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Pro Bono Australia: Awards Show Positive Impact of NFP Marketing

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Syneka Marketing has received significant media coverage following our nomination as State Finalists in the Australian Marketing Institute’s Excellence in Marketing Awards.

Our work with Volunteering Western Victoria demonstrates the positive impact that can be created through marketing.  We successfully transformed Wimmera Volunteers into Volunteering Western Victoria, positioning the organisation as a regional peak that can confidently engage stakeholders in the region.

Pro Bono Australia is a community for people engaged in the not-for-profit and community sectors.  We have worked closely with Pro Bono Australia, providing editorial content on marketing and it is great to see our nomination covered in Pro Bono Australia’s Featured News:

Awards Show Positive Impact of NFP Marketing

A Melbourne marketing agency is a Victorian finalist in awards that recognise the role of marketing to create positive social change. 

Syneka Marketing is a finalist for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) Awards for Marketing Excellence for its work in developing a new vision for a regional Not for Profit volunteer organisation.

Syneka is a Victorian finalist for the ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’ category. The submission outlined the results of a marketing plan for Volunteering Western Victoria, a Not for Profit based in Horsham, which assists volunteer-involving organisations, as well as providing community based transport for the frail aged and people with disabilities.

Effective marketing does not need to be costly,” Syneka Marketing Managing Director Alex Makin said.

“Our work with Volunteering Western Victoria (VWV) resulted in a marketing plan that created a new vision, reinforced by a new brand and identity.”

“The marketing plan elevated us into a peak organisation, that empowers communities and supports volunteers,” VWV CEO Julie Pettett said.

“We have been able to deliver new initiatives, like our Volunteering Recognition Awards, which had over 200 attendees.

“Community feedback in regard to the marketing plan has been overwhelmingly positive.

A recent survey to evaluate its effectiveness, confirmed that volunteers have noticed ‘the new branding’, a proactive approach and a greater presence’ for the organisation.”

“Our confirmation as a finalist shows the positive impact that can be created through marketing, and how we as marketers can create social change,” Mr. Makin said.

Details are available at: www.probonoaustralia.com.au/news/2013/09/awards-show-positive-impact-nfp-marketing

The 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

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The National Conference on Volunteering is a peak annual event for volunteer involving organisations across Australia. The event was organised by Volunteering Australia and hosted by Volunteering SA&NT.

Our Managing Director Alex prepares for his presentation at the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

Our Managing Director Alex prepares for his presentation at the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering

The Conference had four key themes:

  • Lead – to encourage inspirational leadership
  • Partner – collaboration to achieve results
  • Build – creating innovation
  • Sustain – strengthening foundations

During the conference I co-presented a presentation with Julie Pettett, the CEO Of Volunteering Western Victoria. Putting Research into Practice – the Marketing and Rebranding of Wimmera Volunteers. The presentation discussed the importance of marketing and the experiences of Volunteering Western Victoria in re-engaging with its communities.

Volunteering Western Victoria, was formerly known as Wimmera Volunteers and had remained a static organisation, despite the changing nature of volunteering. There was a need to re-engage the community and to broaden its presence outside of Horsham in Western Victoria.

Alex co-presented with Julie Pettett the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria

Alex co-presented with Julie Pettett the CEO of Volunteering Western Victoria

Syneka Marketing assisted Volunteering Western Victoria by developing a marketing plan that identified a future direction for the organisation. The marketing plan identified four goals supported in the businesses plan:

  • Be an effective peak organisation
  • Grow access to resources
  • Build capacity in the volunteer and community sector
  • Organisation development

These goals were supported by two further priorities identified in the marketing plan:

  • Diversify and Sustain Funding Support
  • Rebrand Wimmera Volunteers

A business plan identifies what an organisation wants to achieve and a marketing plan looks how to achieve this vision.  A marketing plan then considers the key messages and marketing tools that can reach the required stakeholders.

Diversifying income became a priority, due to the need to decrease dependence on government revenue.  The marketing plan identified business partnerships, the introduction of membership, fundraising and philanthropic programs that could add new income sources. These strategies supported the business plan, with membership complementing the desire to be a peak organisation and partnerships, enabling the development of new programs.

The rebranding of Wimmera Volunteers arose due to the need to position the organisation as a peak body and to re-engage with its community.  A new name, visual identity, logo and marketing materials were developed in six weeks, to launch the new brand at the 2012 Annual General Meeting.

Volunteering Western Victoria

Volunteering Western Victoria

The name Volunteering Western Victoria was selected, since it clearly defined the purpose of the organisation and the role it has in supporting volunteering across Western Victoria.  The tagline  Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers, reinforced the impact that the organisation has a local and individual level.

Not-for-profit organisations have limited marketing budgets and a result names should be clearly identifiable to avoid the need to explain the purpose of the organisation.

The new visual identity and brand for Volunteering Western Victoria

The new visual identity and brand for Volunteering Western Victoria

Marketing within not-for-profit organisations requires the ability to reach numerous stakeholders. There is a need for marketing messages that provide a consistent narrative, while being tailored to the needs of individual stakeholders. A not-for-profit organisation needs to not only reach its clients, but also government, business partners, volunteers, other organisations, board members and internal staff.

The aim of the rebrand was to utilise the new name and tagline, as well as modernising the image of the organisation. The rebranding was accompanied by the design of new marketing materials, including brochures, factsheets, posters and website.

The presentation was extremely well received and I would like to thank the many attendees for their interest in the journey undertaken by Volunteering Western Victoria.

Alex and Julie answering questions during the presentation

Alex and Julie answering questions during the presentation

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Towards the end of the night at the awards

Volunteering Western Victoria’s Inaugural Volunteering Recognition Awards

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Last week was a busy week,  as we helped Volunteering Western Victoria with their inaugural Volunteering Recognition Awards.

The awards were an outcome of the marketing plan that Syneka Marketing developed for the organisation, last year.

Alex busy setting up the PowerPoint presentation

Alex busy setting up the PowerPoint presentation

The organisation acts as a volunteering recruitment service that helps individuals in the Wimmera region discover volunteering opportunities. The Volunteering Recognition Awards provide a way for the organisation to engage with volunteers, the community sector and businesses, and highlight the positive impacts of volunteering.

The event received an overwhelming response from the community, with 200 people in attendance at the event. It was held at the iconic Horsham Town Hall, an Art Deco style hall in the heart of Horsham. Tickets were affordable, as the organisation wanted the event to be accessible to the general community.

Before the event

Before the event

Syneka Marketing provided support to Volunteering Western Victoria and developed a PowerPoint presentation that was on display during the event. We also filmed and photographed some candid moments. We will be producing a small social media film around the event.

It was inspiring to be able to see how many people volunteer in country Victoria.

Volunteering Western Victoria is an innovative organisation that is truly making a difference in country Victoria.

Canapes at the event

Canapes at the event

If you would like Syneka Marketing to help you with your next event you can contact myself or Alex on 1300 965 989 and discuss your event requirements. With over ten years of event management experience, Alex and I understand how to make an event a success.


View Digital storytelling for nonprofits

#npau TweetChat – Digital storytelling for nonprofits

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Retelling experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations are particularly important in reaching prospective volunteers.

Retelling experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations are particularly important in reaching prospective volunteers.

The #npau TweetChats are fortnightly conversation’s organised by ConnectingUp, a not-for-profit organisation that encourages the use of technology within the community sector.

Each fortnight the TweetChat covers topics relevant to the not-for-profit and community sector with people able to participate through the sending tweets with the #npau hashtag.

While we were unable to participate in today’s tweetchat due to workshop commitments, the topic of digital storytelling for nonprofits covered a similar theme to one of the items addressed during our workshop to the Hume-Moreland Volunteer Coordinators’ Network.

Digital storytelling is particularly effective in recruiting volunteers through social media. Research undertaken by the Australian Bureau of Statistics indicates that 35% of people become volunteers because they were asked, while 29% knew someone involved in a voluntary experience. These statistics highlight the importance of word-of-mouth recommendations in promoting voluntary experiences.

Sharing content through social media is the online equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising. Social media through blogging and the sharing of content, enables volunteers to discuss their experiences in volunteering for an organisation and ways other people can become involved.

The use of videos and blogs can personalise a volunteer experience and encourage others to consider volunteering. This content can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and other social media tools to reach prospective volunteers.

Digital storytelling through the retelling of experiences is how not-for-profit organisations can use social media in recruiting prospective volunteers.

We’ve included a selection of slides to highlight how digital storytelling and social media can be effective tools in recruiting volunteers.

View Digital storytelling for nonprofits – Recruiting volunteers through social media

For the full presentation please view “Using Social Media for Recruiting Volunteers – Hume-Moreland Volunteer Coordinators Network

Information Sessions on the Swinburne and Eastern Volunteers Collaborative Agreement

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Eastern Volunteers recently signed a collaborative agreement with Swinburne University to deliver educational qualifications to the community sector and volunteers.

Stage one of this program is the introduction of courses relevant to staff that coordinate, supervise and manage volunteers within organisations. Swinburne and Eastern Volunteers are working together to deliver a Certificate IV and Diploma of Management that is relevant for staff members that fulfill these roles.

Throughout this week, the two organisations have held information sessions designed to receive feedback and suggestions in regard to course content and requirements. Several themes have emerged and this will be considered within the course to make sure it Is relevant to the needs of the sector.

The course has been designed to recognize the experiences of staff, providing a strong emphasis on recognizing prior learning to both recognize and enhance available skills in the community sector.

Enrollment is scheduled to begin prior to the end of the year with the first course beginning in early 2012.