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Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors Horsham Breakfast

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We attended the first Governance Mentors breakfast for Mentors in Horsham.

The first Governance Mentors Breakfast in Horsham

The first Governance Mentors Breakfast in Horsham

Governance Mentors is an innovative not-for-profit enterprise that has been developed by Volunteering Western Victoria to build community through governance mentoring.

Mentors have been recruited in both the Wimmera and Melbourne. The first Governance Mentors breakfast provided an opportunity for regional mentors to learn more about the Governance Mentor website and also provided an opportunity for networking.

As a part of our engagement with the social enterprise, we developed a website that provides mentors with resources and a discussion forum they can use while mentoring community organisations. This enables mentors to connect with one another, forming a network built around fostering good governance.

Introducing the new Governance Mentors website

Introducing the new Governance Mentors website

Alex gave a presentation on this website during the breakfast to the group and we also took photographs of the event.

The event was well received with mentors learning about new developments and gaining insight into the new website.

Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors First Melbourne Training

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I attended the Governance Mentors Melbourne training session for mentors. This training session was the first held in Melbourne, and was facilitated through Volunteer West.

Governance Mentors is a not-for-profit social enterprise that has been developed by Volunteering Western Victoria in response to improving the governance of community organisations.

Governance Mentors provides the opportunity for individuals who are passionate about community governance to volunteer as a mentor to a community board. Mentors are provided with training that enables them to learn more about the program, and what it takes to be a governance mentor.

Governance Mentors training

Governance Mentors training

Many mentors saw being involved as a professional development opportunity, or a way that they could give back to the community and assist an organisation to achieve its goals.

The first part of the training was a networking dinner that enabled mentors to meet and network in an informal context. The dinner also provided an introduction to the program and outlined the topics that would be discussed during the workshop.

Training for this program is highly interactive, with participants having the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from others as they discuss both governance and mentoring.

I am currently the Program Coordinator for Governance Mentors in Melbourne and have assisted Volunteer West with recruitment. It has been great to have such an overwhelmingly positive response to Governance Mentors and to ensure a diverse and highly capable skillset that will be offered to organisations.

We are currently looking to place our mentors with suitable organisations. If you are part of an organisation, or know of an organisation that would benefit from having a governance mentor, please contact me on natalia@synekamarketing.com.au or 1300 965 989.

Governance Mentors

Second Training Session for Governance Mentors

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Governance Mentors, an initiative of Volunteering Western Victoria, is a new social enterprise that has been developed to provide community leaders with the opportunity to mentor community organisations, to deliver good governance.

We have been assisting Volunteering Western Victoria in implementing a marketing plan for Governance Mentors. As part of this implementation process, I have become the Melbourne Program Coordinator, to test the scalability of the social enterprise and its ability to achieve its aims.

As the Melbourne based Program Coordinator, it has been my role to help find and match mentors with potential organisations. In addition, I provide ongoing support to ensure that mentors and organisations are achieving positive outcomes.

The Second Training Session of Governance Mentors

The Second Training Session of Governance Mentors

The second training session for Governance Mentors was held in Horsham, with a second group of mentors now ready to support community organisations.

Training enables mentors to reinforce their knowledge on their role and the program. Mentors were encouraged to learn from one another and share the experiences they have in working and volunteering for community groups.

Our marketing plan identified the need to develop the narrative of Governance Mentors, explaining the importance of good governance and the outcomes that will be achieved. We undertook video interviews with mentors and other stakeholders to gain an insight into the program.

Mentors in training

Mentors in training

Governance Mentors is an innovative program that offers professional development through volunteering.

If you would like to participate in this program, please contact me on 1300 965 989 or email natalia@synekamarketing.com.au.

City of Yarra

International Womens Day Lunch

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Today I attended a lunch organised by the City of Yarra to commemorate International Womens Day.

The event focused on celebrating the achievements of women who are inspiring change in the City of Yarra. Many women from businesses and community organisations situated within the City of Yarra were in attendance.

The event marked the launch of the inaugural Inspirational Women in Yarra Award which was won by Maggie Maguire, the CEO of the Abbotsford Convent, who has been instrumental in transforming the convent into what it is today.

Kate Jenkins speaks at International Womens Day Celebrations in Yarra

Kate Jenkins speaks at International Womens Day Celebrations in Yarra

Victoria’s Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commissioner Kate Jenkins spoke at the event about her personal experiences as a woman in business, and the work that she is undertaking in her role as the Commissioner.

As a woman in business, attending International Womens Day celebrations is a great way of recognizing the community and business contributions made by women.

Governance Mentors

Governance Mentors – Inaugural Training

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Governance Mentors is a new initiative developed by Volunteering Western Victoria. The program aims to strengthen the capacity of the not-for-profit sector, by pairing mentors with community organisations.

The program has been developed over the past two years, with a steering group developing a model that incorporates measurement and evaluation. Governance Mentors reached an important milestone, with the first training session being conducted.

We prepared the marketing plan for Governance Mentors, identifying opportunities for growth and development. To support the plan, I participated in the training session, with the aim of becoming a mentor within the program.

Governance Mentors is a program that has been developed to help boards and committees achieve their aims

Governance Mentors has been developed to help boards and committees achieve their aims

The training session guided participants through the practice of mentoring, with a focus on providing advice, and reinforcing good governance principles. A mentor aims to provide advice and assist organisations in working towards achieving their aims.

Unlike other programs, Governance Mentors involves working with boards or the committee as a whole, rather than specific individuals. This approach reinforces good governance by demonstrating the role of the board or committee as the decision making authority. In this regard, mentors are available to provide advice, rather than being nominated board or committee members of an organisation.

The program is being progressively rolled out and demonstrates the ongoing growth of an initiative that is underpinned by a marketing plan.

Training Workshop: A practical guide to using Social Media

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This morning I was invited by Yarra Ranges Council to conduct social media training with a practical focus, guiding participants through the tools and platforms.

A particular focus was on Facebook, given that over half of Australia’s population has a Facebook account and the high number of community organisations that have created a Facebook Page. I guided participants through the functionality of Facebook, exploring the role of Facebook pages and the timeline layout. There are a number of opportunities to extend reach through Facebook, including the use of a Cover Photo that articulates the aims of the organisation and using multimedia content to encourage engagement.

Facebook favours content from pages that are regularly updated, giving these items greater prominence and reach. As a result, there is a direct benefit in ensuring regularly updated content on Facebook. There is also a need to encourage sharing of content, by asking people that like a page to resend items through their own networks. Facebook should be used as a platform to maintain connections with existing stakeholders and to extend the organisation’s reach.

Alex as the trainer for the Yarra Ranges workshop on social media

Alex as the trainer for the Yarra Ranges workshop on social media

We also covered Twitter looking at the role of the tool in comparison to Facebook, particularly in regard to events and campaigns through the use of hashtags. Twitter is designed for quick, instantaneous updates where there is a need to capture the attention of your followers. Facebook, by comparison, fosters a greater sense of community through people being able to view content on a page and maintain ongoing dialogue.

One of the challenges with social media is the need to generate ongoing content. As a result, we discussed Hootsuite as a tool that enables the scheduling of content and the ability to post on a number of platforms simultaneously. Scheduling content enables organisations to share ownership, as well as providing the ability to review items prior to publishing.

Feedback was extremely positive and attendees each received an advance copy of our Online Marketing eBook. We will be launching a series of eBooks in early 2014, providing the ability to share our knowledge on marketing, membership and social media.