Qantas

Con Menictas, Senior Statistician at Qantas

From internet search usage, through to the daily heart rates of individuals using fitness trackers, there is an immense amount of data that is collected. The analysis of big data requires the ability to identify the right information that will add value to the decision making process and hence deliver new insights.

Alex Makin at the AMI Big Data Breakfast

Alex Makin at the AMI Big Data Breakfast


The AMI Big Data Breakfast at the Hotel Windsor

The AMI Big Data Breakfast at the Hotel Windsor

The focus on emerging trends is continuing at the Australian Marketing Institute, with our second event to incorporate a focus on innovation on Thursday the 5th of March.

Introducing the Membership Growth Toolkit – Grow your membership and revenue

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Every association, community organisation, sporting/leisure club and educational institution worldwide – needs to grow their membership and their member revenue. Membership Growth in conjunction with Syneka Marketing, has just launched the most powerful member building program ever produced.

THE MEMBERSHIP GROWTH TOOLKIT –the only membership program you will ever need!

Membership Growth Together

The ideas, guidelines, templates and exercises in The Membership Growth Toolkit (complete with worksheets, case studies and practical examples) will give you the most dynamic, step-by-step plan to dramatically increase your membership this year and for the future. It is a program that you can tailor to your unique membership building requirements – it is simple to use and will allow you to achieve your membership goals effectively, efficiently and with ease.

The Membership Growth Toolkit is divided into nine chapters – each one detailing ways to increase your membership. After a solid overview, with tips and hints to get the most from your program (chapter 1) we move into marketing strategies for recruitment and retention (chapter 2) followed by a complete guide to member recruitment in chapter 3. Once you have solid recruitment plans in place, we move to chapter 4 – member retention – and cover first year member management, how to communicate and engage with your members and how to give and receive quality member feedback.

Chapter 5 covers the vital areas of developing your renewals campaign as well as key ways to win back lost or late paying members. We then move to chapter 6 on building your member revenue – through diverse ways to sell membership upgrades, products, services (such as professional development) and using your member data base to gain more revenue, more often from your members. Chapter 7 will take you through a number of key methods to ensure that you will stabilise your membership and continue to recruit new members, even when times get tough. Never mind what the market is doing, it is what you are doing that counts, in order to ensure future sustainability.

The membership growth tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

The Membership Growth Tookit is a comprehensive membership resource

First impressions matter, and in Chapter 8 you will discover ways to develop and implement creative concepts and materials to ensure members and prospects alike are fully aware of your organisation and your brand. The final chapter 9 will assist you in getting the absolute best with your on-line strategies including your website, social media and other internet tools to build member relationships and loyalty.
The Membership Growth Toolkit is easy to order, is packed with value adding extras and is the only resource you will ever need to build your membership and your membership revenue.

View the Membership Growth Toolkit at www.membershipgrowthtoolkit.com.au

Startup Grind

Startup Grind with Paul Bassat

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Paul Bassat at Startup Grind June 2014

Paul Bassat at Startup Grind June 2014

Seek is often regarded as being one of Australia’s most successful technology start ups. We attended Startup Grind June 2014 and heard Paul Bassat, one of the founders of Seek speak about his experiences with developing the job search platform.

Paul came from a legal background and conceptualized Seek with his brother in the mid 1990s after they found there was a gap in the market for an Internet based job search platform. At this time the internet was fairly new to the general public, and platforms were still in their infancy. The company is now regarded as one of the most successful online job search platforms and has offices around the world.

Paul spoke about how he worked to raise money to establish Seek, as this was required to market the platform. He spoke of the importance of partnerships and how to work with corporate.

Seek is a great example of how with the right marketing, a technology Start Up can enter a market and become a dominant player. Seek was innovative and bold in its marketing approach, and this was one of the main reasons they were able to remain and succeed in their industry.

Paul is a great example of an entrepreneur who was able to succeed by coming up with an idea that has transformed the way Australians find employment.