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Box Hill Community Arts Centre Workshop on Social Media and Marketing

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The Box Hill Community Arts Centre is a cultural hub that promotes and fosters the development of the arts and art based organisations.

I was invited to conduct a workshop on marketing and social media to assist these organisations in reaching new members, encouraging event participation and promoting their artistic works.

One of the key messages I conveyed during workshop was the need for consistency. No matter what marketing or communication tools you use, there is a need to be consistent in delivering your key messages.

2014-06-03-Marketing and Social Media

The Marketing and Social Media Workshop delivered through the Box Hill Community Arts Centre

Consistency is particularly important on the Internet and when using social media, since there is a limited opportunity to connect and prompt action. If you are promoting an event, then ensure that the essential details are included; while if you want to gain members then highlight the benefits of membership.

Social media and an Internet presence, needs to be viewed as a marketing tool that can extend your reach and engage communities. There is little merit in developing a web presence, if it is not kept up-to-date and maintained, as this diminishes impact. Likewise, your organisation’s online presence needs to reflect the language, branding and identity that has been developed for brochures, leaflets and posters.

Policies are particularly important to ensure that you are able to identify authorised spokespeople and acceptable behaviour.

Identify your target markets and ensure that your messages resonate with the people you want to reach. Understanding key markets will help identify which social media tools may be useful for your organisation. Organisations should concentrate efforts on key social media tools, rather than being thinly spread across every platform.

Traditional media has always had feedback mechanisms, through letters to the editor and public commentary, social media amplifies this through immediacy and reach.

The right frameworks will ensure that your organisation can manage social media to achieve positive outcomes.

The arts community has the advantage of being able to share visual or audible works through the Internet and social media. The right strategies will enable organisations to extend their reach and foster new connections.

Small and Medium Businesses can benefit from the Internet

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An Internet presence can serve as a strong equaliser for businesses, enabling smaller businesses to compete on a national and global scale. Surprisingly business data indicates that over 60% of Australian businesses do not have an online presence, such as a dedicated website.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that businesses are more likely to have a wider customer catchment if they have an Internet presence. This is due to businesses being able to reach a wider range of presence customers through the Internet. While the nature of an Internet presence may differ depending on the type of business and its target markets, it is clear that businesses benefit from a website and other forms of online marketing.

For example, while there may have been a time when heavily localised businesses had little to benefit from an Internet presence this has changed significantly over the past year. Search technologies are now location aware, meaning that local businesses are relevant within these search results. In addition, integration between Google Maps and its search results means that even localised businesses with a very local catchment can benefit from an Internet presence, through their business being provided with a map within search results.

The increasing use of smartphones reinforces the importance of localised search results, particularly given that mobile web users tend to use search functionality when they wish to make an impulse purchase decision. Localised businesses can benefit from these results to provide online visibility for their business and to reach potential local customers.

A successful marketing strategy requires a combination of marketing tools and increasingly an online presence, such as a website should be part of a proactive marketing approach. Consider how a website and other online marketing tools can help your business reach a wider customer base or reinforce a local marketing presence.

Rotary Club of Ringwood

Marketing and the Internet – Presentation at Rotary District 9810 Assembly

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Rotary District 9810 covers Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern suburbs and including 49 individual Clubs comprised of over 1,300 Rotarians.

The District Assembly is held each year to provide incoming Club Presidents and offiebearers with sessions to assist them in their roles for the upcoming year. This morning I was invited to convene a session on marketing and communications.

The presentation discussed web-based strategies to assist Clubs in developing an effective Internet presence as well as ensuring a consistent marketing approach to reinforce the aims of Rotary and individual Clubs.

Syneka Marketing has worked with several Rotary Clubs, as well as District 9810, to develop an effective online marketing presence. The templates we have provided ensure that each Club can maintain their own website, while providing a consistent approach for Rotary’s online presence. In addition, the templates can be extended to provide an integrated social media presence, through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This approach ensures that each Club can promote its own identity, while also maintain consistency the broader Rotary brand. A website is a marketing tool that can extend the reach of an organisation and it is important that an Internet presence achieves these outcomes.

An integrated and consistent marketing presence will assist in clearly identifying the goals of Rotary and the outcomes that are achieved by being a member of Rotary. Several Rotary Clubs have already identified the need to enhance their website and marketing presence and we look forward to our continuing work with Rotary.

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