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Successfully Planning and Promoting Events – Training Workshop

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Eastern Volunteers is a volunteer resource centre located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, which assists community organisations in recruiting and training volunteers.

This month I conducted a training session on planning and promoting events; following the success of a similar workshop that I held last year. The half-day workshop covered the following topics:

Developing a marketing approach

Events are a marketing activity and as such they need to align with organisational goals. All forms of interaction, such as attending an event, receiving promotional materials or customer service, results in an impression being formed. It is imperative that these impressions reinforce the key messages that an organisation wishes to communicate.

Events need a clearly defined purpose so that the organisation and participants are aware of the outcomes they wish to be achieve. Clear expectations also assist when evaluating the effectiveness of an event.

Do you wish to raise funds, or are you planning to raise awareness for your organisation? While there may be a crossover between purposes, there will typically be an overriding priority that defines the aim of the event.

Like any form of marketing, there is a need to understand the target market for your event. Who do you wish to attract to the event and why is it is important to reach this target market? Knowing the target market will assist in understanding the best communication tools that can be used to reach these attendees.

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Flyer used for the UN Women Relaunch event

UN Women Relaunch Event

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UN Women is an entity that is part of the United Nations that promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women. I joined this committee earlier this year because I have a strong passion and interest in women’s rights both in Australia and overseas.

I attended and assisted in the preparation of the UN Women Relaunch event on Thursday the 4th October. The launch was well received with over 150 people in attendance.

Flyer used for the UN Women Melbourne Chapter Relaunch

Flyer used for the UN Women Melbourne Chapter Relaunch

The event provided the opportunity for the general public to learn more about UN Women as well as to meet the members that made up the Melbourne Chapter.

The relaunch marked the first event for the newly formed Melbourne Chapter. I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to plan this event as well as help out on the day.

I have been involved in managing many events for both profit and not-fir profit organisations since I started University. It was great to be able to put my event management skills to good use.

Elizabeth Shaw an Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) and National Board Member of UN Women Australia discussed her experiences with UN Women. She also presented information on the Spring theme for UN Women Australia which was violence against women.

Syneka Marketing volunteered our graphic design services to produce the program flyer. Copies of the flyer were distributed to all attendees on the night and reinforced the global focus of the organisation.

It was inspiring to see that so many people in Melbourne were interested in helping UN Women achieve its goals.

I am looking forward to helping out at many more UN Women events in the New Year.

Managing Volunteers - Take the Next Step

Managing Volunteers – Take the Next Step

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Many not-for-profit organisations rely on volunteers for service delivery and to assist with administration and other functions.

Managing Volunteers – Take the Next Step, was a full day conference hosted by the Shire of Yarra Ranges and Eastern Volunteers. The conference discussed several topics relevant to volunteer management national standards, the steps required to prepare an organisation for volunteers, as well as marketing and promoting an organisation.

I presented a session for the afternoon workshop, discussing the Essentials of Social Media and Marketing.  The presentation discussed the need for a strategic marketing approach, to identify aims and to understand what would attract volunteers to assist with the organisation.

Organisations need consistent messages to demonstrate the volunteer experiences that are created through their involvement.  Messages need to be communicated using a range of marketing tools to reach prospective volunteers through multiple communication channels.

Social media is one of the tools that can be used to reach prospective volunteers and should be considered as a part of a cohesive marketing campaign.  Social media should be integrated with website content, providing the seamless ability to update websites, as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites

It is important to utilise the strengths of each tool and one advantage of social media is the ability to share content.  The intent should not necessarily be to develop viral content, but to ensure your target audience is able to distribute content and share their views on being involved with the organisation.  Stories can be very effective and assist in providing content that can be shared.  The sharing of content is the online equivalent of word of mouth recommendations and can help reach the connections of people already involved with the organisation.

Successful volunteer recruitment will use a mix of tools to reach prospective volunteers, supported by consistent messages and a cohesive marketing approach. Marketing encompasses more than promotional tools, such as brochures or flyers, but every form of interaction that someone has with an organisation.

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