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DM Forum

The DM Forum – Melbourne Events and GE Capital

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The DM Forum is a quarterly event focused on sharing knowledge between professional marketers. This evening’s forum provided an overview of the City of Melbourne’s event management services, with a focus on community experience and engagement. The City of Melbourne works with event organisers to strengthen the participant’s engagement with the Council, providing an opportunity for further interaction and activity. Events form a significant part of the Council’s approach to drawing people into the CBD and surrounds.

The second speaker discussed the new customer focused approach that was initiated through GE Capital’s Marketing Department. This case study provided an example of how marketing can lead to an innovative approach. GE Capital’s strategic marketing approach identified new customer segments, based on changing consumer trends, following the global financial crisis. The result has been a company that better understands its target markets and has been able to position its communication and products around the identified needs.

The DM Forum offered an opportunity for marketers to gain insight from speakers that have direct experience in utilising marketing to deliver tangible outcomes. The sessions are held on a quarterly basis, visit www.dmforum.com.au for further information.

5000 Poppies to 100,000 – Crowdfunding Australia’s largest community arts tribute

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In 2013 a grassroots campaign was started to hand make 5000 poppies. By 2015 over 100,000 poppies have been created across Australia.

We’re supporting 5000 poppies, and asking the community to help crowdfund Australia’s largest community based tribute of respect and remembrance.

5000 poppies was created by local artists Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight, whose fathers had fought in WWII. Community interest, from individuals and groups such as the Country Women’s Association, RSLs, schools and libraries, has seen thousands of contributors donate their time.

The intent is to unveil the poppies at Federation Square this ANZAC Day to ensure that the tributes can be properly acknowledged. Funding is required for event management and regulatory compliance and a budget of $50,000 is required to meet these needs.

5000 Poppies is Australia’s largest community arts project and we are pleased to be able to support this tribute. To assist in the fundraising campaign we produced a video outlining the aims of the project and how people can get involved.

Pitching for work is something we do well

Pitching for work – one of the realities of working in marketing

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In marketing there are four ways to get work:

  • From someone you know;
  • Through existing clients;
  • Direct sales and communications;
  • Pitching for work

Pitching for work has to be one of the most challenging aspects of being a Marketer. Developing a pitch requires a great deal of time and effort, and can sometimes be costly.  The risk with investing time in a pitch is that there is a possibility that you may not get the job.

However, pitching  is a natural part of marketing. Every marketer has to present pitches to be able to build up the capacity of their agency or to maintain healthy cash flow.

Prospective clients benefit from the pitching process by being able to test ideas and business relationships before committing themselves to a service.  The pitch process helps ensure a fit between the marketing agency and client.

Innovation and strategy have been two of the main reasons that Alex and I have been able to win jobs at Syneka Marketing. We also provide clients with a personalized approach and genuinely look after their needs.

Pitching for work  can also lead to improvements in sales processes and brand development. We have learned a lot about how others perceive our brand through the pitching process. It is great to see there is little disparity between how potential clients  perceive our brand and how we perceive it to be.

If you would like Syneka Marketing to pitch for your marketing work, then give us a call on 1300 965 989 or email us at info@synekamarketing.com.au.

Towards the end of the night at the awards

Volunteering Western Victoria’s Inaugural Volunteering Recognition Awards

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Last week was a busy week,  as we helped Volunteering Western Victoria with their inaugural Volunteering Recognition Awards.

The awards were an outcome of the marketing plan that Syneka Marketing developed for the organisation, last year.

Alex busy setting up the PowerPoint presentation

Alex busy setting up the PowerPoint presentation

The organisation acts as a volunteering recruitment service that helps individuals in the Wimmera region discover volunteering opportunities. The Volunteering Recognition Awards provide a way for the organisation to engage with volunteers, the community sector and businesses, and highlight the positive impacts of volunteering.

The event received an overwhelming response from the community, with 200 people in attendance at the event. It was held at the iconic Horsham Town Hall, an Art Deco style hall in the heart of Horsham. Tickets were affordable, as the organisation wanted the event to be accessible to the general community.

Before the event

Before the event

Syneka Marketing provided support to Volunteering Western Victoria and developed a PowerPoint presentation that was on display during the event. We also filmed and photographed some candid moments. We will be producing a small social media film around the event.

It was inspiring to be able to see how many people volunteer in country Victoria.

Volunteering Western Victoria is an innovative organisation that is truly making a difference in country Victoria.

Canapes at the event

Canapes at the event

If you would like Syneka Marketing to help you with your next event you can contact myself or Alex on 1300 965 989 and discuss your event requirements. With over ten years of event management experience, Alex and I understand how to make an event a success.


Event Planning

Guide to planning events

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Alex and I recently became event and communications managers of the Amnesty Melbourne Metro Group. Planning events requires both an understanding of the bigger picture and a strong attention to detail.

I have been fortunate enough to plan events for many different organisations for over eight years.

With careful planning you can make your events a success

With careful planning you can make your events a success

In this post I will be providing insights into what it takes to run a successful event

  1. Start with the big picture – We believe that every event should have a purpose; this is why it is essential to look at the bigger picture. You need to be able to clearly identify why you are holding the event, who you are targeting and the outcomes you want to achieve.
  2. Brainstorm ideas – after we identify the big picture we like to brainstorm ideas for an event. At this stage it is important to be open-minded. If you are working in a team, everyone should be encouraged to contribute so that new and exciting ideas can be developed.
  3. Have a plan – planning is a crucial part of event management. Having a plan ensures that you are organised and are able to document the steps you need to successfully run your event. During the planning stage we like to look at the finer details of the event. A plan should encompass pre event planning, what happens on the day of the event and post event follow up.
  4. Assign an event manager – it is very important to have a centralised point of contact. An event manager ensures that there is someone to coordinate the event management process. There can be more than one event manager for an event; however, they must work collaboratively in order for an event to run smoothly. An event manager should be present on the day of the event and should oversee all proceedings and find solutions to problems that may occur.
  5. Work to strengths – when planning an event it is important to identify the strengths of the people working on the event, as well as your suppliers. For example, if you have someone in your event team who is highly creative, they could be put in charge of developing a theme.
  6. Ensure that there is post event follow up – after you have completed your event you should evaluate if it achieved what you wanted. Things that went well should be noted, as well as things that could be improved.

Events can be time consuming and stressful to organise. The most important thing is to be organised and know that you are working towards a purpose. Careful planning and implementation can ensure that events can effectively promote your organisation and its goals.

Flyer used for the UN Women Relaunch event

UN Women Relaunch Event

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UN Women is an entity that is part of the United Nations that promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women. I joined this committee earlier this year because I have a strong passion and interest in women’s rights both in Australia and overseas.

I attended and assisted in the preparation of the UN Women Relaunch event on Thursday the 4th October. The launch was well received with over 150 people in attendance.

Flyer used for the UN Women Melbourne Chapter Relaunch

Flyer used for the UN Women Melbourne Chapter Relaunch

The event provided the opportunity for the general public to learn more about UN Women as well as to meet the members that made up the Melbourne Chapter.

The relaunch marked the first event for the newly formed Melbourne Chapter. I was very excited to have been given the opportunity to plan this event as well as help out on the day.

I have been involved in managing many events for both profit and not-fir profit organisations since I started University. It was great to be able to put my event management skills to good use.

Elizabeth Shaw an Executive Director of the United Nations Association of Australia (UNAA) and National Board Member of UN Women Australia discussed her experiences with UN Women. She also presented information on the Spring theme for UN Women Australia which was violence against women.

Syneka Marketing volunteered our graphic design services to produce the program flyer. Copies of the flyer were distributed to all attendees on the night and reinforced the global focus of the organisation.

It was inspiring to see that so many people in Melbourne were interested in helping UN Women achieve its goals.

I am looking forward to helping out at many more UN Women events in the New Year.