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Volunteering Western Victoria - Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers - the new logo and brand

Rebranding Wimmera Volunteers to Volunteering Western Victoria

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Syneka Marketing has been working with Wimmera Volunteers to deliver a marketing plan that created a future vision for the organisation, supported by actionable goals to support its new direction.

Volunteering Western Victoria - Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers - the new logo and brand

Volunteering Western Victoria – Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers – the new logo and brand

The marketing plan was developed through workshops that ensured input from key stakeholders, including board members, staff, volunteers and other key members of the community.  Syneka Marketing undertook research to consider the future context for Wimmera Volunteers and to assist in preparing objectives for Wimmera Volunteers.

One of the outcomes from the marketing plan was the need to rebrand the organisation, given that there is a considerable service gap in western Victoria for volunteer resource centres.

In addition, the new brand would enable the organisation to clarify its focus by incorporating the word volunteering, rather than volunteers.  The new brands focuses the organisation by showing its commitment to encouraging volunteering and the role in promoting community participation.

Not-for-profit organisations often have limited marketing budgets and it is therefore advisable to consider a functional name that reinforces the purpose of the organisation.

As a result the name Volunteering Western Victoria was recommended and subsequently accepted by the board of management.  The name is supported by the tagline ‘Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers’.  The tagline reinforces the work of individual volunteers and how this contributes to strong and robust communities.

This afternoon I was invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Wimmera Volunteers, where the new brand and name was unveiled to members and the wider community.  The new name was well received by members who supported the clear vision that has been articulated for the organisation.

Over the past six weeks we have been working with Volunteering Western Victoria to develop a new logo and new marketing tools, including website, social media and brochures.

Each of these tools reflect the branding developed through the logo, supported by a style guide that ensures a consistent layout and appearance.  The consistent approach will ensure that Volunteering Western Victoria is able to reinforce its role in the community and promote the aims of the organisation.

The upcoming year will be an exciting time for Volunteering Western Victoria as it expands its reach in the community, including connecting with business communities and other councils within Western Victoria.

For further details on Volunteering Western Victoria please visit www.vwv.org.au.


Marketing Workshop with Wimmera Volunteers

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Wimmera Volunteers is a Volunteer Resource Centre based in Horsham, which covers five local government municipalities within Western Victoria. Core services include the recruitment of volunteers and community assisted transport services.

Wimmera Volunteers provides a number of transport programs, including community assisted transport for the frail aged and people with disabilities, as well as social outings to reduce isolation.

Significant changes are anticipated for volunteer resource centes, with the National Volunteering Strategy identifying the need for organisations to better target services.

This means that volunteer resource centres need to consider new methods to encourage volunteering. Likewise, there are ongoing changes in the provision of community assisted transport, which is a significant component of services offered by the organisation.

Syneka Marketing has been commissioned by Wimmera Volunteers to develop a marketing plan and create a future vision for the organisation.

A half-day workshop was held with the staff of Wimmera Volunteers to discuss the current organisation and a vision for the future. The feedback received from the workshop will assist in the development of the marketing plan and ensure that the strategy reflects the organisation.

While there is uncertainty in regard to the future role of Volunteer Resource Centres, there are significant opportunities available to strengthen the role and capacity of volunteering within the community.

We look forward to working with Wimmera Volunteers and developing a marketing strategy that creates a compelling future vision for the organisation.