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Complimentary Consultations to help the not-for-profit sector re-define marketing

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We offered complimentary marketing consultations during the conference and it was great to see the overwhelming response, with our sessions being oversubscribed. While each organisation has its own unique challenges, common areas of focus included:

  • The need to segment stakeholders and to understand their outcomes. Many not-for-profit organisations view their end-clients as a target market, but omit the need to reach prospective volunteers, board members, government, funding organisations and others.
  • Consideration of intermediaries and partner organisations. Many not-for-profit organisations have limited budgets, meaning broadcast communications are often beyond their reach. Instead, there is a need to form partnerships and explore intermediary organisations to reach relevant stakeholders.
  • Marketing metrics are not defined, leading to lack of measurability and confusion over inputs, outputs and outcomes. Website visitations, or attendance at information sessions are inputs, donation enquiries are an output and the actual donation is the outcome. Organisations need to understand the decision making journey (customer journey) and the sequence that is required to generate action.
  • Lack of marketing governance. Roles between board, management, staff and external parties are ill-defined, hampering the ability to measure performance and establish strategic direction.

These challenges are shared by both businesses and not-for-profit organisations, demonstrating the ongoing need to re-define marketing so it returns to its core of being led by strategic insights and not by execution.

Thank you to the participants of these sessions and for the fantastic feedback we received. We hope that the attendees at the National Volunteering Conference are able to build their marketing capacity and demonstrate the value they provide.

Victorian Small Business Commissioner

Meeting the Victorian Small Business Commissioner

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This morning I was invited to meet the Victorian Small Business Commissioner, a statutory authority that mediates business disputes.  The Small Business Commissioner was formed in 2003 and periodically holds workshops and information sessions across Victoria to discuss its role and how businesses can utilise the service.

The Commission is a useful resource for any business that wishes to work through disputes such such as tenancy or supply chain issues.  For details please visit www.vsbc.vic.gov.au

Promoting your Club or Organisation – Presentation to members of Eastern Recreation and Leisure Services

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Eastern Recreation and Leisure Services (ERLS) is a not-for-profit organisation that operates within the Cities of Knox, Maroondah, Whitehorse, Monash, Manningham and Boroondara.  ERLS works with sport and recreational groups to deliver activities for people with a disability through support in providing inclusive sporting programs.

This evening I was invited as the keynote speaker for the ERLS Community Education Briefing where I discussed marketing for sporting and accessibility groups.

Like any not-for-profit organisation there is a need to develop an effective marketing plan to determine key objectives.  This approach enables an organisation to determine its goals and identify strategies to reach prospective members, volunteers and other stakeholders.

The presentation discussed how organisations need a consistent theme and to clearly identify who it is they want to reach and the actions they want someone to undertake.  For example, while the key messages of an organisation would remain consistent, the approach taken to encourage volunteers would be different to facilitating donations.

The second half of the presentation covered the Internet and social media, given that this is an area that is increasingly being explored by not-for-profit organisations.  It is imperative that websites and social media are seen as marketing tools and not simply as IT exercises.

A website and social media presence needs to be considered alongside the other marketing tools that are used by an organisation, such as newsletters, brochures and information sessions. An online presence needs to complement the offline marketing materials and share consistent messages, themes and branding.

An effective website and social media presence can enhance the ability of a not-for-profit organisation to achieve its marketing objectives, but only if it complements other marketing tools.

View Presentation – Promoting Your Organisation

Information Sessions on the Swinburne and Eastern Volunteers Collaborative Agreement

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Eastern Volunteers recently signed a collaborative agreement with Swinburne University to deliver educational qualifications to the community sector and volunteers.

Stage one of this program is the introduction of courses relevant to staff that coordinate, supervise and manage volunteers within organisations. Swinburne and Eastern Volunteers are working together to deliver a Certificate IV and Diploma of Management that is relevant for staff members that fulfill these roles.

Throughout this week, the two organisations have held information sessions designed to receive feedback and suggestions in regard to course content and requirements. Several themes have emerged and this will be considered within the course to make sure it Is relevant to the needs of the sector.

The course has been designed to recognize the experiences of staff, providing a strong emphasis on recognizing prior learning to both recognize and enhance available skills in the community sector.

Enrollment is scheduled to begin prior to the end of the year with the first course beginning in early 2012.