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Third Sector Magazine – Developing a Successful Marketing Plan

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Third Sector Magazine is a publication designed specifically for Australia’s not-for-profit sector. Syneka Marketing as market leader in providing solutions for the not-for-profit sector has been offered editorial content in the Third Sector Magazine.

This edition we covered the steps required to develop a successful marketing plan, utilising the Rotary Club of Ringwood as a case study, through the formation of its corporate membership program.

An edited version of the article is available from Third Sector Magazine and was included in the August edition of the magazine.

The complete edition of the article Developing a Successful Marketing Plan is available for registered members of the Syneka Marketing website. Registration is free and provides exclusive access to presentations, articles and papers.

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Rotary Club of Ringwood

Discussing Marketing Strategies with the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

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Alex speaking to the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

Alex speaking to the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

The Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully is one of the 48 Clubs located in District 9810 and meets on Monday evenings.  This evening I was invited to speak to members of the Club to discuss marketing and membership strategies.

It was great to see a member being inducted during the evening, which provided a great introduction into my session on marketing strategies and membership development.

The Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully website utilises the District 9810 theme, with their website incorporating the ability to automatically dispatch the club bulletin to members. This approach will enable the Club to easily incorporate social media, such as Facebook to provide additional communication tools.

Individual Rotary Clubs provide local opportunities for service as part of the broader Rotary International.  At a Club level members need to identify the key strengths they bring to Rotary and how this can be utilised to develop key marketing messages.

For example, the Rotary Club of Ringwood used the key Rotary themes of Community Service, Professional Development and Networking to develop a corporate membership program.  This approach enabled the Club to introduce sessions that included topics relevant to the business community.

Clubs need to consider the types of members they wish to attract into Rotary and the messages that are likely to resonate with the identified target markets.  Once the messages have been identified, consideration can be made into the communication tools that should be utilised to reach the prospective members.

Individual members should be equipped with an understanding of the key messages to ensure word of mouth referrals. Statistics for community participation clearly show the prevalence of word of mouth referrals when encouraging people to participate in volunteering. Rotary Clubs are similar and networks are often useful to demonstrate the benefits of Rotary and its service to local and global communities.

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Rotary Club of Ringwood – Business Seminar: The Global Economy

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The Rotary Club of Ringwood is one of several Clubs across the world that is participating in a pilot program to encourage Corporate Members.  Rotary began as a service club for business professionals and the Corporate Membership program is designed to help connect Rotary with a new generation of businesses.

Syneka Marketing developed the marketing plan for the Rotary Club of Ringwood’s corporate membership program.  The marketing plan is designed to reach Maroondah’s 8,000 businesses, through building on the strengths of Rotary in professional development, networking and community service.

Tonight marked the first Business Seminar, which featured Roger Ellingworth, a financial planner who discussed the global economy and how businesses can manage economic uncertainty.

Roger was the first speaker in the two-part Business Seminar, providing an overview on the global economy and how businesses can be part of the global community.

The Rotary Club of Ringwood’s Business Seminars provide value to businesses by connecting providing speakers that can deliver advice and through networking with other businesses.  For further information please visit www.ringwoodrotary.org.au.



Rotary Club of Ringwood – September Board Meeting

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The Rotary Club of Ringwood has several committees that focus on specific areas of interest, including International activities, community events and the membership of the Club. Board meetings enable all members to receive updates on the many activities undertaken by the Club.

Tonight’s meeting included an update on the community activities that have been developed by the Club, including the support provided to community organisations through fundraising and other initiatives.

The Rotary Club of Ringwood is holding its third annual Golf Day on the 25th of November at Ringwood Golf Course. The Golf Day is a major fundraising initiative by the Rotary Club of Ringwood with proceeds supporting the community and not-for-profit organisations. Last year’s Golf Day raised funds for the introduction of CCTV cameras at Ringwood Station and this year the Club is aiming to contribute to the purchase of a fully accessible vehicle for use within the wider community.

Membership is also an important aspect of the Club and I have been assisting the Membership Committee in considering options for the introduction of Corporate Members. The inclusion of a Corporate Membership category will assist the Club in linking businesses with the wider community and planning is underway to determine the best methods for developing a Corporate Membership program.

The Rotary Club of Ringwood meets each Wednesday evening at Club Ringwood, Corner of Maroondah Highway and Oban Road in Ringwood. For further details please visit www.ringwoodrotary.org.au.