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Don’t undertake hit or miss marketing

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A comment we hear, time and time again, from business owners is that they are in the process of trying out various marketing tools to see how they work for their business.

While individual marketing tools may sometimes deliver positive results this, a hit or miss approach relies on luck rather than a strategic approach.

Effective marketing is not a trial and error process. A marketing strategy, through the development of a marketing plan, provides a business with a guide they can use to grow their business and measure outcomes.

A marketing strategy enables a business or organisation to break down objectives into realistic, actionable and achievable goals that deliver ongoing results, within the required budgetary requirements.

A marketing plan and strategy ensures marketing tools will achieve your goals - without the guess work

A marketing plan and strategy ensures marketing tools will achieve your goals – without the guess work

A marketing strategy will often suggest using a combination of marketing tools to achieve a particular outcome. For example, a marketing strategy for a business that sells fashionable clothing to young women that wants to raise brand awareness, may suggest social media, print advertising and building relationships with other businesses or organisations that cater to this demographic. Used in isolation, these tools may have some effect, however, when used together in a strategic way, they can deliver results faster and for less cost.

A marketing plan can take away the guess work if you are doing trials of marketing tools through a hit and miss approach. A strategic approach saves you time and money, providing you with the outcomes required to achieve your goals.

Melbourne Entrepreneurs

Melbourne Entrepreneurs – March Speed Networking

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Today I attended a speed networking session organised by Melbourne Entrepreneurs and held at the Hub Melbourne. The event brought together a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs covering a range of industries.

The atmosphere was relaxed and participants had the opportunity to speak about what they did and exchange business cards.

Networking has always been important to us, in meeting not only new clients but also potential alliance partners.

Speed networking provides the opportunity to speak to more people, when compared to traditional events. A speed networking event enables participants to speak to each other within a strict time limit, meaning there is a need to be succinct and to find points of mutual beneift.

I enjoyed the discussions and meeting the participants. Many attendees had just started in business and are excited about developing new opportunities.

Strategic Marketing is important when you start a business as it provides you with a guide to achieve your objectives. We looked forward to meeting participants from Melbourne Entrepreneurs and fostering new partnerships.

Disruptive Startups

Disruptive Startups – Growth Hacking February 2014

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On the 13th February, we attended Disruptive Startups Growth Hacking, an event series that provides new business owners and individuals with the opportunity to learn more about marketing and communications.

This was the first Disruptive Startups Growth Hacking event we attended and was designed for businesses in the Technology sector. The Technology sector is of particular interest to our agency, due to our shared passion for innovation. The right strategies and marketing plans ensures that implementation can be adopted effectively.

Marketing and IT share common challenges. Both industries face the issue of potential customers having a do-it-yourself approach to services. As a result, there is a need to demonstrate value to customers, and justify why the services offered will save time and money.

Two business owners spoke at the event. The speakers discussed openly how they started their businesses, the challenges they faced, and their recent growth.

We also had the opportunity to network with other business owners. There were many people that we met who were thinking about starting a business, or had just started one, and it was great to share ideas.

Marketing is essential for business growth, and it was great to see so many business owners learning about marketing and communications.

City of Yarra

City of Yarra Business Breakfast

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Alex and I attended the final City of Yarra Business Breakfast for the year. The topic of the breakfast was on innovation.

Roger La Salle, who has developed a matrix on how to develop innovative ideas, spoke at the breakfast.

Roger’s presentation focused on how anyone has the capacity to develop innovative ideas. Whilst the presentation was introductory, it did open up discussions on the importance of investing time and resources in developing innovative ideas.

As a dynamic and innovative marketing agency, we strive to provide our clients with out of the box solutions that deliver innovative outcomes. It was great to be able to demonstrate these skills during the various activities Roger asked us to partake in.

Innovation in a business context is more than thinking of ideas. To make things work, they need to be financially viable, and fit within the vision and mission of a business or organisation.

Whenever we think of ideas, we always make sure that we do the research behind what makes our clients tick, the market in which they operate (or want to operate in), and if it will generate a positive return.

We look forward to attending future City of Yarra Business Breakfasts and meeting more business owners and managers within the City of Yarra.

Reflections on starting a new business – The challenges and opportunities

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The 19th of October was Support Small Business Day. Over the past week we’ve been sharing advice for small businesses, through our social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Syneka Marketing was founded in 2009 and while our core business remains strategic marketing, we also offer creative and online solutions to complement our service delivery.

Support Small Business Day provided an opportunity for reflection on starting a relatively new business. The greatest challenge for any new business is when the owner decides to take the plunge and work on their new venture full-time.

There is never an opportune moment to make this decision, as it means leaving the stability of paid employment to venture into the unknown. A business owner, however needs to balance the time required to maintain current projects, as well as to build future sales. If you find yourself not having sufficient time to build a sales pipeline due to work volume, then it is time to consider working on your business full-time.

Begin your business with a solid foundation

Begin your business with a solid foundation

As a business owner it is imperative that sufficient time is allocated to creating new opportunities and sales. If these tasks are not being undertaken then it will jeopardise the future viability of your business.

While there may be short-term challenges in leaving secure employment, it will ensure that you can dedicate time to growing your business.

Time management can also be a challenge. You need to be able to set your own tasks and motivate your performance. Keep a list of the tasks that need to be undertaken and ensure that they are completed in a timely manner. Working on your own business needs to be treated the same way as working for someone else. Establish working hours and ensure ongoing performance measurement and review.

Uncertainty, is another significant challenge and this is why it is important to allocate time to generating new opportunities. Planning is essential to combat business uncertainty. Business and marketing plans should be considered essential documents. While it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting a new business, sound planning will ensure that you have a successful framework and the ability to measure outcomes.

According to data sourced through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), poor strategic management has been identified as a cause for approximately 43% of all  business failures. Starting a new business is challenging, but sound planning can reduce uncertainty and help deliver a viable future.

Hearing Nene King Speak at the VECCI Women in Business Lunch

VECCI Women in Business Lunch

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As a business owner, I enjoy hearing about the successes of other women in business.

Today I attended the Women in Business Lunch organised by VECCI at Crown Palladium. The keynote speaker was Nene King, the former Editor of Women’s Day, who revolutionised the direction of the magazine during the mid 1980-1990s.

Prior to this event, I knew very little about the personal drive of Nene King.

With the recent release of the mini-series Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, Nene has yet again found herself in the spotlight.

I was surprised by her honesty, wit and ability to talk openly about her accomplishments and failures.

During the mid 1980-1990s Nene was one of the most powerful women in Australian media. Nene discussed how she attributed much of her success to her instinct in knowing what the Australian public, and women in particular, wanted.

Mandy McElhinney who portrayed Nene in Paper Giants was also a speaker. Mandy achieved much of her success after appearing as ‘Rhonda’ in advertisements for AAMI. She is an example of a woman, who, with perseverance and resilience, has managed to achieve her goals after turning forty.

It was interesting to hear Mandy speak about portraying Nene, who was someone that she had little contact with in the past.

One of the main things I learned, is that Nene did not regard gender as an issue whist she built up her career. She focused more on achieving outcomes and working towards her vision, of becoming a leading force in media and communications.

The event was well organised and attracted a large audience, including quite a few men! I had the opportunity to network with many people at this event and to discuss their business experiences.