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Port Phillip Business Network Lunch with Harold Mitchell

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The city of Port Phillip is home to many marketing and advertising agencies (including Syneka Marketing) and is considered to be the heart of marketing in Australia.

I attended the Port Phillip Business Network lunch with Harold Mitchell. The event was held at the St Kilda Town Hall, which attracted many local business owners from within the City of Port Phillip.

Harold Mitchell spoke about his experiences working in advertising, including setting up a media buying agency in South Melbourne. One of the key aspects I took away from Harold’s speech was the fact that he made the decision to build an agency around his strengths. At Syneka Marketing we specialise in strategy because this is something that we do well and can deliver with confidence.

Sonya Pemberton a producer and documentary maker also spoke at the event. Sonya, like Harold focuses on creating projects that work to her strengths as a film maker and producer.

We look forward to attending similar Port Phillip Business Network events in the future.13

From experience into engagement – how do we measure outcomes?

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Last week, we featured feedback from Janet of Port Places, highlighting how the Royal Botanical Garden was utilising Twitter to manage experiences around TitanArum, one of its key exhibits.

This week Walter from Kinship, has offered his views, particularly in the need to link the social media presence to broader outcomes:

  1. What now happens to the Twitter feed – it has to be managed into a coma or in some way resources directed to it to manage it while the flower is dead.
  2. What happens to the followers of the flower? Are they now encouraged to move to @RBG_Melbourne – are they the same, are they different – what resources now need to be put into maintaining a relationship with the flower followers?

The better alternative would have been to simply use a #titanarum hashtag on the main feed which would have avoided all these issues and maintained continuity with the subscriber base with no extra effort.

People always have bright ideas about starting new campaigns, but rarely think about what happens after the campaign and how the results will be harvested and relationships continued.

Walter raises some valid points. Firstly, there is a need to understand the desired outcomes from the campaign. One aspect is engagement over TitanArum, but the broader focus should be on fostering ongoing interest and participation with the Royal Botanical Gardens. As a result, there is a need to measure conversions between followers of @TitanArum through to @RBG_Melbourne. Secondly how many of these become attendees of the Gardens, or promote the activities more broadly? Furthermore, how many commit to a membership or ongoing participation?

Following a theme or campaign is often the first stage to broader engagement and should not be seen as the end result.

Walter’s comments provide a brilliant introduction to the theme we will be exploring this month. Specifically, how you should be measuring marketing outcomes.

A strategic approach leads to better experiences

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Throughout this month we discussed how plans need to be put into action. Implementing and evaluating results, lets you ensure that outcomes meet expectations. One particular area that requires ongoing attention is the customer experience.

In February we discussed how the National Gallery of Victoria should have better managed customer experiences during peak times of the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. Janet, one of our subscribers, highlighted how the Royal Botanical Garden is managing customer experiences through the proactive use of social media:

I remember in one of your Syneka Snippets you talked about how your experience of an exhibition could have been improved with better anticipation of visitor needs:

I wonder if you were following the rise and fall of a spectacular plant at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The plant had its own twitter feed. Following the tweets, I got a sense that the RBG managed the interest they created well.

If you’re interested, take a look at TitanArum via Twitter on @RBGTitanArum

This is a great example of how the Royal Boticational Gardens is managing expectations around one of its key highlights. Rather than having patrons disappointed, the Twitter feed proactively reports when the plant is in flower, while educating on other exhibits at the Gardens.

A great example that reinforces how customer experiences can be managed on a proactive basis. Follow the Twitter feed for TitanARum at @RBGTitanArum

Thanks Janet for the feedback!

Australian Marketing Institute’s Beers with Peers

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Beers with Peers is the Australian Marketing Institute’s networking event series. Our inaugural networking session was held in conjunction with Emerging Marketers Victoria, bringing together both professional and emerging marketers.

There was the opportunity to network and build connections with other marketers. As a marketing agency, events such as Beers with Peers, enables us to foster relationships with collaboration partners.

Alex Makin speaking at Beers with Peers

Alex Makin speaking at Beers with Peers



Beers with Peers draws in a large crowd

Beers with Peers draws in a large crowd

Beers with Peers has established itself as a highlight in Victoria’s event calendar and provided a fantastic opportunity to introduce the Australian Marketing Institute’s Mentoring program. Natalia and I have been mentored emerging marketers through the program, providing an opportunity for graduates and entry-level marketers to connect with established marketing professionals.

Towards the end of the night

Towards the end of the night

The Australian Marketing profession needs to strengthen and foster collaboration. Events like Beers with Peers enables marketers to connect with each other and foster further discussions. Stay tuned for the continuation of Beers with Peers throughout 2015.

Re-imagining Marketing – Our First Workshop for 2015

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Marketing is unfortunately one of the most misunderstood terms in business. For far too long, the term has become corrupted, due to a focus on execution, rather than strategy.

Marketing does not exist for the sake of itself, instead it is about providing the strategic direction and planning framework that enables you to expand the capacity of your business.

Alex guiding particpants through re-imaging Marketing

Alex guiding participants through re-imaging Marketing

To assist in re-defining what marketing is, we have launched our workshop series, ‘Reimagining Marketing – Make Marketing Work for You’. The first of these workshops was delivered this morning with our partners at the NABVillage.

Through this workshop we conveyed the true definition of marketing, being one that creates value and enables you to expand your capacity into the future. We explored our award winning strategic planning framework, built upon the solid foundation of capturing the right information, gaining insights that inform your strategic direction and delivering the actions that meet your goals.

Natalia and I co-presented the workshop, and it was fantastic to see the insightful discussion and willingness of participants to share their perceptions and experiences with marketing. We worked through several real-life case studies to explore how a strategic approach to marketing facilitates business growth.

Natalia discussing the foundations of a marketing plan

Natalia discussing the foundations of a marketing plan

We explored the key elements of a marketing plan, exploring current and future trends, as well as how to respond to competitive pressures and a changing context. Once your plan is confirmed, it is then a matter of executing the elements and providing a measurable approach that lets you evaluate results.

Marketing creates value for a business by aligning your business plan with marketing outcomes. We will be delivering several workshops over the course of 2015 so we can re-imagine marketing to ensure it delivers value and a positive impact.

For a further discussion on marketing0, please download our complementary eBook, ‘What is Marketing?’ This eBook includes worksheets to assist you in articulating your value proposition and the strategic direction of your business.

Australian Marketing Institute – Victorian End of Year Function

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Over the past twelve months, the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has focused on strengthening its capacity, including a new governance structure, newly appointed CEO and a re-forming of its State Committees. The aim for 2014 was to strengthen these foundations so the AMI can expand its presence in 2015 and beyond.

Tonight we held AMI Victoria’s final activity for 2014, an end of year networking event. While formalities were kept to a minimum, the event provided an opportunity to introduce the members of the new Victorian Advisory Committee. This event was also my first in my role as Chair of the Victorian Advisory Committee. It was fantastic to speak to the attendees, and to gain an insight into their experiences and skills.

Planning is underway for 2015, with a renewed focus on demonstrating the value of marketing and elevating the role of the Australian Marketing Institute. Our first event for 2015 will be a breakfast on the 26th of February discussing Big Data. Stay tuned for details and other exciting events in the new year.