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We are redefining marketing – hear us speak at two upcoming events

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Our vision is to redefine marketing and we do this by delivering measurable and accountable marketing outcomes through the Syneka Marketing Performance Methodology .
Throughout June we will be presenting at several key events to highlight the role of marketing and the need for marketing to step up and deliver outcomes that reinforce organisational goals.

Webinar: Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance

On Wednesday the 8th of June we will be hosting Redefining Your Marketing – how you can measure and improve your returns and performance, a feature webinar hosted by ProBono Australia.

Not-for-profit organisations are facing immense pressure to become market responsive and yet marketing remains widely misunderstood in the not-for-profit sector.
This one hour webinar will assist not-for-profit organisations in developing a strategic approach to marketing. We will explore the sequencing and touchpoints required to enhance the stakeholder experience and explore the framework required to instill effective marketing governance and accountabilities.

Attend this session to ensure an alignment between marketing outcomes and organisational goals and generate a positive return from marketing resources.

Register through EventBrite to attend this session for Wednesday the 8th of June at 2pm. Pricing is $55 for individuals and $300 for organisations (with unlimited staff access).

The Business Seesaw at the Melbourne Brekkie Club

On Thursday the 9th of June we will be presenting at the Very Melbourne Brekkie Club, through the Melbourne Business Network in a collaboration with Paul Ostaff, from our management consulting partner, Reignite Consulting.

Join us as we discuss the Business Seesaw, as we explore the infrastructure required for businesses to build their operational and marketing capacity. Many businesses struggle to balance the need for business growth through marketing and service. Reignite Consulting and Syneka Marketing will be outlining our framework for businesses to achieve operational and marketing excellence.

Details and registration is available via EventBrite and is open to members of the Melbourne Business Network.

The 2015 Australian Marketing Institute Awards for Marketing Excellence

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The Awards for Marketing Excellence is the premier event for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), highlighting the role of marketing in fostering growth and capacity.  We were finalists in both 2013 and 2014, and this year I was invited to serve on the Judging Panel.

The Awards were officiated by Channel Ten’s Russel Howcroft and it was fantastic to see the strong interest from AMI partners in supporting the event. The Awards provide an opportunity to showcase not only the entrants, but the value that is created through effective marketing.

There is a need to re-define marketing so it returns to its core intent of being a strategic function that builds business capacity. The National Awards support this conversation by demonstrating the impact that is created through a holistic and measurable approach to marketing.

Entrants in the Awards for Marketing Excellence, will be further recognised at our AMI end of year function on the 9th of December.

Exploring the customer experience through the marketing mix

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Last time we explored the current buzz around the term customer experience. While it is positive to see an emphasis on the customer perspective, in reality this concept is nothing new and is a rehash of the original marketing mix.

While the marketing mix is fundamental to the discipline, it is often an area that many businesses fail to get right, partly due to the dilution of what customer experience actually means.

A successful experience is where all elements of the marketing mix provide consistency, instils confidence in the purchase decision, and mitigates doubt. The marketing mix helps ensure that all aspects of your organisation, from back-end processes through to front-end communications reinforce your value proposition.

The Marketing Mix (otherwise known as the 7Ps of Marketing)

The Marketing Mix demonstrates the intended breadth of marketing:

  • Pricing should be consistent with the value proposition.
  • Distribution channels or placement reflects this positioning,
  • Provision of physical evidence to demonstrate outcomes.
  • Internal processes should facilitate the engagement of customers.
  • Promotion and communications needs to reflect the value proposition to reach the intended target markets.
  • The actual products or services should be designed inline with customer requirements.
  • The people and personnel should reinforce the image of the business and the core value of the brands it provides.

While the Marketing Mix is the cornerstone of marketing, many marketing managers do not have the required visibility or influence across each of these areas. As a result there is a the potential risk of inconsistency, which can tarnish reputations and diminish customer reach.

Kiki K – an example in the marketing mix:

Kikki K is a brand that designs and sells stationery, consistent with Swedish design principles. It challenges its customers to utilise stationery to create the life they want. Ultimately it uses these aspirations to position stationery as the creator of these dreams.

Kikki K’s stores reflect this aesthetic and this is continued through its digital presence, print collateral and the attitude of the staff. The customer experience is further emphasised by Kikki K conducting events that aim to inspire its target markets through the achievement of dreasms.

The business has created a successful stationery brand with a premium pricing model, despite the commoditisation of the sector through competitors such as Officeworks. The reason this works is due to an approach that provides consistency across the marketing mix. Kikki K has a clearly defined target market and has positioned each element of the marketing mix to reinforce this experience.

2015-09-25 Kikki K Store

And another example:

Contrast this to another example: Telstra, which in recent years has been trying to win the hearts and minds of Australians through interconnectedness and personalisation. While its public communications are promoting a friendly and approachable business, this is often not consistent with the experience customers receive through Telstra’s support systems or retail outlets. While Telstra is fortunate to leverage its history as a regulated entity, most other businesses are not so lucky and would suffer reputational risk and loss of market share due to this lack of integration.

Marketing is holistic

Effective marketing achieves outcomes because it is more than just front-end communications. Real marketing undertakes a holistic approach to deliver consistency and confidence throughout the entire customer journey.

Make Marketing Work for You in the New Financial Year

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The new financial year provides an opportunity to re-assess your marketing activities so that you can ensure a positive return on your investment. Effective marketing begins by aligning your strategic direction with the outcomes you want to achieve.

As you enter the new financial year ensure that you develop the frameworks so you need to measure the effectiveness of your marketing activities. All marketing is measurable, but you need to choose the right metrics to determine the best allocation of resources.

Re-defining Marketing for Associations and Not-for-profit organisations

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The Associations Forum shares best practices and knowledge within not-for-profit associations and organisations. This afternoon we delivered our Re-defining Marketing Workshop through the Associations Forum, working with participants on how to strengthen the role of marketing so they can build organisational capacity.

We guided participants through the vision they bring as individual associations. We explored the traditional model of membership, events and sponsorship and transformed this into a platform that engages stakeholders around the notion of value.

We explored organisational strengths and how these could be positioned into opportunities that can be leveraged and delivered as value to stakeholders. Similarly, we discussed how weaknesses can be mitigated, through collaboration and differentiation within the marketplace.

Alex hosting the Re-defining Marketing workshop

Alex hosting the Re-defining Marketing workshop

We looked at the diverse range of stakeholders and how organisations can align desired outcomes with their interests to foster ongoing engagement. In particular, we discussed advocacy and the need to ensure a cohesive approach when seeking to influence policies, as well as working with other organisations around common interests.

This is the premise of effective marketing. As marketers we need to be the conduit between various departments or perspectives, so that outcomes can be created and measured. Marketing is based on the notion of value exchange and it is through this approach that you can build capacity that delivers sustainable growth.

Far too much marketing is execution led, which has resulted in questionable results. Instead, marketing needs to be led through strategy, ensuring that your strategic marketing plan sets your direction.

The workshop explored our marketing framework, which fosters continuous improvement by ensuring that metrics are embedded through a cohesive strategic direction that is delivered through the execution of marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, we re-defined marketing to ensure it is aligned with business goals, to reinforce your value proposition and to guide ongoing growth.

Marketing Execution

How to create an effective implementation plan

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An effective marketing plan provides clarity and direction on how to execute your strategic direction. When approaching the execution phase always consider the following:

Let your strategic direction guide your plan – your marketing plan should assist you when determining the specifics of your implementation action plan. It should inform you of what resources you need, who needs to work on the plan and if external assistance is required. An implementation plan should be set out in an order that maximizes the content contained in your marketing plan.

Work to strengths – when allocating responsibilities, remember to work to the strengths of your personnel, partners and suppliers. If there are tasks that you are unable to do as well as others, then consider who is best able to deliver these results.

Work to your timeframes – an implementation plan can be constructed to highlight activities that are required on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Ideally, your implementation plan should be created to match the level of detail and visibility that you need.

An implementation plan is a living document – it is important to remember that an implementation schedule and a marketing plan are living documents that should be utilised on a regular basis. Should your scope or direction change, you may need to undertake an audit of your marketing activities and refine your approach. If an event is delayed, go back to your marketing plan and adjust your implementation approach so you can ensure a timely approach.

The Syneka Marketing Methodology

Creating an effective marketing plan supported by an implementation schedule, ensures that you will have the steps you need to maximize your marketing plan.