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Training through Eastern Volunteers – How to use Social Media

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One of the services Eastern Volunteers provides is training to community organisations, to deliver new skills and knowledge on topics of interest to the community sector.

This morning I led a training session on marketing and social media. The aim was to assist not-for-profit organisations in determining their key messages and to identify suitable communication tools.

It is important that organisations identify what they wish to communicate and who they wish to reach, prior to picking their desired communication channels.

For example, the Eastern Volunteers Building Fund identified clients, community members and businesses as potential donors. While the key message, such as providing permanent and accessible accommodation, was constant, the method of communication differed depending on who we were trying to reach. If we were connecting with clients, then the newsletter was the most effective method of communication, while social media and local media was used to engage the wider community and business partners.

It is also worthwhile remembering that social media is still evolving and that the tools that are used today may not necessarily be the same that are used tomorrow. Several years ago Myspace would have been considered one of the most popular social media tools, while it has now been displaced by Facebook. Likewise, newer tools such as Pinterest are becoming increasingly popular. Pinterest enables organisations to represent their causes  visually and can enhance the stories behind a campaign, providing another useful social media platform.

An effective marketing plan will assist organisations in determining their goals and understanding the best methods of communication.

Australian Marketing Institute

Australian Marketing Institute – Identifying priorities for the Communications Subcommittee

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The Australian Marketing Institute is the peak body representing marketers and the field of marketing within Australia. The Australian Marketing Institute is a national organisation with state chapters that arrange events for its members.

I have been a member of the Communications Sub-Committee since the beginning of this year. The Communications Sub-Committee is charged with enhancing the organisation’s ability to communicate with current and prospective members.

Tonight’s meeting identified three priorities for the committee including the continuation of the quarterly newsletter, an interactive blog and involvement in social media.

Each of these three communication methods will include some integration, meaning the blog could potentially provide articles for the newsletter.  Furthermore social media can be used to promote these communication methods and discussion.

Like any not-for-profit organisation, the Australian Marketing Institute has limited resources. Integrating these forms of communication will assist in reaching the widest possible audience with the maximum possible impact.

I am involved in the blog and social media components where I will be assisting in the implementation of these communication channels.