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5000 Poppies to 100,000 – Crowdfunding Australia’s largest community arts tribute

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In 2013 a grassroots campaign was started to hand make 5000 poppies. By 2015 over 100,000 poppies have been created across Australia.

We’re supporting 5000 poppies, and asking the community to help crowdfund Australia’s largest community based tribute of respect and remembrance.

5000 poppies was created by local artists Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight, whose fathers had fought in WWII. Community interest, from individuals and groups such as the Country Women’s Association, RSLs, schools and libraries, has seen thousands of contributors donate their time.

The intent is to unveil the poppies at Federation Square this ANZAC Day to ensure that the tributes can be properly acknowledged. Funding is required for event management and regulatory compliance and a budget of $50,000 is required to meet these needs.

5000 Poppies is Australia’s largest community arts project and we are pleased to be able to support this tribute. To assist in the fundraising campaign we produced a video outlining the aims of the project and how people can get involved.

Successfully Planning and Promoting Events – Training Workshop

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Eastern Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, which assists community organisations in recruiting and training volunteers.

This month I conducted a training session on planning and promoting events; following the success of a similar workshop that I held last year. The half-day workshop covered the following topics:

Developing a marketing approach

Events are a marketing activity and as such they need to align with organisational goals. All forms of interaction, such as attending an event, receiving promotional materials or customer service, results in an impression being formed. It is imperative that these impressions reinforce the key messages that an organisation wishes to communicate.

Events need a clearly defined purpose so that the organisation and participants are aware of the outcomes they wish to be achieve. Clear expectations also assist when evaluating the effectiveness of an event.

Do you wish to raise funds, or are you planning to raise awareness for your organisation? While there may be a crossover between purposes, there will typically be an overriding priority that defines the aim of the event.

Like any form of marketing, there is a need to understand the target market for your event. Who do you wish to attract to the event and why is it is important to reach this target market? Knowing the target market will assist in understanding the best communication tools that can be used to reach these attendees.

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Connecting Up Guest Post – Foundations of a Marketing Campaign

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I will be speaking at the #CU12 Conference where I will be presenting the session Marketing Your Strengths from 1:30pm at North Wharf 1 on Wednesday.

Connecting Up is a not-for-profit organisation that encourages the use and adoption of IT within community organisations, with the conference covering marketing, social media and information technology.

ConnectingUp encouraged presenters to provide a guest blog post and the following article provides an introduction to our Power Session – Marketing Your Strengths:

Need a good example of a successful marketing campaign? Alex Makin from Syneka Marketing shares a case study from Eastern Volunteers

Marketing, like most other activities, works best when you identify your goals. Know what it is you want to achieve and why. This will influence who you will target with your marketing messages, as well as the best methods to reach them.

Know Your Goals

A marketing campaign will not deliver positive results if you have not clearly defined these goals. Once you have identified your goals, you can then determine your target audience. Some campaigns, such as fundraising targets, may have multiple audiences and while there may be differences in the message, there should be a consistent theme.

As a case study, let’s consider a marketing campaign we initiated for Eastern Volunteers, a regional not-for-profit organisation, based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Eastern Volunteers has established a fundraising target to assist in relocating to the ground floor of a building they have purchased.

Currently, the organisation is located on the first floor, creating accessibility issues for its members and clients. As an organisation that provides community assisted transport and volunteer recruitment, there is a need for an accessible and inclusive environment.

The key marketing message was framed around creating an accessible and inclusive community service, reinforced by the permanency that will be created by moving into this building.

Know Your Audience

Now that we have identified a key message, we need to consider who we will be targeting. Know the best method to reach this target audience and the tools you can use to reinforce this message.

A fundraising campaign like Eastern Volunteers requires a multi-faceted approach. There are several target audiences, such as clients, members of other community organisations, business partners, government and the wider community.

Executing the Campaign

For Eastern Volunteers, clients and members can be reached through the quarterly Eastern Volunteers newsletter. While the newsletter has traditionally included a donation slip, the response rate has been low since there hadn’t been a key message framed around seeking donations. The building fund edition of the newsletter prominently featured the campaign and the call for donations. This resulted in an extremely positive response to the campaign and a significant number of donations.

Other organisations and business partners have been targeted through an official launch of the campaign. Official launches can also assist in reaching local Councillors and Members of Parliament, however sufficient lead-time must be provided for these invitations.

Launches can also assist in encouraging media coverage. It is imperative that media releases are considered as part of your campaign. Media coverage helps raise the profile of your campaign and extend its reach. When planning a marketing campaign, consider how it could be supported through a series media releases. Media outlets will not repeat the same content on an ongoing basis so different hooks are required to encourage ongoing interest.

<h2?Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to undertaking successful marketing campaigns. Your message needs to be consistent across all forms of marketing communication with a clear call to action. The call to action is the desired result you are seeking from someone that sees your marketing message.

In the example of Eastern Volunteers, the call to action is clearly the request for a donation and this is clearly stated across all communication tools.

Generally someone needs to see a marketing message several times before they are prompted to respond to the call to action. It is worthwhile considering a variety of appropriate communication tools that can reach this target audience.

Visit www.connectingup.org/blog/foundations-marketing-campaign to view this guest post at ConnectingUp.

Meet Syneka Marketing at #CU12 in Sydney

Natalia Perera, our Creative Director will be leading our team in Melbourne during my time in Sydney. I will be in Sydney until Thursday and have some remaining time available for meetings and in-depth discussions.

#npau TweetChat – Online Fundraising

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The #npau TweetChat is a fortnightly conversation held over Twitter discussing topics relevant to not-for-profit organisations. Today’s session included a conversation with Petra Dzurovcinova from RiAus who discussed crowdfunding, where communities fundraise online.

The conversation began with a discussion on the requirements for a successful fundraising campaign. This includes the needs to engage existing members and supporters of the organisation. These people are already connected with your cause and should be able to serve as ambassadors for your cause.

While online fundraising might be the primary method of collecting donations, it is important to reinforce your campaign through all forms of marketing, including newsletters, media releases, letters to supporters and other communication tools. Links to your fundraising campaign should be available through Facebook and Twitter, as well as other online tools.

The average amount for an online donation tends to be higher than traditional fundraising, but it is important to make online fundraising as easy as possible for a potential donor.

syneka: @craig_jmac we’ve found that donors who are passionate about the cause keep giving. The wider community needs engagement #npau

While supporters tend to already be passionate about your cause, there is the need to engage the wider community. The use of emotion and storytelling can assist in creating a connection with people who may be unfamiliar with your organisation.

Ultimately donors want to know why they should donate and it is imperative that your campaign is supported by examples of how these funds will contribute to your goals.

All donors should be acknowledged and thanked for their contribution, although privacy should be respected if a donor requests that they remain anonymous.

There is always potential for repeat donations but ensure that you do not over rely on existing donors. Instead of simply asking existing donors for more funds, it is also worth suggesting mentioning that they recommend your cause to their friends and families. This ensures that your donors still have the option of providing a further donation but also encourages wider networks to become involved.

There is definite merit in supporting online donations and not-for-profit organisations should consider how online fundraising could assist their causes.

Connecting Up holds TweetChats on a fortnightly basis each Wednesday afternoon. For the full archive of this conversation please visit storify.com/connectingup/npau-tweetchat-online-fundraising-with-petra-dzur

Promoting the Eastern Volunteers Building Fund on Channel 31’s Eastern Newsbeat

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The Eastern Volunteers Building Fund is a major fundraising campaign initiated by the organisation.  The campaign aims to raise funds to assist in relocating to the ground floor of 1/36 New Street in Ringwood, with the aim of creating an accessible and inclusive community environment.

As part of this fundraising campaign I was interviewed on Channel 31’s Eastern Newbeat, along with Terry Macdonald the Chairperson of Eastern Volunteers. The interviews, which were conducted by Peter McArthur and Bill Page, discussed the Building Fund campaign and the services provided by Eastern Volunteers.

Eastern Volunteers is an income tax exempt organisation; is registered for GST purposes and has Australian Tax Office certification as a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR).

For further details visit www.easternvolunteers.org.au/buildingfund.