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North Ringwood Community House

North Ringwood Community House AGM

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North Ringwood Community House is a community learning centre, located in Ringwood North. I was a former board member of the organisation and today I was invited to speak at the annual general meeting to discuss volunteering and community participation.

North Ringwood Community is the only community house with registered training organisation status in Maroondah. The house provides a range of classes, including courses in Certificates III and IV, providing employability skills in a community based environment.

Similarly, North Ringwood Community House also provides a range of social, arts and craft courses providing social interaction and support. Community houses support an inclusive community through pathways into education and social connections.

One of the avenues of furthering an inclusive community is through volunteering and providing opportunities to gain and develop skills. I discussed the activities of Eastern Volunteers and the role the organisation undertakes in placing people in other community organisations.

Community organisations can extend their outcomes and reach through working with others to complement their services.

GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector – Day One

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Day One of GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector

Day One of GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector

GOV49 Communication Delivery and Social Media in the Public Sector is a two day conference held in Sydney.   The first day looked at how to plan social media campaigns, drawing on examples at a local and state and federal level.

I was asked to chair the conference and also provided a presentation exploring the use of social media as an advocacy tool.  The presentation drew upon my experiences in Maroondah City Council and my use of social media to advocate for the redevelopment of Ringwood Station into a safe and accessible transport interchange.

Maroondah City Council did not have social media policies at the time, despite its potential in providing direct communications from the council.  As a result I utilized my own social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to extend the reach of our advocacy campaign.

My Mayoral year in 2010 coincided with the State Election, providing an opportunity to advocate for the much needed replacement of Ringwood Station.  The station fails to meet accessibility standards and its outdated design leads to perceptions of poor safety and a lack of integration with key facilities within Ringwood.

As an outer eastern municipality, Maroondah’s advocacy needed to be noticed by the community, media, local MPs and the the political parties.  We needed to be able to reach the community to demonstrate widespread support for the redevelopment, the media to raise awareness, as well as local MPs and the political parties to generate results.

The campaign led to commitments from each of the major parties, including the redevelopment of Ringwood Station from 2014 by the current Government.

The advocacy campaign was successful due to the use of several communication tools. Social media supported the campaign by encouraging community participation and dialogue, by sharing experiences at Ringwood Station.  We were able to use this dialogue to encourage ongoing media interest and to gather signatures for a petition calling for action.

The advocacy campaign generated sufficient momentum to be supported by the local MPs and candidates, who in turn pushed their parties to provide commitments.  Ultimately the campaign was successful due to the community focus and the use of social media to generate ongoing interest.

Volunteering Western Victoria - Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers - the new logo and brand

Rebranding Wimmera Volunteers to Volunteering Western Victoria

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Syneka Marketing has been working with Wimmera Volunteers to deliver a marketing plan that created a future vision for the organisation, supported by actionable goals to support its new direction.

Volunteering Western Victoria - Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers - the new logo and brand

Volunteering Western Victoria – Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers – the new logo and brand

The marketing plan was developed through workshops that ensured input from key stakeholders, including board members, staff, volunteers and other key members of the community.  Syneka Marketing undertook research to consider the future context for Wimmera Volunteers and to assist in preparing objectives for Wimmera Volunteers.

One of the outcomes from the marketing plan was the need to rebrand the organisation, given that there is a considerable service gap in western Victoria for volunteer resource centres.

In addition, the new brand would enable the organisation to clarify its focus by incorporating the word volunteering, rather than volunteers.  The new brands focuses the organisation by showing its commitment to encouraging volunteering and the role in promoting community participation.

Not-for-profit organisations often have limited marketing budgets and it is therefore advisable to consider a functional name that reinforces the purpose of the organisation.

As a result the name Volunteering Western Victoria was recommended and subsequently accepted by the board of management.  The name is supported by the tagline ‘Empowering Communities, Supporting Volunteers’.  The tagline reinforces the work of individual volunteers and how this contributes to strong and robust communities.

This afternoon I was invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Wimmera Volunteers, where the new brand and name was unveiled to members and the wider community.  The new name was well received by members who supported the clear vision that has been articulated for the organisation.

Over the past six weeks we have been working with Volunteering Western Victoria to develop a new logo and new marketing tools, including website, social media and brochures.

Each of these tools reflect the branding developed through the logo, supported by a style guide that ensures a consistent layout and appearance.  The consistent approach will ensure that Volunteering Western Victoria is able to reinforce its role in the community and promote the aims of the organisation.

The upcoming year will be an exciting time for Volunteering Western Victoria as it expands its reach in the community, including connecting with business communities and other councils within Western Victoria.

For further details on Volunteering Western Victoria please visit www.vwv.org.au.


Rotary Club of Ringwood

Discussing Marketing Strategies with the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

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Alex speaking to the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

Alex speaking to the Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully

The Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully is one of the 48 Clubs located in District 9810 and meets on Monday evenings.  This evening I was invited to speak to members of the Club to discuss marketing and membership strategies.

It was great to see a member being inducted during the evening, which provided a great introduction into my session on marketing strategies and membership development.

The Rotary Club of Fern Tree Gully website utilises the District 9810 theme, with their website incorporating the ability to automatically dispatch the club bulletin to members. This approach will enable the Club to easily incorporate social media, such as Facebook to provide additional communication tools.

Individual Rotary Clubs provide local opportunities for service as part of the broader Rotary International.  At a Club level members need to identify the key strengths they bring to Rotary and how this can be utilised to develop key marketing messages.

For example, the Rotary Club of Ringwood used the key Rotary themes of Community Service, Professional Development and Networking to develop a corporate membership program.  This approach enabled the Club to introduce sessions that included topics relevant to the business community.

Clubs need to consider the types of members they wish to attract into Rotary and the messages that are likely to resonate with the identified target markets.  Once the messages have been identified, consideration can be made into the communication tools that should be utilised to reach the prospective members.

Individual members should be equipped with an understanding of the key messages to ensure word of mouth referrals. Statistics for community participation clearly show the prevalence of word of mouth referrals when encouraging people to participate in volunteering. Rotary Clubs are similar and networks are often useful to demonstrate the benefits of Rotary and its service to local and global communities.

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