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Rotary Club of Ringwood

Presentation to the Rotary Club of Dingley Village

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This evening I was invited to the Rotary Club of Dingley Village to discuss marketing strategies and communication tools to assist in the promotion of the Club and its activities.

The Rotary Club of Dingley Village is one of 49 clubs within District 9810, covering Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern suburbs.  Rotary is increasingly looking at new ways to reach prospective members and to promote club activities.

The presentation discussed the need for a consistent marketing strategy, so Club’s can identify key messages that can be used to promote activities and involvement within Rotary. One of the key strengths of individual Rotary Clubs is their local knowledge in being able to work within their communities to identify projects.  Clubs need to build on this strength, while communicating key messages that are specific to their target markets.

Rotary Clubs need to embrace a variety of communications tools to assist in promoting these messages.  The Internet, incorporating websites and social media provides additional opportunities to reach and engage the identified target markets.

Consistency is critical to delivering positive marketing results.  There is a need to deliver cohesive branding and messages across all communication tools.  Website content and social media tools can be integrated to assist in providing consistency and to save time in replicating messages.

Syneka Marketing has worked with Clubs throughout District 9810 to develop effective online marketing strategies, including a consistent website template and social media presence.

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Rotary Club of Ringwood

Marketing and the Internet – Presentation at Rotary District 9810 Assembly

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Rotary District 9810 covers Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern suburbs and including 49 individual Clubs comprised of over 1,300 Rotarians.

The District Assembly is held each year to provide incoming Club Presidents and offiebearers with sessions to assist them in their roles for the upcoming year. This morning I was invited to convene a session on marketing and communications.

The presentation discussed web-based strategies to assist Clubs in developing an effective Internet presence as well as ensuring a consistent marketing approach to reinforce the aims of Rotary and individual Clubs.

Syneka Marketing has worked with several Rotary Clubs, as well as District 9810, to develop an effective online marketing presence. The templates we have provided ensure that each Club can maintain their own website, while providing a consistent approach for Rotary’s online presence. In addition, the templates can be extended to provide an integrated social media presence, through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

This approach ensures that each Club can promote its own identity, while also maintain consistency the broader Rotary brand. A website is a marketing tool that can extend the reach of an organisation and it is important that an Internet presence achieves these outcomes.

An integrated and consistent marketing presence will assist in clearly identifying the goals of Rotary and the outcomes that are achieved by being a member of Rotary. Several Rotary Clubs have already identified the need to enhance their website and marketing presence and we look forward to our continuing work with Rotary.

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