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#npau TweetChat – Online Fundraising

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The #npau TweetChat is a fortnightly conversation held over Twitter discussing topics relevant to not-for-profit organisations. Today’s session included a conversation with Petra Dzurovcinova from RiAus who discussed crowdfunding, where communities fundraise online.

The conversation began with a discussion on the requirements for a successful fundraising campaign. This includes the needs to engage existing members and supporters of the organisation. These people are already connected with your cause and should be able to serve as ambassadors for your cause.

While online fundraising might be the primary method of collecting donations, it is important to reinforce your campaign through all forms of marketing, including newsletters, media releases, letters to supporters and other communication tools. Links to your fundraising campaign should be available through Facebook and Twitter, as well as other online tools.

The average amount for an online donation tends to be higher than traditional fundraising, but it is important to make online fundraising as easy as possible for a potential donor.

syneka: @craig_jmac we’ve found that donors who are passionate about the cause keep giving. The wider community needs engagement #npau

While supporters tend to already be passionate about your cause, there is the need to engage the wider community. The use of emotion and storytelling can assist in creating a connection with people who may be unfamiliar with your organisation.

Ultimately donors want to know why they should donate and it is imperative that your campaign is supported by examples of how these funds will contribute to your goals.

All donors should be acknowledged and thanked for their contribution, although privacy should be respected if a donor requests that they remain anonymous.

There is always potential for repeat donations but ensure that you do not over rely on existing donors. Instead of simply asking existing donors for more funds, it is also worth suggesting mentioning that they recommend your cause to their friends and families. This ensures that your donors still have the option of providing a further donation but also encourages wider networks to become involved.

There is definite merit in supporting online donations and not-for-profit organisations should consider how online fundraising could assist their causes.

Connecting Up holds TweetChats on a fortnightly basis each Wednesday afternoon. For the full archive of this conversation please visit storify.com/connectingup/npau-tweetchat-online-fundraising-with-petra-dzur